Samsung tells everyone iPhone 6 Plus is here, can dump their Galaxy Notes and switch over now

Samsung continues to devote an embarrassingly large amount of their advertising not to their own products but to Apple's. In Samsung's latest ad, they pretty much admit they were the manufacturing equivalent of the stereotypical "FIRST!" message board commenter, releasing the super-sized Galaxy Note phablet before they, it, and the market were ready. They then make fun of their own product, highlighting quips like "you look like you're talking into a piece of toast", and "the note is an unwieldy beast", before diving head-first into the notion that Apple is imitating them by releasing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. So what's really going on here?

Apple is patient. They weren't the first to make an MP3 player. They weren't the first to make a smartphone. They weren't the first to make a tablet. And they weren't the first to make a phablet (or "tablone" if you want to sound even sillier). Apple couldn't care less if they're first-to-market with a new category of device. They simply want to make sure that, when they do go to market, it's with what they consider to be the very best device in its category. That's why they wait — so they can figure out problems they're uniquely positioned to solve.

For example, Apple wasn't first to market with an LTE smartphone. The HTC Thunderbolt came out months and months beforehand. The battery life was horrid, even with a screen made larger merely to cover how much extra battery they had to shove in there to power those early generation chips.

Apple, by contrast, waited until next-generation LTE chips were available and could be implemented in a way that was power efficient, providing the same great battery life as before in a phone that, while taller, was also smaller by volume.

Likewise, Apple has stuck to the display technology they prefer, not willing to compromise with SAMOLED or PenTile subpixels just to stretch out their screens. Apple waited until they could get a Retina HD display, with photo alignment of the liquid crystals for higher contrast, dual-domain pixels for full sRGB color accuracy at wider viewing angles, a better polarizer, and an even thinner assembly. Instead of just an iPhone with a bigger screen, they waited until they could make an iPhone 6 Plus.

Now, I've used Wacom tablets for years and I like the idea of a relatively small digitizer with hand-writing recognition that I can hold in my hand. While Samsung calls it "innovative", I've used Tablet PCs that offered just that, albeit at larger sizes, for over a decade. Still, it's cool. What's not so cool is the software experience. Based on Google's Android operating system and cemented over by Samsung's own proprietary interface layer, it's often so disjointed and incoherent that it severely harms the overall usability, at least for me.

The fake stitched leather back of the Galaxy Note, made out of Samsung's go-to-plastic, doesn't help either.

(Nor, frankly, does this ad where Samsung chooses to highlight an app that ripped off its interface from the acclaimed djay app for iPhone and iPad... )

Samsung finishes up with some tweets praising their Galaxy Note series and slamming Apple, again for doing what Apple has always done. That's likely because, all these years later, Samsung still doesn't understand it. They can see the what, but they can't wrap their head around the how or the why.

Apple seems to believe they have the software, services, and hardware in place to make bigger screen devices now that better serve the growing market of mobile as primary computing device. They seem to believe they can use the bigger screen to provide a higher-level of experience.

Samsung no doubt feels the same. They simply differ on what that experience should be. And that's fine. Having different opinions is fine. In fact, it's great for consumers.

The sad truth is, however, it's not so great for Samsung. Previously anyone who wanted a giant phone — or nano tablet — pretty much had to go with Samsung. Now anyone can choose to go with iPhone. Which is probably the best explanation of all for this rather rushed, ill-considered ad. Especially considering that the only thing the ad does really, really well is announce to Samsung customers they can finally ditch their Galaxy Notes and go get an iPhone 6 Plus...

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For contrast, here's how Apple is handling the iPhone 6 Plus in videos:

