Samsung's latest ad shows just how irresistible the iPhone truly is

I'm not sure what Samsung was thinking with their latest Galaxy S5 ad. They're once again desperately, cynically trying to call iPhone owners stupid for, what they feel, is having fallen for a reality distortion field that favors fruit logos over functionality. You. Me. Our friends. Our families. All of us. Stupid. But do you know what I see? An airport full of people, the vast, vast majority of whom are iPhone users and who value their iPhones so much they can't stop using them, even if they have to stay plugged in, hugging the walls, just to keep on using them. That's a pretty spectacular endorsement for a competitor.

Even when Samsung shows one of the few people using its phones, that person is happy about the standby time — about the time it will last if she doesn't use it.


Apple's latest ad, by contrast, focuses not on power but on empowerment. Not only does Apple's ad mention competitors precisely never, it shows off a lot of amazing ways the iPhone can be used with kids. That includes things like education, like the difference between the words "bigger" and "better".

Samsung gets the two confused in their ad but the difference is simple. One equates to quality. The other to quantity.

If you make something "bigger" you can cram more into it. You can even turn most of it off if that's what you want to call power saving. That's what Samsung chose to do.

But you can also make something truly "better". You can keep it thin and light and power efficient, and still shock the world by leaping to 64-bit before anyone else even realizes it's possible. That's what Apple did.

That distinction between "bigger" and "better" is really important. It's really important if for no other reason than consumers absolutely deserve "better". We deserve to be lifted up and not pushed down. We deserve to be treated with respect and not called stupid by one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer electronics on the planet — by a company whose televisions and appliances we might own or at the very least have previously considered buying.

So, yeah, I'll charge my iPhone when I have to so I can keep on using it as much as I want to. I'll smartly keep my external charger — roughly the same size as a swappable battery anyway — in my pocket so I can save it for the flight and not have to sacrifice functionality for power savings.

And I'll thank Samsung for showing just how irresistible the iPhone truly is, and highlighting by contrast just how optimistic and inspirational Apple's been lately.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I thought it was funny. I think that is all Samsung was really going. Trying to make the viewer laugh to themselves a little bit. I didn't get the feeling that they were calling iPhone users stupid at all. I prefer this style ad to Apples sensationalized "our products make your privileged perfect life even more perfect" ads. But that is just me. Either way an ad good or bad isn't going to be the deciding factor in my purchase if there is a better product out there for me.
  • *was really going FOR***
    Missed my edit comment window :P ಠ益ಠ
  • You do that by being self-deprecating. Not by attacking customers. At least not successfully :)
  • I see where you are coming from. Either way Samsung needs to focus on what they do well and not what they claim their competitors do poorly. ಠ益ಠ
  • Agreed!
  • But Apple is doing the same, they do well with Apps and its features on the phone.
  • What Apple does poorly is what Samsung does well by comparison, especially when you consider that Apple is the standard that most people compare devices to.
  • Both companies need to do this. Apple spends most of their keynote ripping on Android. Sent from the iMore App
  • I watch apple keynotes each year. They spend very little time ripping on Android. A few jokes here and there out of a 90 minute keynote is not "most" of their time!
  • iPhones have terrible batteries. I own a 5S. Samsung didn't even implied that iPhone users are stupid in their Ad but suffer from terrible batteries while Rene's article was 100% supportive for Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • my 5s has excellent battery life. I run music on it constantly and use it whenever I can find an excuse to do so. It drops to 20% after about an entire day and night but will charge back up to 90% while I am getting ready for work and then lasts a day and night again. I can get 4 solid hours of intense gaming with music running in the background out of a single charge. Then it can charge fully from completely dead in about 90 minutes.
  • Maybe you're turning off all necessary features like all notifications, all location services, all background refresh apps, and changing your mail account to fetch manually instead of pushing new emails and so on, or else it would be impossible. iPhone 5s battery is terrible. Sent from the iMore App
  • It sounds there is a problem with YOUR battery. I have all the above features on, although it's debatable as to whether they are "all necessary".
    Maybe your battery is defective?
    I know many people with iPhone 5 and 5S and do not encounter this terrible battery performance you are experiencing.
  • No offense, but you seem to take commercials personal and end up writing an article about it. They're just commercials. Nobody is calling anyone stupid. This is smart marketing. They focus on the competing product to grab the user's attention. It's perfect. And It's true. iPhones have terrible battery life. It's no secret. So do many other devices on the market including mine (which isn't an iPhone or a Samsung).
  • Preach!!
  • Amen! Couldn't have said it better! Posted via the iMore App!
  • So what if they're running out of power because they're using it more. There might be an op for a good commercial there too, although you never want to admit your battery life is less than the competition.
  • I agree with Rene here. The commercial is offensive to iPhone users. Samsung has an awful habit of focusing on the BUYERS of Apple devices rather than Apple products, let alone the benefits of their own devices. Their commercials assume that it is a given fact that the iPhone is inferior and the user of the device is pathetically working around the deficiencies. Who became the target of the commercials showing people standing in line outside Apple stores waiting for "the next BIG thing" while the "smart" ones sauntered by with their "superior" devices? Samsung wants the public to feel foolish/stupid for buying Apple products. That seems to be the goal.
  • Clearly it is successfully if it has made its way on too an iOS blog, doesn't matter why it made it here but it gets the job done and thats the goal. And typical users will think oh wow it gets more battery life, it works or else we wouldn't have so many Galaxy devices in the wild today. I'm not approve off this, anytime you insult users its doing things wrong, but from seeing these type of Ads and how my friends/family react too it they actual seem to agree and believe the grass is greener, at times it is, at times its much much worse.
  • Truthfully the commercial shows a very sad situation iphones have poor battery life rather people want to be honest or not. Cosmetics mean nothing Samsung has made every iPhone since day one if it wasn't for Samsung iphones wouldn't exist. From memory to screens to processors what more do you want Apple doesn't make phones just like Google doesn't make phones. At the end of the day SAMSUNG is Android and Samsung is better than any silly iphone in every aspect From my Galaxy Note 3 via iMore App
  • You know funny thing about your comment is you wouldnt be to even comment on your note 3 if it wasn't for the iPhone.
