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  • A new report has Roblox earning more than $3,000,000 every single day from iPhone users.
  • The number comes in at $92 million per month.

Roblox is the top-grossing iPhone game in the United States according to new figures, raking in more than $3 million every single day. That's $92 million each month and more than $1 billion per year.

New numbers shared by Finbold have Roblox way out in front, with Clash of Clans coming in second with $1.9 million per day. Candy Crush Sagar's $1.5 million daily revenue rounds out the top three games. Those numbers include the purchase price of the game, if there is one, as well as the in-app purchases people are buying.

According to data acquired by Finbold, as of June 2021, the top ten grossing iPhone games in the U.S. generate an estimated average of $11.2 million in daily revenue, equivalent to $336.2 million every month. Online game and game creation platform Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) tops the chart with estimated revenue of $3.01 million daily or $92 million monthly. Clash of Clans ranks a distant second with an estimated average of $1.8 million in daily revenue. The revenue includes in-app purchases and the purchase price of the game.

As you'd imagine, Finbold is pointing the finger squarely at COVID-19 and lockdowns as the reason for such insane numbers. It's difficult to argue against as well, with people looking for new ways to entertain themselves and, more importantly, their kids.

The widespread lockdowns compelled most people to seek entertainment on digital platforms, and the high smartphone penetrations made mobile gaming a convenient option. The revenue is a possible indicator the games have built on the positive impact resulting from the pandemic.

It seems that people asking the question of "is Robox Premium worth it" have very much made up their minds in recent months.

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Roblox is hugely popular for many reasons, not least the sheer variety of games available via its platform. Whether you're looking to play a car racing game or run an obstacle course, someone already made it for you.

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