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Again, I'm showing a much better Apple video above but you can find the link for the Samsung "attack" ad in the first graph if you really want to see it. Or just go here:
  • Ha ha. You make me laugh Rene Ritchie.(I was waiting, when I will see a post in iMore in revert to what Samsung did with that advertisement). There was a time indeed when Apple was known for innovations. I am talking about something which can help me make my life easier, which makes my work more fun and easier to do. Those innovations are no longer with Apple anymore(sadly). At present it does seem Note 4 defines all of them. Yes. I have never used iOS, but most of my relatives does, so I have a good idea about the fluid OS(indeed). I am an Android(Samsung S4) and BB10 user(and I am happy with both). And in future, I am going to switch over to Note 4 because that device can help me more in the work front.
    What I want to say is that, you got to accept it, that Apple has to catch up to level the competition with most out there at present(not just Samsung). Yes, you said it right that Apple was not first in creating few stuffs. Who cares? What I knew was that Apple was supposed to bring "innovations". It was known for that. I will switch over to Apple when I see that(opinions vary right?). And as far as that advertisement goes, I suppose it was total fun. It said what it was right. Apple and Samsung were long in those legal battles. So I take that advertisement in response to that. Large screen, curved edges(sounds like Samsung right?). So why the anger? Samsung did struck few twigs out there! Chill! :)
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  • Ok all this hating has nothing to do with the discussion. You all are a bunch of asses. As for all you Android guys that love to hang around iMore and hate on every comment that someone makes concerning your precious Samsung, here's the deal IMHO. Samsung wants to sell phones to make money. It wasn't doing well against iPhone in the beginning so perhaps reading the market perhaps dumb luck it started making 'phablets'. I guess especially for a bunch of people who want a phone/computer that was a great alternative. Apple has follow suit. Whether that video is true or they are bullshitting us the point is they took they time in bringing out a larger screen phone. You can say whatever you want but the 6 and 6+ doesn't resemble any Samsung phone out there IMO. It's more elegant and polish. Secondly, Samsung does seem fixated on Apple bashing. Hey if that is the way they hope to sell phones, so be it. But calling me a wall-hugger when I have never hung around a public wall outlet ever certainly doesn't make me want any of their phones. Frankly, I just don't like Android. So I stick with iOS. It seemly works and works. But that's my choice. I agree with Rene make a damn commercial on the merits of your phone for its sake. Microsoft is doing the same thing attacking Siri. I don't see them selling any great amount of handsets. These new iPhones will sell a bundle and when the dust settles we will see which one people really prefer. Samsung seems scared and in the few months ahead we will find out if they have a right to be. In the meantime cut all the ethnic ranting. As for you @leathernuts#WP you do know that you can be an American of East Indian descent. Stop showing your ignorance by such idiotic comments.
  • You guys are funny with the race crap, HA, I'm a white guy how's that?!?! Sent from the iMore App
  • I like both phone systems. However, even though it doesn't look like a Samsung phone, it really resembles an HTC one (m7 and m8). And for a company that did nothing but mock and hate on big screen phones. They sure are eating crow now. But they along with fan boys will selectively forget that. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Apple often downplays market segments that they are about to get into. Also, this isn't Jobs Apple anymore.
  • iPhone was released and Samsung pretty much copied the design to the tee, then iPhone changes design with the 4/4s models. Now the s5 comes out and has a metal band around the edge that resembles the 4/4s & 5/5s, so Apple goes back to its roots and makes the newer phone resemble the early 3g/3gs and now they are copying Samsungs or HTCs design?? lol the iPhone came out before all these other phones came out of the woodwork, these comments saying it looks like this phone or that phone always remember that all those phones based their design on iPhones.
  • ha! lol. actually, that wall hugger comment was first made by John Chen but Samsung took it and ran with it, much to the dismal of BB fans. But I am glad BB stayed classy, officially at least. And tbh, when apple was still on the verge of their come back, they did release videos slamming Microsoft too (you know, those I am a PC/I am a Mac) thingy where they made Microsoft users look like fat losers.
  • I don't mind the attack videos. Also, you can't say that Apple only promotes the merits of their own products and doesn't do negative ads. Look at the mac vs pc ads for proof. I also thought those were hella funny.
  • Really the Americans are number what? come on you don't have to get personal, this is a tech forum, not a political stage. personnaly all my family own iphones, exept me, although i know everything there is to know about the iphone, im a windows lumia fan. Always have debates which is the best, but its what you need in a device. Android is the most versitile system out there, iphone & microsoft are not. but i prefer the windows 8.1, again its personal preference.
  • Me too, sorry im typing this in the future 2016 lol, almsot 2017 now. I was born and raised in ontario, but both my parents are from germany..
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  • - "I have never used IOS" Your argument in any sound discussion is invalid just based on that point alone, Samsung has gotten very petty, they need to take a que from all the other Oems in android and sell the products they make, why they are so great, not sit here and show off another companies product, samsung and it's sheeple will never change.
  • Have you used any Samsung flagship products lately? If you are yet to, I warn you. Don't. You will feel like switching over to Samsung! Peace!
