The Griffin Clarifi Case for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $29.95. If you are looking for a case that enhances your close-up iPhone camera photos, is slim and dockable then this case might be for you. Let's see how it measures up after the break!


Griffin's Clarifi case is very similar in design to my previous case review, the Case-Mate Dockster in the sense that it is a dockable, two-piece case solution. However the Clarifi goes a step further to ensure you take great photos; more on the photo part later. For now, what is the rest of the design like?

The case is plastic with a smooth "middle section" and the top quarter and bottom quarters have some sort of grippy plastic, kind of like grippy paint on the Treo 750, but it is more plastic than paint. Either way, it adds the needed grip when holding your iPhone 3G. You have all of the expected ports open for access; bottom, top and side for all of your buttons. The bottom quarter slides right off exposing the Apple 30-pin connector to place in your cradle if need be. I really like the designs that implement this, it is very handy of you own a cradle.  Of course if you just plug in with a cable, you don't need to remove the bottom. The part that sets this case aside from other cases is the sliding lens that goes over the camera, it allows for crisper images up-close that is really noticeable with text (see screens at the bottom of the page for a couple of examples).

Daily Use

The slim case allows the iPhone 3G to slip right in your pocket and the grippy plastic is not too grippy where you can't pull it back out of your pant pocket. I have used cases like this in the past and it can be very frustrating. I have found all of the ports easily accessible and did not encounter any real issues. Docking is a breeze, you simply pull off the bottom of the case and place in your cradle; done, it is really that easy. So the case sounds great so far, but it has something a little extra for ya...

The lens.

Yes, this case has a tiny lens that slides over the iPhone 3G camera lens. But Chad, why would I need such a thing? Well, have you ever tried to take a picture of something up-close with the iPhone? Perhaps a business card or text in a magazine, newspaper or book you might want to reference later? If you have then you know exactly what I am talking about. The iPhone camera lacks any sort of close-up auto focus functionality. So, when trying to take pictures of objects up-close, they become blurry. What the Clarifi cases does is rectify this issue by simply placing a slide lens over the camera, it works like a pair of glasses. Before the Clarifi lens, up-close pictures were blurry, now they are "clear" or clarified if you will (sorry, I couldn't help myself there).


I think this is one of my favorite cases to date! It is basically the Case-Mate Dockster but no leather, and added clarifying lens! For some people, the lens may not be a big deal, but I use Evernote a lot and this tool is very handy to have when taking pictures on the go to be reviewed later; such as a business card, etc. If you need a slim case that's durable and has the added benefits that I describe here, then the Griffin Clarifi is for you! One of my favorite cases!


  • Awesome camera magnifier
  • It is dockable!
  • Grippy plastic on the top and bottom
  • Sturdy plastic supportive frame
  • Thin
  • All ports are very easily accessible


  • I really can't find any pertinent negatives with this case :-)
  • Lacks variety of colors, currently black-only

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