  • Apple didn't invent smartphones or its functions or web browsers or touch screens or music players or laptops or computers or applications or ANYTHING. Truth is Apple is really good at taking existing ideas Like a Cook(Pun intended) takes Ingredients and uses them in new fresh ways. thats it. Truth is if you look at the History of Android and ios they are RADICALLY different Android transformations over the years has been awesome ios has been basically exactly the same in form and function only a few things have changed after 7 years. Apple will always have a cult like following but truth is they are falling behind because even the die hard fans are getting bored and with google greatly Improving Android by leaps and bounds year after year and iphones being basically the same thing adding 4 and 5 year old features android features with ios 8 (continuity and hand off is nothing new either) Apple better watch themselves. Years back Apple need not worry about marketshare but with Android L and Google's Material Design and with Google Becoming More Strict with OEMs and really Shifting their focus on Android I imagine in the next few years ios and iphone users will slowly dwindle more and more as the marketshare does as well.
  • Name one thing that is so far advance above the iPhone that any other phone can do? Power save mode? Why would I want that feature when I can get a battery case to charge my phone?
  • Why would you want to need to get an external charger? If it's to give Apple more if your money then go right ahead. And yes, they make money off of the licensing fees. Maybe you'll be comfortable carrying around extra gas cans in a fuel-inefficient car, too. So, you have to turn off non-essential things on a Samsung phone to get the extreme battery saving mode. At least you still have a functioning phone to call and text on in case of emergencies. And that mode will give you an extra full day of power on a 20% charge. Think about that if you're ever nowhere near an outlet with a dying phone. Battery life technology sucks across the board, yet Samsung and now Google are actively doing something about it.
  • Make a bigger phone that has a bigger battery... Then have functions turned off to further enhance battery. Wow, innovation! I have friends who own samsung phones and they rarely use them, turn key features off anyway, and still carry extra battery. To make things worse, they still get to take crappy pictures all while supporting a parasite of a company. I guess I can see the appeal of that. Not.
  • You've taught me two things by your reply: if you support a weak argument with an old and very tired joke method, you'll win.
  • How have you answered my question? Apple is also doing their own thing to optimize battery life. In iOS 8 you can now see what apps and where you battery life is going in the settings app. So you know where and what is eating up your battery life. Why would you argue something that you know nothing about?
  • That is simply information about your battery. It does nothing actively to your battery or usage.
  • So you've used it? Or are you again just saying something you know nothing about?
  • Then be useful and offer information. Does the iPhone have a setting that kills nonessential processes and extends battery life, or does the user have to do it manually?
  • Oh yes it does! Go to sleep with your android phone and iDevice at 100% and you'll wake up to see that the iDevice still has 96-97% and the android hovering around 70%! Thats, my friend, is what they call innovation. Not increasing the phone size and hence the battery size. Sent from the iMore App
  • Lol. This is not the case with ANY of my Android devices. But OK. You aren't making irrational assumptions about Android devices or anything. ಠ益ಠ
  • Do you know that the Power Saver Feature , basically turns off all essential functions WiFi /LTE , Bluetooth, Screen Brightness? Something you can do yourself on any device.
  • Let me first start by saying I use both platforms. I 've had the S3 Note 2 & 3 , M7 & currently M8 & 5s. Both have their pros and cons. The walking around with an extra charger or device argument won't fly especially for Samsung & its lovers , Having a removable battery and the option to walk with a spare battery
    is one of the option you brag about. It's some cases the battery in android devices like the Note 3 are 2x that of the iPhone, it would be like saying a Porsche can hold as much camping gear as an Escalade.
  • I never said Apple invented the smart phone. They improved it and set the bar to what it is. Just because a phone is big and has better battery life (which you could argue it downs matter what phone you have) doesn't make that company better. What edge does any other phone company have over the iPhone. The ecosystem that Apple has developed with the ability to sync all devices so easy is very nice. I'm not saying that other companies don't make good products. They do but without what Apple did in 2007 no one would have any smartphone with a touch screen and the innovation that has come to past. Sent from the iMore App
  • Simple:
    1) Galaxy has a faster CPU
    2) Galaxy has expandable memory
    3) Galaxy comes with a bigger screen
    4) Apple phones are priced at 2x their value
    5) Apple uses a proprietary connector, meaning you have to purchase Apple licensed chargers and accessories. Galaxy uses an industry standard connection
    6) iTunes. Enough said on that one.
    7) Apple uses a proprietary file system that cannot be browsed via a Windows computer. This makes it 10x harder to save picture files and move music files around. Is that enough reasons, or shall I add more for you?
  • 1) And this translates to real life, how? The A7 is a 64 bit, desktop class processor which still hasn't been taken advantage of by mobile apps. Built for the future. Plus, I can pick up any Android phone (flagship or not) and still launch a browser and see/feel the lag. Android's project butter and now Material are attempting to optimize the OS to be more responsive to the hardware it runs on, but iOS has ALWAYS been efficient and smooth on the hardware for obvious reasons that Apple controls what it runs on. This is the Ghz myth.
    2) Great for you. I never needed anything above what I have. Not a big deal for me and obviously not to the masses.
    3) Ok. Soon to be rectified by Apple.
    4) And a Samsung with it's cheap plastic shells and components are not?
    5) ROFL! USB mini, micro, or otherwise sucks. I'll take the flexibility of Lightning connector any day of the week. Yep, it's so bad on the USB side, that the standards committee has been working to make it more like a lighting connector. This is a non issue.
    6) And? I don't even use it on the Mac/PC as it is not really needed anymore on the desktop.
    7) Bah. Old thinking. I have been using mobile devices and PDA's going back to the WinCE, Palm, PPC, and WM days and this is REALLY overrated. People just need access to their photos and your argument over a file system really is only applicable to a desktop environment. Now with cloud storage solutions, the "traditional" file system is becoming less needed. iCloud drive is a modern take of a file system and options like drop box, Filetransporter, make it easier than ever to manage "files" in a traditional way from mobile devices. Just remember one thing, people buy more iPhones than any given Samsung device. Sheesh, even the iPhone 5c outsold the S5 in Europe very recently. That just goes to show you that more people value the iPhone and it's ecosystem than the bullet points you listed above. And furthermore, if the only reason someone didn't buy an iPhone was because of the current 4" screen size, that's about to be rectified in a BIG way.
  • 1) 64 bit is still pretty meaningless on smartphone. I'll take the cpu that has close to 2x the power.
