Review: iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount

If you’re like me, you have absolutely no clue where to put your iPhone when driving. If I keep it in my pocket, when I get a call I’ll have to struggle to take it out. Do I put it in the cupholder? Ah, I have drinks there. Should I put it in the passenger seat? It might slide off when I make a turn.

Well this dilemma is easily solved with the iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount ($19.95). This car mount solution offers easy access to your iPhone and manages to offer protection with some soft cushioning on the sides. How does the iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount perform?

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What’s In The Box & Application

The iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount comes with no frills and is entirely straight to the point. Fair enough, there needn’t be any bells or whistles to an accessory that is self-explanatory. All the user has to do is connect the vent clip to the phone holster and you are good to go.


Design & Construction

The vent mount is made from very sturdy plastic that is adjustable for any phone. At a little less than maximum width, the iPhone slides in perfectly and nudges against the soft cushion that serves as a pillow for its edges. The iPhone sits comfortably on a cradle that is also adjustable, I left enough room for the charger to easily slip in.

The clips that attach to your car vents are also adjustable which allows the Vent Car Mount to be able to fit in most cars. The clip attachment to the vent is also very sturdy, once it clips, you’ll have a tough time taking it off. To be sure, there are better fitting vents than others. For a strange reason, the iGrip Universal Vent Car Mount doesn’t like one of my air vents, so I switched it onto another one.


I liked the idea of a vent car mount because it gave a direct line of sight for my iPhone and was non-intrusive to the interior of the car. When the iPhone is not on the car mount, I don’t even notice the car mount because the black build blends with my vents. Also, the iPhone's controls were always within easy reach and I could slide the iPhone in and out with no worries.

Even driving over potholes, speed bumps and overall rough terrain, the Vent Car Mount remained secure and never showed any signs of loosening. Throughout my testing, the clips attached to my car vents are as firm and sturdy as they were the day I installed them. I found great piece of mind in finding an iPhone accessory that I could use everyday.

However, a problem with a vent mount in general is if you have the Air Conditioning on as much as I do, which is pretty much the entire time (California weather), the iPhone does get a bit too cold for my liking. I didn’t put the iPhone in the vent car mount for long trips because I was afraid the cold would do the iPhone damage. Though checking with Apple, it is only ‘too cold’ when it reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit (yes, that is freezing). So really, it might be much ado about nothing.

Also, because of the nature of the cradle and the snug fit it provides for your iPhone, iPhones in very large cases might not fit. Some of my slimmer cases were able to slide into the car mount but your mileage may vary. In order to reach maximum width, simply press the button in the left corner of the car mount. From my measurement there is about a centimeter or two added when the car mount is adjusted to maximum width (which does not include the added 'give' of the cushions).


Final Thoughts

My iPhone has finally found a comfortable place in my car that is both easily accessible yet non-intrusive. If you are a frequent driver, I would definitely recommend this Vent Car Mount because it offers a seamless way of storing your iPhone while driving. Also, the adjustable nature of the case allows many slim fitting cases room to fit in the cradle. One suggestion to iGrip, however, is to extend the maximum width so thicker cases can also fit. I would consider this a BUY for any driver who has been looking for a home for their iPhone.


  • Easy Install
  • Very Sturdy Build and Attaches Great
  • Seemingly Seamless Integration to your Car's Interior
  • iPhone is Easily Accessible


  • Doesn't Fit Thicker Cases
  • Vent Mount is in Direct Line of AC
  • 'No Frills' Packaging
  • No Instructions

Final Rating: 4.3/5