Kevin Lee, a student at George Mason University, claims he has made over $50,000 in one calendar year just offering jailbreak services to people. It began when he helped his friends and family members Jailbreak. Then word of mouth started getting him over 30-40 clients a week. Believe it or not, some people really don't know they can just visit our TiPb jailbreak page or our TiPb Jailbreak forums and find guides and tutorials to help you do almost anything yourself (yes, that was a shameless plug).

Since the Library of Congress granted jailbreaking an exception and made it legal, it seems as if more users have been willing to give it a try. We also recently saw Toyota use jailbreak as a way to market their Scion brand. Jay Freeman (Saurik), creator of Cydia reportedly makes over $10M in annual revenue off the jailbreak community. As a hardcore advocate for jailbreak, I think it's great to see others wanting to learn about jailbreak. Technology is driven by innovation and I firmly believe that the jailbreak community keeps Apple on its toes.

I own a small business locally and we've recently been in talks about hosting jailbreak workshops and classes. I was incredibly surprised by the amount of people in our community that were interested. Any of you offer up your jailbreak skills for cash? Let us know in the comments!

Washington Post