    2) Let me see, 16gb iphone with plan = $299. 32 gb iphone with plan =$399. I can by a 128 gb chip to plop into my phone for $120.00. So you can have 16 extra gb that you can't upgrade for 20 bucks less than a 128 gb upgrade that I can get. smart.
    3) Correction, copied by Apple. Biggest Apple screen is still smaller.
    4) Much less so. There Samsung has much better hardware inside. Better bang for the buck.
    5) USB mini >>>>>proprietary connection. Unless Apple manages to get the industry standard changed, their solution is garbage.
    6) I have 20 gb of music files on my pc. I need to synch them with iTunes. iTunes managed to completely ruin my music library when installed for the iPod.
    7) Not old thinking. Still very relevant for those that actually want know...use their devices easily. One thing to remember, the gap between iPhone and Galaxy is decreasing with each new model as the Sheeple start to realize they are getting completely ripped off.
  • Like I said, in "real life' processor speed is only a spec argument and overall processing power in modern smartphones are sufficient enough to provide a great experience on any device. But, that being said, and of course the great headline here: 2) Like I said, that is an issue for you. For people who own iPhones, they buy what they can afford in terms of storage and furthermore, cloud storage is alleviating some of that high levels of storage needs. 4) Do you work for iFixit? Are you a hardware engineer by trade. This is a straw man argument at best. 5) See last sentence #4 6) Syncing and local storage is rapidly becoming a way of the past. Music downloads are dying, cloud storage is becoming much more popular and music subscription services are gaining popularity. As for 20gb of music, I have around 18gb of music all in iTunes match in the cloud, I don't need that local storage available so no need to "sync" anymore. 7) See last sentence #4. I actually use my devices "easily".
  • One other you a good example of how bad the prices are on i-devices. I built my own PC for about $1300. It has better specs than an equivalent MAC at over $4000.00. Just an example of how badly iOS users get ripped off every time they buy a new device. Ok, so, you want me to pay to stream content to my device, rather than have local storage. Streaming music at 128kbs will be about 60mb an hour. In 15 hours, the total monthly allotment we have would be blown. Great. Thanks. Let me tell you something, not all countries get unlimited bandwidth. You also cannot stream music from a plane, and it cost a fortune to roam. I'll take my local files and expandable memory. Other fun stuff. Samsung's screen has a higher resolution and a better picture. It's camera both front and back have a higher definition. It's waterproof. Using an industry standard connection makes a gigantic difference. You are not victim of a company changing it's custom connector on you so you won't have to replace your charger and any other connection that you use. Just wondering if you enjoy purchasing everything separately from items you probably have lying around at home? There are a few things that iPhone does well, that is true, but the major components of it are inferior to many other brands.
  • I don't think you "get it". I have had all kinda of PC/Macs over 25+ years and no PC high end or not and none of them compare to the quality and user experience of Macs. As for Samsung's screen, I can't stand the neon coloring of their screens and as for the camera, the soon to be a year old 5s is STILL one of the best in the business in terms of quality. As as for your comment about replacing a charger with standard components, take this into co soderation that as an iPhone owner since the iPhone 3G, just this week I had to replace one of my lighting cables for the first time of owning any iPhone or iPad device.
  • Build a phone then get back to us.
  • Sounds like you've made up your mind that you like Samsung phones better than iPhones, why not just be happy and move on? Millions of people, myself included, MUCH prefer the iPhone and ecosystem that come with using it and Macs. If you like Android/Samsung, then good for you! Why do you even concern yourself with trying to turn it in to a competition? Seriously?
  • Being a Samsung/android fanboy is no better than being a fanboi. 1,2,3 are the way the biz works. Today's theirs is bigger/faster, tomorrow apple will release something bigger/faster, the day after Samsung will release something and so it goes. 4&5 yep, they do. Not sure what your point is. If people want to spend more on a device that's easier to use, so be it. As for the connector, so long as it's USB on the one end, who cares. 6, you can't operate iTunes? 7 is just plain wrong. Do yourself a favour, if you're gonna take shots at fanbois, don't come off like such a fanboy. Choose a device that first your needs, don't hate others that do the same.
  • Oh...I don't hate on the Apple fanbois...I just don't understand how they can defend an overpriced, inferior product. Yes, what's on the other end matters. I have a wireless mouse on my PC that uses a micro usb cable to charge. I have a wireless keyboard that uses a micro usb cable to charge. I have a digital camera that uses a micro usb cable to upload photos to my pc. If I want to attach my phone to my pc it uses a micro usb cable. Get the point? One cable, every device. If I replace my Samsung with a Blackberry, same cable. If I replace it with any Android, same cable. Any Windows phone? Yup same cables.
  • Oh Derek all those things you've listed and yet the iPhone with its specs blows the S4 and the S5 out of the water with performance. Keep your specs that mean nothing and I'll keep my smoothness of iOS and OSX.
  • doesn't blow away other devices...more on the other side. I can promise you that my Galaxy S3 (yes S3) will perform as good as your newer and more expensive iPhone does.
  • I will call BS on that one. I have a S3 and an iPhone 5 and the performance on the S3 is so inferior I just use it to make phone calls now. The phone lags all the time, overheats and someone's it even turns off by itself. I'm so happy with my 2 year old iPhone 5. It works as well as the first day. Sent from the iMore App
  • Strange, never had an issue with the S3. Not one. Doesn't heat up...ever. Never crashed...once. All installed apps open instantly. It runs flawlessly and is nearing the end of it's contract.
  • I'm sure it does.
    I've always used an iPhone and never really judge android/samsung users because I never actually owned a device.
    Due to work I have a samsung s4 and my personal 5S ... (What a joke) all that hype and that phone is just plain wrong. It can't even keep up with how fast I type. Features? Haven't used one of them. (Eye tracking?) lol do you actually use that everyday... Mmm no. The phone stalls and lags Everytime I switch applications. And the Internet browser lmfao. Let's just saw I throw that crap to the curb Everytime I'm home and use my iPhone instead. Just like many users stated. It's about fluidity. Specs mean nothing. Better processor? Interesting yet the phone can't keep up compared to the iPhone. I don't understand why samsung fanbois b**tch about how expensive the iPhone is. We buy it cause we CAN afford it. I don't need to get a samsung free with a 2 year contract. (Note to self: why are samsung fanbois always in apple blogs yet you rarely see apple "fanbois" on androids???)
