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Rumor: iPhone 3.0.1 Already on iPhone 3GS. iPhone 3.1 to Fix Bugs, Battery Charger Problems?

I recently tried out a friend's battery charger case and my iPhone 3GS began to buzz and flash between locked, wallpaper, and temperature warning screens.

Not to be all Wall Street Journal about it, but according to sources in a position to know, this is not an uncommon problem and Apple is set to address it in the next firmware update, which should be coming soon -- 3.1.

3.1 you ask? It's what we asked as well, and were told the iPhone 3GS is already running what's considered 3.0.1 and the next update would likely be 3.1 (though 3.0.2 or an "official" cross device 3.0.1 still sounds more like as a bug fix release to us).

Consider it a rumor for now, but at the very least, if your charging case is giving you headaches, rest assured help is on the way.

(And it's recommended you don't use it until the problem is addressed).

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I already submitted this feedback to Apple but i think the biggest update that i want to see coming soon would be a change to uploading videos to Youtube.
    If you are connected VIA WIFI it detects that and uploads the video at a higher compression/quality
    As of right now if you upload from the iPhone 3Gs it's a lower quality then normal.
    I simply want an on/off switch so if we upload from WIFI it's a better quality.
    on the topic- I have not had a single battery issue since i got the 3Gs....
  • Wouldn't this bu uncharacteristically PROMPT for Apple?
    Remember how long we waited for past releases? They released almost on schedule regardless of the scream factor of those having huge problems.
    I didn't notice any major problems, just some minor annoyances with 3.0 on my 3G. Are these problems only on the 3Gs?
  • I dont care what its called as long as it fixes the battery and the apps trading their icons around.
  • My 3GS has done a weird thing a couple times when I plug it in with the cable it came with and it says "Charging is not supported with this accessory." Whatever that's about. Unplugging and plugging it back in seems to fix it.
  • I want it to make the wifi and vpn stuff work together nicer (i.e. define a vpn connection and associate it with a wifi connection and then have the phone recognize that when it see's this wifi to auto-start that vpn)... the "improvements" to the wifi logins really have made things harder for me.
  • I'd really like a way to tether an iPod Touch to an iPhone!
  • Yea my phone shows the fully charged plug in the battery when it's at like 30percent
  • The only issue I've had with my 3GS (upgraded from a 3G) is that the WIFI connection keeps prompting for my password even tho I'm 5 feet away from my router and enter the correct password every time. Also, where's AVRCP support???
  • 3.1 should add MMS and Tethering for all of us AT&T users ;-) That would be nice!
  • "Not to be all Wall Street Journal about it" <-- ROTFL
  • uhh, iphone boston? mms and tethering are already there. it's up to at&t, not apple, to enable the features on the network.
    anyway, more reasons for me to wait until december to upgrade from the 3g. you all can work out the bugs first. :)
  • Please release this asap my hand is getting a tan after 9 days of usage. 
  • @Jeff:
    Yes, I've sen that prompt for password issue too. It has to do with a slow router taking more time to cough up an IP number than the iPhone thinks is reasonable. It assumes that the password is wrong (outdated) and demands another.
    This is something new that I suspect came along with the option of remembering passwords for sites requiring log-ins (like some hotels and hotspots), where passwords expire after a while.
    They need to put in a checkbox that prevents it from forgetting passwords on your home router.
    VPNs should work from anywhere. That's the beauty of VPNs.
    If you have VPNs specific to a single WIFI, I suggest you have a DNS problem rather than a VPN problem.
    I've seen this problem where people have a VPN to their company network that only works from the outside, and they have to set up a different VPN when they are inside.
    But in all cases, this is a DNS problem, and calls for a split-horizon DNS server internally.
    So this is a problem that Apple should not fix, (Imho) because it would just encourage bad practices, and leads to the situation you are describing.
  • The WIFI login issue is not limited to 3G[s]. Sometimes my 2G doesn't even detect WIFI at my home. This only happened after 3.0.
  • Any one else noticing ratty sound on previously working Bluetooth devices?
    My jawbone is staticky with the phone in my back pocket.
    I used to be able to leave the phone just about anywhere in the house and get good bluetooth reception in any other room.
  • I got the high pitch noise when recording a video. If that's not fixed soon, I'm sending mine back for a replacement.
  • All that beta testing & they didn't see the WiFi or charging issues until now?
