The Griffin California Roll for iPhone 2G and 3G is in stock and ready to ship from the iPhone Blog Store for $19.95. Personally, I'm not much for sushi, but this is a California Roll I can sink my teeth into. If you want something to carry your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and other small accessories and to organize them into one case, Griffin's California Roll could be what you are looking for. Follow me after the break to get to know this case a little better!

Overview and Design

Made of durable high-tech synthetic materials, the Griffin California Roll has a stylish design with built-in elastic band for securing your valuable items. The exterior of the case is glossy with an interesting visual design. It's a bit difficult to describe, but there appears to be a dark green textured material just under the glossy exterior material, making the outside of the case interesting to look at.

Opening the case reveals a tri-fold configuration with a Velcro-secured middle compartment with similar Velcro-secured compartments on either side. The side compartments are constructed with a mesh material so you can get a better idea what's in the pockets without having to remove the item. Each of the compartments are about the same size and the interior of the Roll is a soft suede-like material to gently cushion your valuables and protect from scratches and impacts.


I was able to fit my iPhone 3G in the left pocket, my big fat iPod 160GB Classic in the middle, and a set of earphones in the right pocket. I then folded up the case and secured it with the built-in elastic band and was ready to roll (no pun intended). The case folds up reasonably well, even with all that stuff packed inside of it. The whole point of this case is that it's soft and flexible, allowing you the most flexibility with different kinds of devices and accessories. The stitching around the case seems top-notch and the elastic band for securing the case is sewn into the case well and stretches just enough to secure the case but is tight enough to stay in place.


The Griffin California Roll case is one of those cases that will meet certain needs. It may not be a case that you use for everyday use, but then again, if you are "gadgety" and carry a phone, iPod, earphones, and other stuff around with you on a regular basis, this is a great case for securing everything in one place and it offers some protection against the cold, cruel world that would be harsh and unkind to your expensive tech gear. I think it makes an excellent travel case, perfect for keeping everything together for use on the airplane, then easily taken with you to your rental car, and finally resting at your side by the swimming pool while you sip a drink.

But why limit yourself to traveling? This is a good case for just carrying all your stuff around with you, secured in one place inside the Roll. As you can see in this picture, I successfully crammed my iPhone 3G, my iPod, and not seen are the earphones stuffed in there as well. Even if you aren't a fan of sushi, for $19.95, you may want to give this California Roll a try.


  • Flexible case to accommodate many types and sizes of devices
  • Built-in elastic to secure items
  • Three storage compartments


  • A little big to carry around as your regular case

TiPb Rating:

The iPhone blog 4.5 Star Review