  • I disagree. It easy to say never have had problem on my S3 because we don't know you and we don't see you. The point is, you can tell whatever you want because you cannot accept what is real. If I near you, I want to see if all you say are true. Maybe your using Apple product, who knows.
  • I call BS as well , I've had an S3, Note 2 & 3 and they all lagged and needed a restart at some point.
  • What ?? And google play is better?? Haha Sent from the iMore App
  • 1: Two times the CPU , But still not as fast or smooth (Lags)
    2: Epandable Memory : When we are clearly going into an error of cloud storade and WiFi enable jumpdrives/storage devices.
    3:Bigger Screen. I will partially agree, but there is a reason that galaxy makes a mini version to every device
    4: Price: An iPhone carries the same $199 Price tag as an Galaxy S4 or S5 with new activation or updrade , and holds a much higher resale value.
    5: charger: I don't get this argument, since the phones are sold with a charger. And if I'm going to replace the charger it's for that device .
    6: iTunes: iTunes & the iPod crushed Microsoft and the Zune, and is the reason you have a Google Play store
    7: Apple Proprietary system: one of the reasons antivirus software like Norton & McAfee are not needed on an iPhone.
  • It has a faster CPU? Why? My iPhone never lags. Android will run on almost anything but the clock speed has to be much faster to compensate for the lack of optimization. This is part of the reason Galaxy is cheaper because there is less software development involved. A Samsung galaxy device needs expandable memory, with a screen so darn big it would be a shame not to be able to carry around a bunch of movies as well. Also, why don't you do some research on the longevity of AMOLED displays, perhaps then you will figure out why most of the s2's and some of the s3's that are still kicking around are starting to develop a horrible bluish green tint. Saying a smartphone is "better" because it has a bigger screen is about as stupid as trying to tell someone who wants to save fuel that a 1990 Silverado with a 350Hp engine is better. Is it really comfortable trying to fully operate your Galaxy device with 1 hand? I doubt it. Apple iPhones are priced at 2x their value? You can't even figure out iTunes yet somehow you know how much it costs to build an iPhone? Since when is metal as cheap as plastic? Since when is researching and designing a custom chipset from scratch as cheap as buying a pre-made one from QUALCOMM. Ever consider better quality hardware? Even if I managed to operate the Galaxy s5 with 1 hand, I would still need to use both thanks to the stupid fingerprint scanner design that requires swiping your finger to scan the print. The iPhone scans your finger print while you push the home button to unlock it. I have repaired a ridiculous amount of Samsung Galaxy charging ports. Micro USB is an industry standard that was never designed specifically for use as heavy as that of it's purpose in a smartphone but Samsung uses it because it is cheaper since they did not have to design it. Another reason why iPhone costs more. Apple uses a proprietary file system that cannot be accessed by a windows computer? 10x harder to access pictures? You don't have a clue what you're talking about do you. The iPhone's drive shows up in windows explorer and all pictures and videos are accessible. You cannot access music this way because music is copyright and Apple goes out of their way to protect the artist as they should. You should really do some research, ignorant people such as yourself are part of the reason Samsung makes so much money selling crap.
  • Reason 7 is not completely valid. It is not 10x harder to save picture files via a Windows computer. That is the easiest task I can do. Windows recognizes the iPhone as a camera. Additionally, files, including MMS, may be viewed and archived on a Windows computer with software such as iExplorer. Reason 5 is somewhat misleading. If both ends of the charger used proprietary connectors, the iPhone would be impossible to fit anywhere. Instead, the most important end is a standard USB fitting. Reason 3, 2 and 1, although apt right now, will change over time. Yes, Galaxy had it before the iPhone. Yes, iPhone users have had to wait a longer time. It's just that memory, pixels, screen size...any of these factors...are eventually bested by one competitor or another (as Apple has experienced). I tend to focus on the experience while using the device. Comparisons can be made supporting either side.
  • If it wasn't for Apple, Android phones would have keyboards and would not have been built for touch screens
  • Same argument was made way back about Linux and Windows. The majority of users (read non-techs) don't want big changes. iOS is popular exactly because is been basically the same in form and function for years. Your last paragraph is very reminiscent of the days when Linux was just starting out and people stood up and proclaimed the death of Windows....yet here we are. And I was and still am a Linux bigot.
  • Thats not exactly correct. Check out how often updates are cascaded by Android and iOS, iOS upgrade adoption is years ahead of android as there is just an iPhone to worry about, whereas Android have to cope with a plethora of smartphone, many of which never get updated. Apple did in fact invent the mouse, so have not played catch-up to Android. iOS is the most advanced and stable mobile platform around, and thats why many educational, corporate and commerce industries have adopted iPhones and iPads, because the back up and support is there which h you will never get under Android. Android is far too fragmented to ever replace iOS is these fields. If I was ever to invest in an Android handset, it will simply be out of curiosity, not as a replacement for my iPhone or iPad.
  • I remember back before the iphone. I had pocket PCs and windows mobile devices. Even blackberries. Nobody changed the landscape like apple. Not even close. Sent from the iMore App
  • Sounds like your a Tek Syndicate fan
  • As an owner of both a Note 3 and an iPhone 5S, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. I realise that you forgot to put that what you wrote is merely your opinion and not a statement of fact, so I won't pull you up on it. It's horses for courses and my Note 3 has caused me no end of problems but my iPhones have always been flawless. For me, I put reliability far above functionality. With regard to battery life, yes the Note 3 has a bigger battery and will last longer, it's not rocket science to understand that simple fact. My iphone will still last two days with everything turned on apart from Bluetooth whereas my note 3 will last three days with location/GPS and some Google services turned off. My iPhone has less bloat on it than my Note 3 by an order of magnitude too.
  • Depends on how you use it. I can kill my iPod's battery in 30 min if I play pinball on it, or it can last for a day or so playing music. The Samsung has a bigger screen. It uses more power to power said screen. If you have it on a lot, it will die faster. Fairly simple.
  • I also have the 5S and the Note 3, love them both. They are two completely different devices, I just have to say the S-Pen, that to me makes my Note 3 the most important device to me. I run my construction company offr that bad boy. Anyone who has utilized the S-Pen as it shoulddd knows the power it has. As far as bloat ware is concerned, take that crap off like I did, that is what makes Android so great. You can do what you want when you want. My 5S is also a fabulous device, I havent jail broke it either I am that happy with the experience. I refuse to argue which OS is better, they both have their pros and cons. That is why I kept them both and also bought the ipad mini with retina along with 128gb of storage. I will finish with the S-Pen to me makes the Note 3 untouchable by any hand held device made to date. My Note 3 with all the unwanted bloatware removed is one bad ass computer in my pocket.