  • I've had issues with the backlight going dim after awaking from sleep several times. It runs slowly after playing a "heavy" game. And they definitely got to fix that battery life issue... I would be happy if it was the same, but the problem is that it's not, not even close... I supposedly paid for an improvement in battery life not a decrease. The sound is weird when I charge my phone now, I can't send videos over my email and also it overheats really easily
  • The first week I had a couple issues like "this accessory does not work with iPhone" nonsense after charging it and seeing batt full without being fully charged and password question but it all seemed to just dissapear last weekend and my 3gs 32gb has been perfect since. Maybe syncing it multiple times over the weekend helped it who knows.
  • @firesign
    I'm thoroughly enjoying my 3Gs Now and couldn't wait till later. Besides I haven't had any glitches so who's laughing now.
  • I hope this is true. My gps on my 3g has been shot since this update. The damn thing can't find my location 90% of the time.
  • I used the 3.0 betas since the day Apple announced it and never experienced the icon problem or any WiFi problems on my 2G. I wonder if something triggers the apps switching icons. I have my first page of apps as the stock Apple apps and my second home screen isn't even full but contains App Store apps.
    I also ordered the 3GS and never experienced an icon problem on it so far or even the battery problem. No high pitch noise. Nothing. My only small gripe about my 3GS is that when the phone is put in silent mode, the little switch on the side seems to rattle a bit, but not when it is set for ringing. No biggie, but its noticeable when I tap the screen.
  • I reinstalled 3.0 on my 3GS after some noticeable glitches. In certain apps, the phone would just quit out and return to the home screen. In some emails, the same thing would happen.
    I also would send an email from one of my Yahoo accounts and it would say it sent it, but it would never go to my sent box and no one received my outbound emails.
    You guys think that is 3.0 related or should I go have Apple replace my 3GS?
  • @icebike school has a wifi network... you can either bluesocket authenticate (via webpage) or you can connect via VPN (without bluesocket auth). I use the VPN option because it is more secure... with the 3.0 update I now have to get in and bluesocket auth and then initiate the VPN. And then there are issues with disconnects, timeouts, etc that just confuse the entire mess and I have to go through the process all over again. Pre-OS3 I just turned on wifi and then turned on vpn and could run all day without seeing any auth windows of any kind.
  • @icebike oh yeah... and it isn't an internal/external VPN issue (same settings goto same IP addy of the VPN server wherever I'm at).
  • I think it´s pretty accepted that battery usage is not ok on 3.0, in any of the iphone models. So an update is a must.
  • No problem with my battery here, 3.0 on 16GB 3G.
    So why is it "pretty accepted"?
  • I have a 3G not a 3GS and since the 3.0 update my iPhone gets so hot when I charge it, also if im playing a game, using lots of its memory, etc...
    This didnt happen before 3.0 so I hope the fixes are in the update!!
  • I loose completely my WIFI conection, and also 3G after 3.0 upgrade at my 3G and 30% of users who did the same procedure...WE NEED A NEW FIRMWARE TO HELP US....
  • I am having the same WiFi issue on my 3G and my 3Gs on 3.0 - very frustrating but all we can do is wait.
  • Mephisto, just read the forums and you will see...
    Anyway, guess what, 3.1 beta is out, for ALL models, not just something was wrong
  • i have new iphone 3gs, at home on wifi youtube does not load anything, my old 3g phone with os3 on the same wifi runs youtube fine, anyone has same issue or solution. both run fine on on 3G network.
  • Has anyone noticed that if for instance your watching a youtube video or whatever in landscape mode while your in a phone call, you cant press the green bar at the top to return to the phone call screen to hang up or whatever. You have to first exit the video by pressing done or home, then you can click the green bar. Also, while in landscape mode, the green bar is really thin and it looks like its been cut off.
  • I actually just noticed that it does the same thing in landscape mode for sms, mail, etc. its pretty annoying to tell you the truth.
  • My 3gs will not play YouTube videos while on wifi. My 1st gen iPhone with OS3 will play Youtube videos on wifi. On 3gs Safari won't connect on wifi unless I turn Proxy to auto (I have no proxy server). 1sr gen phone safari works fine with defaults. Hopefully they will fix this soon!
  • Nice work no wifi on my 3g after 3.0 update. What a disappointment. I have an open connection at home and all
    other devices in the home work just not my phone anymore it does not even detect the network. All apple support people did was say all well.. A..holes ,return my phone to my local apple store lol I'm in Canada how many
    are there and is apple paying for my time and gas lol. Hey fix the firmware.... simple ......just do it at least admit on your website there's a oriem
    or two ... Jesus Christ!!!!
