Rogers Canada Brings Back $30/6GB Data Plans for iPhone 3G S

Looks like Rogers will be bringing back the $30/6GB data plans just in time for the iPhone 3G S launch!

Last year, to help defuse some of the negative publicity surrounding Canadian data rates in face of the iPhone 3G launch, Rogers extended a hand to data hungry users in the form of this plan -- for a limited time only.

Recently Rogers brought the plan back for their Android handset as well, but it's great to see it specified for our new iPhone.

Pricing is also given above for current, 2008 iPhone 3G hardware. We thought $99 would be the cheap rate, but it looks like either it's not going down that far, or the system just hasn't been updated yet.

Hopefully we'll get more as the June 19 launch day approaches.

Rene Ritchie

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