  • Your iPhone isn't lasting two days with everything turned on unless you never touch your phone. I have an iPhone and know that argument is complete and total BS
  • Yeah I want to throw my Note 3 against the wall all the time.
  • I get up at 6:30AM and my iPhone 5S has like 70% battery life when I go to bed around midnight. How much better battery life do you need? I have a Galaxy S4 that doesn't even get used because it's so awkward and clumsy with the weird android UI so can't really comment much on the battery. I use my Z10 frequently but not as much as the iphone and the battery normally needs a top up during the day or it's dead by the end of the night. I have an iPad Mini that lasts at least a week without charging, I've had playbooks that needed charging after a day or 2 and couple Android tablets that last about the same.
  • How can you say that if it wasn't for Samsung there wouldn't be an iPhone? I'm sure that Apple would have found another supplier to assemble their components. Now if it wasn't for Google's Android their would be a Galaxy Note 3 for you to be typing such absurd comment. Sent from the iMore App
  • How do iPhones have poor battery life? I take my iPhone off the charger at 6AM I listen to music on my way to work for 2 hours. I text, I Instagram, Facebook, use other apps, check email and when I put the iPhone on my charger at noon. Simply because I'm on my lunch break it is usually in the 60% range. After an hour of charging on my lunch break I use my iPhone again until I go to bed at 10 PM without any need to charge again. When I put it to charge before bed it is again in the 50-60% range so it is nowhere near dying. How would that in any way qualify as bad battery life? Every user will have different battery life simply because we all use our devices differently. The biggest draw of power is the screen and the screen is the most important and most used thing on these devices.
  • Well said! - Nice to see not all people are easily offended fanboys. Plus Tim Cook and Craig Federighi have said far worst at WWDC directly attacking Android users as if their life would be horrible without Apple. Samsung was simply poking fun at the iphone's poor battery life not the people themselves.
  • Hear, hear
  • Tell me what did Tim Cook and Craig Federghi said at WWDC when they DIRECTLY attacked Android users?
  • Much prefer this over that annoying chicken fat commercial. Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhones have terrible batteries. I own a 5S. Samsung didn't even implied that iPhone users are stupid but suffer from terrible batteries. Rene's article was 100% supportive for Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • Not sure where you got that Samsung was calling iPhone users stupid. Posted via iMore App
  • Yeah I don't get it. The whole ad seems quite light hearted. But maybe I am dense. ಠ益ಠ
  • Its Rene so he just tries to get his jabs in at Samsung anyway hre can. Its funny because its true, iPhone leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to battery life. But thinness>> battery in apples eyes
  • It's an opinion piece. Rene is entitled to his. I just happen to disagree with him on this one. But I will keep reading his articles. It's nice to see his point of view. ಠ益ಠ
  • So you’re not getting it, hey?
    Yeah those iPhone users sure look like nobel prize candidates! (that was sarcasm, in case you’re not getting it)
  • I'm by no means unique in that reading. The message, which has spanned multiple ads, is that iPhone users are somehow brainwashed into using iPhones despite what should be obvious shortcomings. The short version of that messages is "stupid".
  • I'm shocked at the comments here. I don't think there was any question they were trying to make iPhone users look stupid. Especially considering previous ads. Also this has never been my experience with Samsung phones, they've never had particularly great battery life. As for the removable battery, iPhone users have options as well, such as external batteries or battery cases.
  • yuck bulky cases. I Hate cases.
  • Then just cary an external battery. Problem solved.
  • The short battery life on the Iphone is a known shortcoming of the device. I know tons of Iphone users and they either have extended battery packs on their phones or they are constantly plugged in. Samsung is having fun with that fact. I dont think it makes Iphone users stupid.
  • Samsung never called iPhone users stupid. You took this wayyy out of context, Rene. They merely pointed out a fact as well as advertised two features of their phones: removable/swappable batteries, and the advanced power saving mode (on the S5 at least). I for one thought the video was pretty funny because it was so spot on. Also, what external charger do you have that is the same as a phone battery? Samsung's batteries are pretty darn thin. I haven't seen an external charger that isn't bulky
  • Also back when Apple did the "I am Mac and I am a PC" ads that was way more blatant that Apple was calling the Windows users stupid if you ask me. And you know what percentage of PC users run Windows? A whole hell of a lot then and a whole hell of a lot now. Double edge sword I suppose. ಠ益ಠ
  • Exactly. Every now and then Apple takes shots at their competitors. Maybe not so much through commercial ads anymore, but they have done it before and still continue to. All companies do it
  • In my piece on WWDC, I specifically said the references to Android weren't necessary.
  • Truth. ಠ益ಠ
  • When Apple did "I'm a Mac" they had single digit market share relative to a company that had well over 90% marketshare. And my guess is Apple couldn't believe so many people would use Windows instead of Mac. Do we think Samsung sees Apple's lead as equally insurmountable? I don't think they believe they have a superior product. Different yes, but not superior.
  • Well clearly they think their product is superior in certain capacities. But overall I can't say. They are in it to make money. They are trying to convince the masses they have a superior product, whether it is true or not is irrelevant as long as they are lining their pockets with money. ಠ益ಠ
  • Sure, but like you said, they can show people using Samsung phones, switching batteries, and accomplishing great things. That's what I'd love to see.
  • "Love to see" ? Seriously ?
    I couldn't care less about Samsung or Apple ads. Get a life, those ads are absolutely unimportant things... Sent from the iMore App
  • Obviously important enough to reply to a comment about though, right? Welcome to the discussion, friend! :)
  • -_- ಠ益ಠ
  • AFAIK, Apple have barely more than a single digit share in the current desktop OS market, so may be Samsung are more concerned about consumer perception than real-world analytics.
  • And Apple has been bashing android over the years and WWDC as well honestly its just part of the Business it suppose to be competitive.
  • How was the video spot on?