  • Wifi is broken on my 3g after upgrading to 3.0 as well. Only if I an within a radius of 6 feet from my access point it connects to wifi. This is a common 3.0 issue.
    Nothing helps, even a full recover does not work. Only going back to 2.2.1 solves it. But the strange thing is that only some of the 3G's have this issue, and it seems heat-related.
  • Apple made a false claim on its battery improvement (2x longer) on the new 3GS. Apple failed again. Battery life is horrible. We should demand a recall for a much powerful battery replacement from Apple. We deserve to receive much better product as it's advertised.
  • Not only is the battery life terrible in the 3gs but I have a hard time charging. It will not automatically start charging it takes ten or so minutes. I have to plug in and unplug, etc.......................
    Also my email is sending copies in 2!
    And if I do not go to main server on computer and delete
    then iphone keeps resending it to me.
    Nice-had problems with first iphone and was so excited to get a newer one-nothing new here just same problems
    apple has not fixed!
  • Got my 3Gs 2 days ago, cant comment much on the battery life, seems slightly better than the 3G. Tested the speed and, yes.. its slightly faster. The smudge proof screen is cool too. But I still put on the protector just for safe.
    My gripe is on the Apps icons mess-up. Some of the icons seems to duplicate itself on a different applications. And it will a shade darker than the rest... Hope someone can assist on how to rectify this. Thanks.
  • Over the past week or 2 I have noticed that my Jawbone Bluetooth appeared to be connected but when I receive a call would have to manually switch to Jawbone. Tried resetting jawbone with no resolution. Called Jawbone and was told that they are not compatible with the 3.0 update and Apple is aware of this issue. Their solution was to go back to a former version or keep doing it manually. (Not an option to say hold on, hold on, when you are receiving business calls.) I called the Apple Store and it was addressed with the manager and they were not aware. They told me to bring everything in and would exchange for a different ear piece. Anyone else having this problem and do you know if this is being fixed?
    Also, any timeframe on when ATT is going to allow MMS. How ridiculous!!
  • Am i crazy or does anyone's 3GS freeze all the time? i'll be online and froze, checking a sms and froze...
    i've called apple and they told me to call AT&T... i keep telling them its got to be the software and not the phone...
    please help...
  • Anthony- make an appt online withe the genius bar then just go in.
  • Ok having similar issues with charging when pLuggeed ingo my car, usb and electric charger all is fine... Yet not in my HOME Clock Radio which is made for the Iphone or Other speaker systems says "this acceSsory is not made to charge your device" So 3.1 is going to fix this hey? Bummer!! Because i also heard it will screq with the "tetthering" soRk around as well as screw with jail broken phones..,big brother makes one fix and reduces the phone's capAbilities!
  • I have bought a couple of devices now that, while supposedly approved by Apple for use with the 3GS, don't work with my new 3gS phone. When plugged in, they say that they are not supported by this device (or something like that). One thing I was assured of when I bought the phone was that any accessory that is approved for the iPhone 3G is also suitable for the iPhone 3GS. Guess that's not the case, although I hope they update the software soon to change this.
  • Many of my apps are mislabeled with no picture. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to wait for 3.1 update?
  • Apple has released a 3.0.1 software update!!!:
  • Yeah but the 3.0.1 update just fixes the SMS hack thing where your iphne could be sent a message to confuse it, leaving it open to be remotely controlled - even the camera being controlled - so I'd update asap.
  • I hope to clarify some thing about AT&T and the new 3.1. First tethering and mms are completly avalible on 3.0 and is beening used in all the other countries besides the us. Why? Cuz AT&T thinks that there network isn't up to mms on iPhones or blackbarries. Second 3.1 is currently on bata 5. While only 3 is avilible to the public. But it did work well. Also there is talk that apple will open up it's device maniging to apps. This is where the talk of YouTube upload over wifi comes from. Apple is also concidering an up date to allow programs such as winterboard and other grafic mod apps to the iPhone. Now word as to how serious this is but will keep updated.
  • I wonder how MMS on iPhone is different from MMS on any other phone AT&T has? It all works the same I would assume and we already pay ridiculous rates for internet usage anyway. I'm sure AT&T isn't updating their system, they are trying to find a way to charge for MMS on iPhone. If they do, I know at least six people AT&T and their partner companies will lose as customers.