  • Yes. I have. I've owned every single android device made. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You're whole argument is completely baseless. Sent from the iMore App
  • Whatever? Sent from the iMore App
  • Really? Every one? Every single android device? Are you a moron? Or a billionaire with extensive resources? Because that's damn near impossible.
  • It's not all about specs. Some people prefer the iOS over Android. It's about the overall experience of the product. Not just specs. I've use both Android phones and iPhones. I like them both and they both offer stuff the other can't offer. It's all about personal preference. I'm not sure why you're so intent on trying to make people switch to Samsung, unless you are an employee.
  • 100% Agreed. its all about user experience. but most people thinks , better is one whose spec is better. if iOS wasn't good enough people weren't loyal to it. and now bigger screens have come so more people will get loyal and some will come back too.
  • You know its not all about specs. But I have tried an apple and hated it. I love removable batteries, sd cards, and and open ecosystem. None of which apple will ever be able to provide. Now I actually have an Lg G3 and love it, It add another benefit apple cant touch. Wireless charging! So sometimes it doesn't even have anything to do with which OS is better. For my needs the hardware and features mean a lot. Apple is so cut off and exclusive, you can join our club but only if you take what we give you and nothing more! Sorry I love choice and Android offers that choice in software, hardware and features. This is an area Apple will always fall short in. You see the G3 is proof samsung is not the only one that can make a great large phone. I think its funny that you assume if someone doesn't like Apple they must be a Samsung homer lol.
  • I didn't know LG made phones. Thought they did TVs and washing machines. Sent from the iMore App
  • Vincent, I agree with you about not being all about specs, but I disagree about the "cut off and exclusive" comment. I believe that what Apple offers is a world where things work and where you are not committing to giving up your information for a better experience. I also believe that many Android users are in the ecosystem because they want to steal intellectual property from artists and programmers. (Before everyone goes crazy on me, this is only my opinion, formulated from speaking to many Android friends.) Most Android users always come at me with the, "I hate paying for music and apps." I think this is one of the key differentiators between the two OS's. Because of the "walled garden", Apple users are less able to steal. While this may be an annoyance, it is not a bad thing. This simply becomes a choice. I believe it is a good choice also. I believe that at some point, Android will start to close off also. We have seen much of this lately with Android Wear and the Pure Android Experience. I believe that Google is going to try and do more of this in the future. Having said all of this, I am grateful for Android, Microsoft Phone and all other competitors. We should all be happy that there is competition. If there were no competition, Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, etc would not be racing ahead with the great tech that they have been revealing over the past seven years. I cannot wait to see what the next seven years will bring!
  • Could we stop these flame wars, one thing I am curious about, if you hate apple so much why are you trolling around an Apple blog? I thought the concept of choice is one of Googles most people are choosing Apple. It's like me going to Android Central or the Android police and saying Android sucks and all things are great with Apple...which it's not. There are many people in those sites (android) which would agree with you but most if theses comments are getting a little childish just my opinion.....
  • Agree with your comments, but it's Samsung I don't like. I use to be an android user went from Blackberry 9900, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Nexus, HTC M7, and now Apple. I am happy where I am now still have all my Google apps, and Google play apps and paid content and very happy where I am now. I know and experienced these platforms and content where I am now....their are plus and minus for every platform, it's what platform suits the user and their daily activities.....
    To his own.....let's not forget this.....
  • No you won't. I tried to switch to Samsung and 2 days later was on craigslist selling that piece of garbage. Right back to my IPhone. No one can nor will ever beat the IPhone. The OS is the best in the business and the App store is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than anything android has. Why do you think most companies make apps for only Apple's app store and not the dumb android market? I cannot WAIT to get my IPhone 6 on Friday. Samsung should stick to making TVs. They are the best in the business at that, well Sharp and LG are great as well.
  • You shouldn't have tried Samsung, instead have tried HTC you would never have repent, cuz Samsung UI is messy, there's so much in it and its bloated. camera UI awful, yea but a lot of features. and see notification area damn don't know what they up to. Samsung now need a better UI.
  • Which Samsung device did you have? just fyi I also didn't like the old Samsung phones, but they've made huge leaps and bounds in the past two years that has put their phones way past Apples regurgitated phones. Apples logic is "if it's not broken, why fix it", and I've heard that said countless of times by iphone users. This has given Apples rivals time to continuously improve upon their products and come up with new features that improve peoples everyday lives. And the Apple App store doesn't have "wayyyyyyyyyy" more apps than Google Play, by now app makers have realized 80% of the marketshare comes from Android, and both app stores have over a billion apps.. This just shows you no nothing about what you're talking about. BTW I use to own an Iphone, then switched after I was tired of buying the same exact phone year after year. Apple even used the same specs from the old 4" phone and put them into the new phablets!! LOL, let me know how that turns out.. Also, I made my way to this article from yahoo, not realizing it was going to be a biased piece of icrap..
