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My time with the FUZE is just about over, my review almost finished, and with it both HTC and Windows Mobile will leave me, a little poorer, a lot less frustrated.

I've read the comments on my video preview. WinMo users think I'm a "moran". Fair enough. But I'm supposed to be looking at these devices from an iPhone users point of view, and that means the usability bar is set almost as high as the configurability bar is low. WMExperts will give you every little tweak, CrackBerry, TreoCentral, and AndroidCentral will give you the keyboard comparisons, TiPb is focusing on the touch experience and the overall user experience out of the box (since that's all you get with a non-Jailbroken iPhone!)

But here's the thing: TiPb's main purpose is to service you, our readers. So what if any questions you might you have about the FUZE. What would you like to see better explored? Compared more directly with the iPhone?

Let me know in the comments and you'll also get another chance to win our iPhone 3G prize pack.

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