  • what blue tooth device works with 3gs? none that I have tried so far are allowing the voice dial and I have tried 4 different headsets including the one from apple. My blue tooth stereo headphone can play & pause but cannot fast forward or replay. Is this a software issue?
  • Amy,
    My understanding is that 'full' Bluetooth headset support won't be available until the 3.1 update.
  • Hi, maybe this was answered before but I read just about everything on here but may have missed it. I just got the iPhone 3GS on 7/29/09, just updated my OS to the 3.0.1 today (8/2/09). It must have not been on there already bc my iTunes said it needed it. ANYWAY, I have my iTunes set to manual bc I was having a problem putting songs on, I read some forums, thats what they said to do, songs work fine now, I can add one song at a time or add a whole new folder all without deleting the entire library. HOWEVER, I'm still having a problem with watching movies. YouTube vids work fine, no problem there, only when trying to watch movies. I have a few BlueRay digital copies that were supposed to be iTunes ready for the iPhone or iPod but they dont work on my iPhone OR in iTunes. Anyone know about this? Thanks.
    Oh, and I also think the battery life SUCKS on this. Other than these 2 issues, I love the phone.
  • how bout the Bluetooth issues, my 3G 16GB skips and pauses the music when streaming over bluetooth headset or the Microsoft Sync i my car. apple says it is my issue but i have tried multiple headsets and different bluetooth cars with the same result, anyone have a suggestion?
  • just an added thought, apple has replaced my phone 2 times, and the bluetooth issue is the same with the skipping/pausing audio streaming to BT headsets.
  • I dont see how everyones having all these issues I got my 3GS less then a month ago and Ive had no problems. I have my tethering working my mms is working flawlessly YouTube isn't timing out, no overheating, no problems what so ever. And I'm on this thing pretty much all the time. I love it. If your having real problems idk why you just take it up to a local apple store and have then see what they could do. Email me if you any questions 2149608576
  • I dont see how everyones having all these issues I got my 3GS less then a month ago and Ive had no problems. I have my tethering working my mms is working flawlessly YouTube isn’t timing out, no overheating, no problems what so ever. And I’m on this thing pretty much all the time. I love it. If your having real problems idk why you just take it up to a local apple store and have then see what they could do. Email me if you any questions
  • do not download 3.0.1 patch. Ever since I downloaded it my batter is gone draining 10% per hour.
    brutal, hope Apple will go bankrupt. $800 phone is total garbage
  • Is the WiFI issue fixed in 3.0.1 update? I still have 3.0 update on my iphone.
  • When Apple first introduced the new iPhone 3GS. There whole marketing was based on the "S" meaning for speed. The joke going around now is the "S" stands for slow. I think Apple needs to get their "I"s dotted and "T"s crossed before advertizing a big Ad Campaign and get us all hyped up only to give us all these problems. Almost makes you not want to buy anymore Apple products when they are first released. We do know for a fact that the iPhone 3GS was having major overheating and WiFi problems on firmware 3.0. The signals drops frequently when downloading big files and it can't keep consistant speeds. (iPhone 3G was downloading 10 x faster compared to the iPhone 3GS). Apple has been working on this bug and hopefully it is fixed on firmware 3.0.1 but it's too soon to tell until more people upgrade and use the firmware. Make sure you don't upgrade until you find a jailbreak for firmware 3.0.1 or (unlock) if needed. I believe, you maybe experiencing this same problem with other iPhone 3GS owners. Apple didn't beta test the 3.0 firmware for the iPhone 3GS before it was released. However, 3.0 is fine for iPhone 3G because there were 5 beta versions before the final one was released. However, the day 3.0 was released was the same day the iPhone 3GS was released so they didn't have time to do a thoroughly beta test for it. So Apple released the iPhone 3GS and the public became the beta testers for Apple. Firmware 3.1 should fix your WiFi problem hopefully if Apple did it right this time. How is the movie downloading on Edge or 3G?
  • My 3GS works ok and battery life is reasonable especially if you turn off wifi and other stuff when not using it. I've a feeling my 3G network isn't as good or widespread as they say but when it's there - it's very good, even for videos. If I had one wish for an OS update it would be for a flash plugin for safari. In the next iPhone I would like to have the speakers moved to the front. Putting at the base is so inefficient - I've learnt to deflect the sound up using a cupped palm. However overall I'm chuffed with the device.