  • Spot on in that majority of those that I know with an iPhone can't go spend the day out without bringing a charger along with them. And that they will stop and charge their phone at any outlet they can find. Though this can be any smartphone user, I found it particularly funny because I personally know iPhone users like the ones shown in the video. That's just based off my experiences and observations
  • "This can be any smartphone" multiplied by hundreds of millions of iPhone users pretty much explains observable science, right?
  • To be fair Rene, my 5s doesn't hold up to heavy use nearly as well as my G2 did. It is better than my Note 3 at battery life. The thing is, the 5s is uncomfortable for me to use without a case because of its thinness. With the iPhone 6 I hope they don't make it thinner and instead add some battery.
  • I agree. The 5s makes me feel the need to put it in a case because without it feels awkward and almost sharp to hold in hand. Wish apple would go larger battery rather than being so dead set on super thin.
  • Well to show there swappable batteries, and advanced power saving mode, why they need to show iPhone in it, the add has more iPhones than S5's. Clearly it is a jab for iPhone and there users.
  • Oh Rene... You do realized that Apple called everyone idiots during their dev conference right? Being confused and buying the wrong devices? Please don't use that as an example. Its a terrible one. As to flipping the ad...again, the point sailed over your head apparently. What use is a 'mobile' phone if I'm stuck charging it from a wall? Oh, and that gem about 64 bit. You mean that chip, while powerful and a leap forward, is damn near useless now? That same chip that's claimed to be 'future proof', but the device its in will be old and struggling in the next few years when iOS 9 or 10 hits and 64 bit computing will be in full force? C'mon Rene. Just laugh at the commerical. It really wasn't worth you writing an article about. I wish you all wrote more app reviews and such. Don't give credence to something like this. It comes off as petty and you should be above it.
  • 64-bit enables the security that makes TouchID work. It also provides measurable performance enhancements thanks to the registers and the cleaner instruction set. My iPhone lasts all day. I don't think I'm stuck to a wall any longer than an average Samsung (or any other phone) customer. Can I laugh off the comment though? :)
  • Rene, my iPhone repeatedly lasts over 24 hours. Yet I had someone send me the ad via BBM to laugh at the iPhone battery life.
    It really irritated me. That was nothing more than trolling. And it was actually pathetic.
    I really wish that people would concentrate on their chosen platform and use it in good health and left others alone. That grade school idiocy is really baffling. Fact is Apple works for a huge number of people, including me, It is emulated by all others. There's got to be a reason for that. For me, it's simply because IT.SIMPLY.WORKS.AS.EXPECTED. And THAT makes me happy.
  • If your iPhone is lasting you 24 hours on a single charge, you either barely have any on screen time or you leave mobile data off. I'd have to see that to believe it. Is this a 5s or what?
  • No her iPhone is always in power save mode. She can only call and text.
  • I have a 2 year old iPhone 5. I charge it at night and use it all day long. When I plug it in again I usually have between 10 and 20 percent left of battery. I don't know why people is complaining about battery life. Mine works pretty well. I also have a LIFE! I mean I don't look at my phone every 30 seconds to check for messages or Facebook updates. I have a job, a family and friends. So for a regular person with a LIFE the iPhone battery should be sufficient for a day. Enjoy. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well said! I would completely concur. I have exactly the same experience with exactly the same phone.
  • Idk what these people do, my 5s needs charged multiple times a day when I actually use it. Reminds me of the days with my HTC thunderbolt. Maybe the 6 will fix this, then again probably not.
  • You must not have ever used an iPhone. I used mine all day and it lasts the entire day on one, overnight charge. I'm not saying it lasts 24 hours, but from it does last from the time I get up, to the time I go to bed and plug it in again.
  • That touch id stuff would work just as well with any architecture if Apple really designed it the way they claimed (a self-contained device which only stores the finger print data internally and only exposes functionality for retrieving a hash generated from the finger print). The 64 bit architecture is a moot point. It doesn't make the iPhone any more future proof; especially since future iPhones will probably be equipped with more ram, and your precious 5s won't be able to run the same applications or support the same features because of it.
  • "What use is a 'mobile' phone if I'm stuck charging it from a wall?" Really? What use is a cell phone if you have to put it in "Ultra battery-saving mode" with all its features turned off?
  • Actually, that's the whole point of that mode on the S5. Ultra power saving mode (not sure if thats the exact name) allows someone on low power to maintain the ability to utilize the core function of their device which is to make and recive calls/texts. Angry Birds, Facebook, Pintrest, etc are all nice things to do on our phones but are they high on the list of priorities when power is low? Not for me and I suspect not for most others either. Posted via iMore App
  • Ditto. It's light hearted and highlights an in convenience that many users can relate to. A bit over-defensive, no?
  • Its odd to see how fragile some apple users are. Samsung clearly struck a nerve with this ad.
  • I'm only lucky my phone still had charge enough to watch it! Otherwise I'd be nerve... less?
  • touché
  • Right the nerves of the people that own those devices , the ones the want and hope to purchase theirs.
  • All in all I do agree with Rene on one thing. Samsung should probably start focusing their ads on their OWN product. Whether you see the "wall hugging" good or bad the focus of this ad is on the iPhone not the Galaxy S5. ಠ益ಠ
  • true, that is fair.
  • I agree. Usually you see this type of add from the underdog - like the I'm a Mac adds you mentioned previously. Samsung isn't an underdog when it comes to phones. Some of Samsung's adds are funny though Sent from the iMore App
  • That was a big point of my post. I appreciate you reading it before commenting :)
  • I agree with that. It almost went the way of the original HTC One commercials or some windows phones commercials. Show me why your product has other than that one feature. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think this ad is completely fair for Samsung, the ability to have multiple batteries is clearly a benefit. I have a Galaxy S4 and usually swap my battery when it dies, so I'm never charging my phone during the day. Believe me, it's the best thing I've ever experienced with the battery life of a smartphone, you can literally do whatever you want all day without worrying because you get the double of the normal use time. I think Samsung is doing a good job with this ad, as mentioned in some comments above, they're trying the same kind of ad Apple did many years ago with this Mac vs PC, and they're also doing many ads to advertise features. I sometimes laugh at my friends when I swap my battery and they're tied to a wall charger, that's awful in my opinion, I don't think it's valuable to be charging a phone and missing so many things out there. As a bottom line, I'm not trying to promote Samsung smartphones here but they're very good in that aspect. But anyways after so many years using Android, I guess I'll get the new iPhone this year when it comes out :)
  • That's not a mainstream use case any more. The market seems to indicate we're moving towards appliances that value things other than battery swapping. It's like a physical keyboard — hugely important to some people, but likely a shrinking number.
