Review: Krusell Apollo Leather Case for iPhone 3G

The first purchase you make after you get a new device should always be some sort of protection -- ideally, a case that suits your needs in the best way possible. You paid good, hard-earned money for your iPhone, after all, and sometimes a simple rubber skin case or hard case will just not do. So what's left? A nicely crafted holster case, and today I'm going to be taking a look at the Krusell Apollo leather case for iPhone and iPhone 3G. This case can be purchased directly from TiPb store for $34.95. For the full run down on this holster case read on after the break!


When it comes to cases that nicely fit a businessman or businesswoman's needs, Swedish case manufacturer Krusell is the one brand that pops into my mind. The previous Krusell case that I was able to review, the Krusell Hector, left me fairly impressed with their quality and design. The Krusell Apollo Leather Case was able to get that half right.

First thing to point out is the Krusell Apollo's Multidapt feature that allows for you to have a few different wearing options. The Multidapt system is simply a fancy name for a swivel clip system that is completely removable from the case, reducing the size of the Apollo's profile. If the swivel clip system is not your cup of tea, just remove it from the back of the case.

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This case has been beautifully hand crafted and solidly put together with very soft genuine leather. The color is black on the outside with a very soft, silver interior. On the exterior of the case you will notice a magnetic flip-top closure, an off-white stitching, and a small Krusell badge. The stitching appears to be exact, with no stray threads or excess glue. There are some minor issues with the functionality, which I'll get into a bit later, but overall the Apollo is a very well constructed case.

Daily Use

So far this has been a pretty positive review for the Krusell Apollo but it's not all a bed of roses. Yes, the Multidapt feature is nice and convenient to have but if you do choose to use it be prepared to deal with a very bulky case. So bulky, in fact, that I could not use the Apollo as my daily driver. Now if you are the complete opposite of me and wouldn't mind sacrificing a slimmer profile to wear the case on your hip, this case may suit you well.

Another worry I have is with the magnetic flip-top. It seems to be a pretty weak magnet and it doesn't take much to flip open, which of course should be a major concern for anyone, especially if you are active person. So if you do purchase this case, be very wary of wearing it horizontally.

The vertical holster functionality, on the other hand, is suburb with the Multidapt clip. It will securely hold your phone tightly to your side via a belt or pants pocket.

This case also keeps your iPhone 3G very well protected. With some cases that you wear, you run the risk of bumping into something, whether it be the corner of a table or wall, that will severely scratch the iPhone itself or, worst case, crack screen. I'm happy to say with the Apollo those are things you need not worry about.

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The Krusell Apollo Leather Case for iPhone 3G is a decent product, solidly built with fine materials. While its style will not win any awards, and personally I feel Krusell missed the mark with the Apollo, it is a way to protect your iPhone 3G while at the same time offering more than one way to carry it via the Multidapt clip.


  • Built from high quality materials
  • Multidapt clip allows for numerous ways to carry your iPhone 3G


  • Way too bulky
  • Magnetic flip-top seems very weak

TiPb Review Rating

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IM Staff

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  • Yet another ugly ugly case to add to the collection of recent shockers.
  • This thing is hiddious! Anyone that puts a super sexy 3G in a case like that should have their rights promptly taken away. It's a kin to going to Wal-mart and buying a ugly fake leather bra for an Enzo. The designer of this should be forced to eat one!
    Sorry TiPb but you should be ashamed of yourselfs for pushing such truly ugly wears. Why don't you guys help congress draft a bill to have all beautiful women wear a paper bag over there heads at all times since you are so dead set on riding the wold of beauty. Shame Shame, bad TiPb no new iPhones for you.
  • Never mind the Ugly Factor you guys, Ok?
    side rant:
    (IMHO, Anyone who buys a phone for JUST looks or a status symbol is sort of juvenile anyway. How cool can it be to have the exact same phone as 17million other people.)
    My objection to this case is that its Missing in Action.
    As soon as you use the phone its at huge risk because its totally UNPROTECTED when its MOST LIKELY to be dropped.
    Holster style cases in general serve no purpose in protecting the phone. You are far more likely to miss the case all together when putting the phone away, and end up picking the pieces up from the floor.
    Its just a bad idea.