Samsung Ace a blast from iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS past?

The Samsung Galaxy Ace, a new entry level Android phone, looks an awful lot like the iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS. Samsung has a history of copying Apple's design so this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Motorola and HTC both do far better jobs at providing real hardware alternatives to the iPhone, but Samsung's growth in recent years sadly shows there's probably a bigger market for Android lovers who who want iPhones -- even retro iPhones -- not running iOS.

Kudos to Samsung. Instead of putting a lot of money and effort into design and marketing, they can spend it rapidly updating their existing phones to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Oh, wait...

Source: Cult of Mac

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Because the fact that Samsung has been using crappy plastic backing for the longest is brand new. They've never used that on their phones before or after the iPhone 3G/S before.
    Not to mention...the is Apple's thing. They should've went with a triangle.
  • Oh my god...This is a tragedy!!!
  • Wait, those two aren't both 3GS'!??
  • Nope. It's not a copy or ripoff from the 3G/s. at best, it's similar but I wouldnt think that anyone who had spent 2 seconds looking at one or the other would confuse the two.
  • the only aspect that's similar is the shape and the fact it has a you see TV manufacturers crying that every other TV is the same shape?....if apples rumoured TV comes out and is a rectangle does that mean apple is copying?
  • also if the 2 are so similar then.what is the need to alter the image?
  • was wondering how long it would take tipb to report this and again that image has been altered to be the same size as the 3g....the ace plus which you forget to add also has 2 capacitive button,has a flash,Samsung logo on the front and a removalble back cover surely if it was a copy it would not have a logo on the front,would only have 1 button etc lol clearly sites like tipb and cult of Mac have become full of writers that are up apples A$#...I mean the only similarity they have is being similar shape and that's it...seriously TiPb you might aswel start writing that samsungs TV looks like a Sony TV and and a Sony TV looks a LG TV because they are all the same shape....hey I guess that actress girl in apples advert is not allowed to work for anyone else right cause apple Samsung stole please TiPb get your act together and be journalist or bloggers instead of writing fanboy love letters.
  • Agree the apple fanboys will do anything, I forgot that apple had the first all touch screen phone. Oh wait..... Not to mention way to make the ace the same size even though in actuality it isn't. Just like the apple lawyers photo shopping a galaxy tab to make it look more like an ipad.
  • Nearly every product that Samsung has been coming out with now has very similar design principals to Apple products. This has nothing to do with specs or screen size, it is purely about the overall design of the products. All industrial designers, including Jony Ive at Apple, work very hard to make their products both unique and functional. While it is up to the courts to decide weather using the design principals of another company is legal, how anybody can see what Samsung is doing as ethical is beyond me. I believe that everybody can see the similarities in design between these companies products and this should reflect negatively on Samsung. In a field where creativity is paramount here is definitely something to be said about Samsung's actions. By coping many aspects of Apple design Samsung is showing just how little creativity they actually have and how little they care about their products. Samsung, by copying Apple's design, has shown that even they believe that Apple's products are superior.
  • Hey, do you happen to know when Samsung releases that Galaxy Glass phone? You know, that mobile device with a casing made almost entirely of glass? That sounds like an AWESOME idea for a mobile device!
  • Pitiful. Samsung is confusing "mimicry" with "innovation."
    They're kind of different concepts.
  • Why do so many people insist on trolling here? I enjoy these posts, if your just going to flame don't post.
  • Frankly, it is just not as attractive as a 3GS.
  • market competition
    though im iphone user, im on samsung side!
    go samsung/other phone developer make ios cheaper!
  • Samsung are a joke..... How do they keep getting away with blatant copying of Apples ideas/Products.....
  • The Galaxy Ace has two smaller buttons next to the home button that are not in that picture and appears to be boxier.
