Safari Extensions are now available in the Mac App Store

Safari Extensions are tools that you can add to the menu bar in your Safari browser that gives you quick access to features offered by developers. For example, you can use the 1Password extension to populate password fields with just the click of a button, or you can add items to your Amazon wish list from any website.

Previously, you had to look for Safari Extensions from a dedicated web page by opening the Safari app menu and clicking on Safari Extensions. Apple recently added these extensions directly to the Mac App Store so you can browse and find them easily.

There are dozens (hundreds?) of extensions available directly from the Safari Extensions Gallery website, but only 27 of them are available in the Mac App Store so far. Presumably, Apple will continue to update the Extensions page in the Mac App Store over time. Some of the most popular extensions, like Pinterest and AdBlock, are not listed in the Mac App Store at all.

I much prefer finding new extensions for Safari from a dedicated page in the Mac App Store. It looks better and I can quickly see if it's something I've already downloaded. Plus, extensions that are just one feature of a Mac app can be downloaded.

You can see every official Safari Extension from Apple's gallery. Click on the Mac App Store link to see what's available there.

How do you prefer to browse Safari Extensions?

Do you like the new Mac App section for Safari Extensions, or would you prefer just finding tools in Apple's Extension gallery?

Lory Gil

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