  • How is you carrying a spare battery any different than an iPhone owner carrying an external battery? I really doubt the average customer on either side is doing this though. I find if I charge my phone while sleeping and have it plugged in while driving I easily get a full day. The funny part is, aside from using an external battery or swapping a battery I've never seen Samsung phones to have better battery life.
  • It's very different IMO, when you have a completely charged battery you can go from 1% to 100% in under a minute. When you have an external charger, as some iPhone owners have, you're forced to wait more than an hour for it to be fully charged. Furthermore, most portable chargers are chunky.
  • lol. well, someone's angry. too bad anyone with half a brain knows that Apple has partaken in their fair share of smear campaigns and public insults. hell, now Apple does it all the time at its conferences. the only person making iPhone users seem "stupid" is the author.
  • Dear Rene.
    Maybe you forgot that Samsung was the supplier of the 64-chip that Apple uses in their phones now.
    Apple is making fun of companies, such as Samsung, Microsoft. and Google. what do you want them to do. sit back tight and enjoy the ride? I don't think so.
    Everyone has their own way of getting back at their competitors. Apple through WWDc, Samsung and Microsoft through their adds. and so on.
  • Samsung manufactured the chip. So, one huge question very few people ask: Where's Samsung's 64-bit chip? Shouldn't they have gotten their first? Shouldn't Samsung, not Apple, be leading in mobile chips? What happened there?
  • Rene, I appreciate the article and I've got as much of a hate boner for Samsung phones as you do, but ignorance in the tech press about basic computing and basic information about manufacturing is kind of a bummer. Yeah, Apple was the first to market with a 64-bit processor in the mobile space, and yeah, the A7 was in fact "custom" designed by Apple, or at least as custom as you can design a ARMv8-based chip with a PowerVR GPU (source: and using Samsung's fab technology. But please (please!) don't confuse Apple's business decision of moving towards 64-bit chips as a technology decision that Samsung was incapable of doing. That's just not how the industry works. Samsung, and most of the industry, has made the business decision to stay away from 64 bit until they need it for the 32 bit memory cap at 4GiB, which they are coming up on fairly quickly. In this way, they can preserve die space for more cores (Samsung has chips out with eight full ARMv7 cores!), wait for the Android ecosystem to be through it's next maturation (i.e. ART fully replacing Dalvik), and time out products for maximum cost effectiveness. If Samsung had wanted, they could have had out ARMv8 products almost as soon as ARM published the ARM Cortex A53 and A57 specs back in late 2012 (source: It's just a matter of translating it into their fab technology and then running a production line. Since Samsung owns their own fab, this would have been no big deal. Apple made the decision likely in early 2013 to move to 64 bit to better unify their architecture and, probably to be seen as first to market with it. As far as I know, there was no technical reason that they had to move and in fact, it may have slowed down their move to adding in additional cores. Likely, they made the decision based on the fact that their ecosystem is well optimized for two threads and that they could bake in a little bit more power saving along with the M7 co-processor. It may also have been motivated by the single-threaded gains with the ARMv8 instruction set along with the crypto-instructions that were added. Please, for the love of God and all that is holy, make sure that you know what is going on before making ignorant comments as a member of the press. You should have some pride in the fact that many people will read what you've written and take it as fact. EDIT: I'm loving the content from iMore since I discovered it a couple days ago though. I also love the fact that you take the time to reply to comments, something that not a lot of people do.
  • Dang! Got all technical lol! I just learned something new though! Thanks! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Loved this reply!!
  • I appreciate the comment, however I'm not sure we're on the same page about 64-bit. Apple's transition with the A7 might have had some elements of pre-emption and preparedness, but it the 4GB cap, I think, is a canard that way too many otherwise smart people fall for. I just recorded a podcast with Anand Lal Shimpi (AnandTech) about this and will post it on Tuesday, but his take — which is the same take I've had, for whatever that's worth — has very little to do with the 4GB cap. ARMv8 and 64-bit offers many other benefits, some of which are much more important now. Again, the crypto in ARMv8 is, by my understanding, a big part of TouchID. The registers, the instruction set, that provides benefits now. As to what Samsung can and can't do, how many top shelf custom chip designers are their in the world? Where do they work? Apple had a vision and a need and got the people to make it a reality. Whether you like them as a company or not, on a pure silicon level I can't imagine anyone not being impressed with Cyclone.
  • Rene, I appreciate the reply and I look forward to the interview with Anand Lal Shimpi! I'm not quite sure from reading your reply that we're not really on the same page. We've both agreed that there are some tangible benefits for switching into ARMv8 (more registers, extra crypto-instructions, some single-threaded performance gains, and lastly, more addressable memory), you'll have noticed that I actually mentioned all of these in my initial reply to you. I agree that Apple made the switch because of these side benefits that had nothing to do with the memory cap at 4GiB, but I speculate (with strong evidence) that Samsung and the rest of the industry is holding off until that 4GiB cap is reached, since they don't feel that the benefits are worth the reduction in usable die space -- I mean, after all, comparing single threaded performance between the A7 and the equivalent Snapdragon 801, you really only see a 5% to 25% performance difference (probably due to the larger cores on the A7 and the ARMv8 instruction set improvements), but when looking at strongly multithreaded performance, you see that the extra cores in the Snapdragon 801 pay off, particularly in energy per performance. And as to "top-shelf custom chip designers", I'm not sure what you're talking about. I've met engineers from ARM, from Samsung, from AMD, etc. (the VLSI industry is well represented in Austin, TX) that were "top shelf custom chip designers". In fact, when I talked to an ARM engineer in late 2010, he was already talking excitedly about ARMv8 though he was not a hardware engineer. Like I had said, if Samsung had wanted to move to 64 bit, they could have done it almost immediately after receiving the ARM Cortex A50-series designs; making the assertion that they couldn't or didn't have the technical wherewithal to make the jump to 64 bit is insulting to the industry as a whole. In fact, several of the best computer engineers in the world don't work on products that you've ever heard of, take a look at the Tilera Corporation. From a pure silicon level, most engineers can't comment on Apple's A7 since they've never seen the inner workings but from a single-threaded performance standpoint, it's great! It seems like Apple (a relative newcomer in the VLSI industry) made the determination that it was the best step for them to take while Samsung and the rest of the industry obviously doesn't think that it was worth it to take the leap yet.
