The 2008 Smartphone Round Robin was originally scheduled to finish... in 2008! December 31st -- Today!

HOWEVER, by popular demand (read: delayed shipments, holidays, prep work for Macworld and CES, and Kevin escaping from yet another CrackBerry withdrawal facility), we're now giving everyone 10 extra days to win. That's right, from now until January 10th, you can make one more comment/forum post, per thread, per day (including this one!).

Given how many threads we have going not just on TiPb, but on Android Central,, WMExperts, and TreoCentral, that's like a smartzillion extra chances to win an iPhone 3G, Android G1, BlackBerry Bold, HTC FUZE, or Treo Pro -- each with accessories! (We're going with the Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! (Full contest rules here!)

So what are you waiting for? Check out all TiPb's Round Robin posts, comment every day, head on over to the forums, make fun of Kevin, Dieter, Casey, Jennifer, and me (also every day), and good luck!