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The Griffin Streamline is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $19.95. If you are looking for a running/workout case that is lean and comfortable, then look no further than the Griffin Streamline! Let's see how it measure up after the break!


The Griffin Streamline is made of a plastic outer rim, a neoprene "sleeve" that holds the iPhone/iPod Touch and an elastic armband; simple. There is a clear plastic cover in the front of the device to protect the screen. This clear cover still gives you the ability to touch and interact with your Apple device.

Daily Use

Griffin Streamline - 2I have been using the "Couch to 5K" app [iTunes Link] for a while now. for the most part I have been holding my device while I walked/ran. However this case has changed that! Not only is it comfortable and lightweight, but it protects the iPhone (even if you dropped it) and adjusts to just about any arm.

I typically walk/run 3-4 days a week in the early morning. I can't express what a pleasure it is to run with this case. It does not slip on the arm (really it should lie at almost your elbow and the bend in your arm prevents it from falling off, at least that is my experience. if you try to tighten this or any armband higher up on your arm, my arm will go numb:-) and allows access to the screen while running or resting between intervals. if you need to clean the case (if for nothing else, the build-up of sweat over time) simply wash by hand in cold water with some soap. Another feature that this case has is a reflective trim around the inside edge of the case. The trim is very thin and can only be seen from the front of the case, not the sides. I think it is novel that Griffin added this, but in real life, I don't think a car is going to see me because of it.


Griffin Streamline - 5This is bare-bones case with no extra pouches for keys or cash; it is just a well made case that looks good, fits well and does what it is supposed to do; securely hold your iPhone while you workout while keeping it safe and remaining comfortable. At $19.95, this case is a steal and a practical give-me if you exercise with and iPhone/iPod Touch. This case has earned a really high rating.


  • Lightweight
  • Holds the iPhone securely
  • Neoprene is easily washable
  • Armband is adjustable
  • Clear screen cover still allows input


  • Basic case, no storage for money or keys
  • Reflective trim could encompass more of the case

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