  • "Apple even used the same specs from the old 4" phone and put them into the new phablets!!" I'm curious, what specs you are speaking of? It all looked new to me.
  • I'm mostly referring to the 1gb of RAM, it may have been enough to power a 4 inch phone, but idk how well it will do with a larger phablet. Other than that, same camera res. as well as a pretty low res screen. and a 14 hour battery life is pretty low considering most Android phones that size these days usually range between 20-26 hours
  • Android phones have more ram because they make one software for i don't know how many dozen phones. iOS is always optimized for 3-4 iPhone generations. This is why they are able to do more with what seems like very little resources. Thats why comparing the specs it seems like Samsung is blowing Apple out of the water with quad core processing vs. dual core. Its all about benchmark testing
  • The Iphone 4 does not does not work with ios 8, and it also doesn't work well with the 4s (from what I've heard). But ram also allows a phone to do more complex tasks. Something the iPhone does not do. So yes, I guess the iPhone doesn't need as much ram to run than a Android.. but not because Apple is good at optimizing what it has, rather because it doesn't really do anything that would require more ram. I'm still not sure though how a large 6+ is going to handle with just 1 gb of ram...
  • Ok, but by your logic, Android phones from FIVE years ago should be running the latest OS. I find that thought laughable. Why are you insinuating that Apple has to live up to some higher standard? As far as RAM, it does not allow for more complicated tasks, it allows for more programs to be placed in memory. Would I prefer more RAM in an iPhone, heck yeah. Will 1GB destroy it, heck no. You act as though a company that sold 10 million phones this weekend didn't think about these things. And it's so funny, last year all the Apple haters were claiming the iPhone didn't need 64-bit processing, now it needs more RAM. How about we let the company decide. They seem to be pretty adept at creating phones. Also, even with 1GB, the seem to perform well. Just check out Anadtech's benchmarks. One last thing, I think it's pretty well documented that most malware runs on Android, do you not think this might be a reason Android phones need more memory? Maybe Apple hasn't optimized, just minimized the crap that runs on the phone. Maybe.
  • I'm not saying the latest Android will work on 5 year old phones. I'm just saying iOS won't either.. I'm not trying to put Apple at a higher standard, it's iPhone users that do that. And I'm sure Apple thought long and hard about what specs to put into it. But when it comes down to it, they know people like you will buy their phones no matter what it can do or what/if any new features are put into it (iPhone 6- point taken). All the "Apple haters" were saying 64 bit processing doesn't work with just 1 GB of RAM. And it still doesn't. Sure, benchmarks will show it's speedy. That is something that is expected from a new flagship. Also, studies have shown that iOS apps crash MORE often than Android apps-,2817,2455622,00.asp ... And yeah, Google is an open system, it allows many, many companies to use it's OS, so there is more fragmentation. But this also means more competition for companies to outdo eachother- which is why Android has steamrolled passed Apple in terms of Innovation, specs, and features. This gives consumers more choices, but the downside to that is more fragmentation through Android. However, Google is coming out with new policies and systems to bring Android together, and basically create a list of requirements for companies to follow. With that said, Android takes up 80% of the smartphone market, so obviously there's going to be malware on a larger system. Not only that, but Android allows downloads from the web, something Apple does not allow. So if one were to stay completely in the Android ecosystem, there wouldn't be malware on their phones. But Google gives them the choice, though it gives them plenty of warnings before they make that choice. Also, a user can download plenty of free anti-virus apps that can detect and deter viruses and malware.
  • Highly doubt that, HTC is far better if you ask. especially user experience.
  • Lol you a joke, i bet you will say you had all Apple devices
  • I've had an Iphone 3g, Iphone 4, ipod 5th gen, ipod classic, iPod touch, ipad 1,2, and air. I eventually realized I was paying for the exact same thing year after year. Someone suggested the Galaxy s3 and I haven't looked back. Sorry but Android is moving at a much faster pace than Apple, and with so much more competition in the Android market, its no wonder companies have to put more in their phones to keep up with the competition. Apple has no rival IOS phone makers, and they know dumb people like you will empty your pockets for them no matter what is released, so why would they spend money improving their product? It's smart on their part, not on yours
  • Looks like you didn't get a iPhone to use first of all.. For sure once you use it you feel like Samsung are the bulshit Plastic gadgets.. lol :)
  • I've had an Iphone 3g, Iphone 4, ipod 5th gen, ipod classic, iPod touch, ipad 1,2, and air. I eventually realized I was paying for the exact same thing year after year. If you even had a clue you would realize it doesnt matter what the backside of the phone looks like, cause it's all in the screen (: .. I mean your going to put a case on your phone anyways, who the hell cares what it looks like on the back. The display is way more important to me as well as the features and options on the phone
  • If you think ipod, iphone and ipad all are exact same device, then I must say you are lying that you had all the Apple devices. If you consider only iPhones there is a huge difference between the iphone 3g and iPhone 5. And I would suggest follow the iPhone release events you will get to know the new features. By the way you are buying phones only for display.. lol :) I always try to get a phone for everything I mean display, battery life and better features.. and which looks great.. i.e. iPhone..