  • I have noticed that since I have updated to 3.01 I have unreliable connection to my exchange mail server. Also as someone earlier mentioned my battery life goes down fast. The usage meter and the time since last charge are the same. Once I disconnect the email, it goes back to normal. So I am guessing they changed something so that push means constant pull. So no exchange email for me until they resolve this issue, I want my security prone 3.0 back!
  • 3gs has broken my proporta emergency charger packs!
    Only get charging is not supported!
    Fucking annoying especially as the battery pack wasn't cheap!
  • I was recharging through the wall plug and using the 3GS the other day when the iPhone gradually, and quickly, started to heat up--really hot, could start to smell heated silicone from the Rebel case. Got a replacement yesterday. I had been running the 3.0.1 update, but think I will hold off on this new one until 3.1. The tech suggested turning off the 3G network and keeping everything set to Push to reduce battery usage. Tech support and service were great, but it's a real disappointment to have a safety issue with a brand new product. Hope they get it fixed soon. I won't be letting my litle kids play any games on it until the firmware is fixed...don't need any singed fingers here.
  • Having issued with exchange active sync and calendars. Running 3.01 now and hopefully the next update will fix. I won't let anymore users switch from the blackberry until it is fixed.
  • Anyone experiencing youtube problems after the 3.0.1 update? Everything works for me but the video from youtube is "not supported"!
  • I'm have all kinds of bluetooth issues.since 3.0/3.01
    Apple is full of it blaming others my ford sync AND my southwind head set skips ( both work fine with my Palm Treo so its not the devices.Now all of a sudden my bluetooth completely shut it self off and I can't turn it back on. If I turn it on it turns right back off.
    And To top it off my phone now crawls ! Slow as ....
  • Ok WTFark!!! is going on?!!! Why is it that Apple leaves us hanging when the issue is obviously their problem to sort out. My wi-fi is completely not working - I get the little bars but nothing.... can't get mail, can't go on safari, no gps and good luck finding out what the weather is like today - I did look outside the window for that one (in case of the smart comments coming through on that one ;). So what's it going to be Apple - should I put it in the oven and make Apple Pie?
    I think we deserve some answers after dishing out a hefty penny for a lemon. Ever since the upgrade to 3.0 my wi-fi has been a wi-bother..... I am not in Toronto anymore so I can't just walk into my store and get an exchange.... THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED BY APPLE BEFORE I FLY THERE AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASSES... LIKE PRONTO!
  • I had the first Gen... AND I HATE THIS 3GS! It constantly prompts me for my iTunes password.... Most of the time when I am not even in the iTunes app...the battery is dead every ten minutes, really I never had to charge my 1st gen mid day, but this phone needs two charges a day! It freezes up all of the time... Uuuggghh! And let me just say I love the MMS! Works great! I do like having 32gigs, I use cut and paste a ton and the 3g is faster when it's available and not frozen! I hope 3.1 makes it all better!
  • It's well known that it is possible to improve the battery comsupmtion if you uptdate your phone and you do not restore the 2.x firmware settings, in order to use the new 3.x functionalities.
    Just visit this site, and you will get informed.
  • * I have to RANT! And by the way this is the short version of my story!*
    I have been having problems for a few weeks with my 2 1/2 month old iphone 3gs "this device is not supported" and "charging is not compatible with this device" so most of the time I am working on 30% battery life. And have to "try to charge" several times a day. I went to my local apple store 30 min. away. And after waiting my turn for 45 minutes I was told "you do not have an appointment with us so we can not help you today! You have to go on our site and make an appointment and come back at that time!" WTF? I didn't have to have an appointment on July 16th to spend $4044.66 when I bought my iphone 3gs, my MacBook Pro and my husbands iMac and a few little accessories such as the iphone case, laptop case and some crap my husband needed. Anyway I found this site and downloaded the 3.1 update today and it may be fixed. I got the message after charging for 20 min when I sent an IM while it was plugged in. So Im keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want to have to go back to that apple store! It wont be good! BTW! Im not a drama queen there were 3 men in there with a issues and they left cursing Literally! So I did good by just rolling my eyes and saying "are you kidding me?"
  • Ok Well never mind. I guess Im at the apple store Concierge's mercy! Now I have to make an appointment because its still not working! WOW!
  • Its better to used 2.2.1 software if were just going to talk about performance than features!
  • In our unit we have to memorize the MR. Its not that hard, don't need any technology
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