Round Robin: WinMo Expert Dieter vs. the iPhone 3G Video!

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! Full contest rules here!]

The Smartphone Experts Round Robin' is slamming into round 2! While I've been having fun with the Palm Treo Pro, uber-gadgeteer Dieter has been restoring his child-like sense of wonder with Apple's iPhone 3G.

Says Dieter, horned WMExperts hat firmly in place:

The real story between Windows Mobile and the iPhone platform is this: the iPhone has elegance while Windows Mobile has power, versatility, and openness. It's that last one that's clearly becoming a bigger factor in my mind as time goes on (as it is with the entire the entire WMExperts Team). Podcast downloading is the touchstone example of the moment, but there are plenty of others. I'll get into it quite a bit more in the final review, but for now, sit back and watch my video first take.

Is he right? And if he is, do we want to live in a world so wrong? Go on over and tell him what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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