  • Seriously I'm dissapointed TiPB....most comments are right,...they aren't really copying anyone and having post this is retarted. Looks like it backfired. Especially if the photos are touched up to look like the 3GS. Wow...
  • Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Plus look different, Ace Plus is the one that looks like the 3GS, the one pictured here in this article. Ace looks more chunky.
    The first 2 commenters here aren't completely wrong, because the title of this post mentions the wrong model, duh.
  • Personally, I'd say an octagon, that would be a truly "original" design!
    So, wonder what the fanboys will be tossing at Samsung when they start doing designs based on their flexible display tech and cut Apple off from having access to it.
  • Sadly, nobody will ever know about their flexible display tech... nor care.
  • What incredible troll bait. I come to TiPb to get news and pick up tips for my iPhone, not to hear some whiney fan baby piss and moan about how another company is being a bully. Honestly what purpose does writing a "story" in that manner serve?
    Needless to say I'll be avoiding Allyson Kazmucha's future offerings unless she can manage to develop a bit of professionalism soon.
  • Agreed. Thought I was on Engadget for a minute with all that snark oozing from the article.
  • Oh look, a troll took the bait! I come to the TiPb comments section to read insightful and and relevant comments about the story, not to hear some whiney fan wannabe piss and moan about how they don't like the story they just read. Honestly what purpose does whining about a story in that manner serve?
    Needless to say you should avoid reading stories that don't interest you and should keep your pointless comments to yourself.
  • They wasted all their research money reserching what Apple does and investing money in non-original FAIL products.
  • My girlfriend preferred the curvature of the 3GS for masturbation purposes when it vibrated... She refuses to upgrade.
    Are the any apps that provide continuous vibration?
  • really samsung copy iphone.....
  • Sorry, TiPb, the bias in reporting has been teetering on the brink for months now, and with this, I feel like it's finally crossed the line.
    Wont be returning, unless the quality and reporting starts to improve very quickly.
  • You were never invited, Android.
  • Don't throw your insults at me, you have no idea. I have never owned an android phone. Prior to my first iPhone, I had a Nokia N81, and have since had a 3G and 4. I also own an original iPad, which I ordered on launch day.
    I played with a galaxy tab in the shop yesterday, and was shocked that it felt less responsive than my iPad - my friends who have galaxy s/s2 have always claimed it to be otherwise, despite reports here.
    I was also surprised that it looked so similar to an iPad, despite the reporting of court bans etc.
    Reason for both of these being that I put a lot of that down to the bias here, which was emphasised when edited images from the court case were not given much attention or criticism.
    And I won't deny that I haven't looked any further than TiPb with regards to the images posted with this "news", but people here say they've been adjusted too.
    My opinion of Apple, Samsung or their products don't change the fact that TiPb has become overly biased against Samsung products, and for some time now, and I'd like to acknowledge that as my reason for moving on from this website, in the hopes that someone with power will see it, and change it, so I feel like I can enjoy the page, which I've frequented for four years, again.
  • "if you don't have an iphone, you don't have an....well, you probably have samsung that looks like an iphone" - next apple advert
  • I was going to let this one go until I saw this.
    Samsung takes girl from iPhone 4S ad for Galaxy Tab 8.9 spot
  • I'm an iPhone/iPad user. Still, big thumbs up for the Samsung dudes.
  • so, if everyone has their undies in a bunch over how something looks... what about the iPad vs. this Digital picture frame from Samsung back in 2006?
  • Wow! Do some of you earn checks from Apple? If not, why do you care what Samsung products look like? You weren't going to buy them anyway. Consumers are aware of what they are buying. Apple makes remarkable products, and after using both an Apple and Samsung product, the consumer will most likely choose Apple. Unless they are going into the store educated and knows they want the Samsung. I really don't understand the fanboyism, especially when we don't collect checks from either company.
  • When I called AT&T wireless the rep told me that I would first have to fulfill my contract before the phone could be unlocked.
  • We are working on the VGA Adaptor and will be released in the next version of QG.