  • nice job at getting Anand. Hopefully you asked for the whereabouts of Brian Klug!
  • I laugh when people say Samsung made the chip, Samsung made this and that on the iPhone. Yeah they did, just because they make the chip doesn't mean they make the iPhone better or what the iPhone is today. iOS does that, what Apple uses such as material make the iPhone. You need to understand what a 64 bit processor can do for iPhones and the power it now holds. Just like Rene said where are the other 64 bit processors that will once again follow Apple.
  • i laugh when people praise Apple for their hardware, and then bash the companies who make that hardware possible when it suits their whiny rants. the experience you get on iOS wouldn't mean jack sht if your phone isn't built well enough to function. where are the other 64 bit processors? pretty much everywhere, since 64 bit computing has existed for some time. better question is what 64 bit has actually done to "revolutionize" the phone. what's even more laugh-worthy is how a natural progression in bit architecture is considered copying Apple, just because "Apple did it first." if you're in any way consistent with your logic (assuming you're old enough to even understand what logic is), then you'd also give the same treatment to Apple when they naturally upgrade the ram, introduce their phablet line, release a new programming language with many improvements already used in other programming languages, and borrow SEVERAL more Android/WinMob software concepts & features. y'know, since we're now laying down absolute claims of ownership to general tech alterations.
  • It doesn't matter if Apple does it first. They weren't the first smartphone yet they revolutionized the smartphone market. 64 bit is something of the future, to be able to handle the things that phones can do now you need a 32 bit processor. Now when I say where are the other 64 bit processors in not talking about the computing world, we are in a mobile based article. I know the difference and know what the benefits are. Everything is general now a days. Just because other phones have different phones doesn't mean Apple has stopped innovating because they didn't put lte in the iPhone. They didn't stop innovating because iPhones have smaller screens. When it comes down to it Apple is gonna do Apple. Samsung is gonna do samsung. I just laugh when companies come out with products that are poorly built only other phone I feel worthy to talk about is the M8. That's a great phone.
  • every new thing is "something of the future." every business needs to create "something of the future." and every business needs to convince its consumers they've created "something of the future." irrelevant. but for the consumer to blindly defend it as such without any hard evidence is amusing, at best. whether or not we're talking about mobile is beside the point. every other example i listed above also applies to mobile. i dearly miss the days when people actually understood what "innovation" actually means, instead of the internet-educated version of the term. innovation is not something that can be implemented successfully in a short span of time. it is not a software feature, shape, color, animation, function, or new piece of hardware. those are improvements and inventions, both of which are only components of innovation. Apple's newfound business model was innovative. Apple's corporate culture is innovative. the tiny little tweaks to your phone are not innovations. they're click-bait for iFans and Fandroids to cry and rage at each other about, because nobody remembers what the term actually means in a business context. i also notice you said you "laugh when companies come out with products that are poorly built," once again forgetting that
    1) it's a matter of opinion
    2) those companies are largely responsible for making the quality of iPhone hardware "what it is today"
  • How can you say that putting a 64 bit processor inside a phone isn't innovative? I know what innovation is but I guess only you know what it is so why aren't you working for one of these companies so you can help them know what innovation is?
  • and how is it innovative? what the hell has 64 bit done to significantly revolutionize anything so far on mobile? and christ, please don't give me benchmarks and theory as tangible evidence.
    few people ever even realized that the new generation of cores available for licensing from ARMH and products running alternative architectures were all 64bit ready. but no, i guess it's better if we ignore the inevitable business side and assume that Apple pulled magic from its butt.
    these companies know exactly what innovation is. where did i state otherwise? it's all the internet warriors that don't.
    but hey, you don't have to take my word for it. you clearly prefer to ignore my reasoning simply because it disagrees with yours...on top of the other points in my comments that have gone completely ignored.
  • How else is the mobile world measured? By screen size? Battery life? Power saving mode? I know that all processors could've been 64 bit by now. And it's funny that all the people that said what Apple is doing is just a marketing gimmick yet when they figured out what the A7 chip can do they took it back and said Apple is heading in the right direction. Ya know I do respect what others are trying to do. Like you said earlier it is personal preference I guess no matter what you say though your the more "logical" person in the discussion. You win. No one innovates anymore, especially Apple. Samsung sure hit the nail on the head with this commercial because battery life is all that matters! Keep your battery life and I'll keep my innovation. Whether you want the real definition of innovation or the internet version, innovation is innovation. Followers don't innovate.
  • i have to admit, i can't find anything in your response that has the least bit of relevance to my response. but hey, lets go with what you said again. because benchmarks are tangible proof of innovation (but not battery life benchmarks, i guess; and also not benchmarks prior to the A7, because those don't favor the iPhone). i respect your love for the 64-bit praise given in 2013 by tech journalists with little or no understanding of computing and micro-architecture. now, since we're going to assume that everything we read on the internet validates our faith, i would absolutely love it if you could find me a 2014 article detailing the strides that 64-bit mobile has made or is making in the industry. and absolutely none of this changes the fact that most of you people are just pissed because Samsung poked fun at a common iPhone complaint. how fitting that you all retaliate with a bunch of your own criticisms and generalizations about Apple's competitors. others following an inevitable transition into 64 bit? lol, what a convenient scenario. aside from the fact that we're again ignoring the licensing situation, it almost makes you forget this is a company that publicly declared how "great artists copy" to make things better.
  • TouchID
  • Yeah Samsung knocked it out of the park with their fingerprint scanner.
    One swipe, two swipes, three swipes, four please enter your code.
  • So true...and the swipe method you have to use to get it to work 50% of the time is not natural. It is not natural for me to palm the phone in one hand and then swipe downward(finger perpendicular to phone).
  • lol. yes, that nifty iphone security feature on the side that works sometimes sure did "revolutionize" the industry, didn't it? or something along that narrative. you should go on the CS forums and console the 5s users still having issues.
    personally, i think samsung never even should have implemented one. they made themselves look like idiots adding a bad optical scanner for a security feature that only offers an initial ~10 second OoO reaction.
  • And all of a sudden android users are ignoring benchmarks lol. What changed?
  • ask the new iPhone users now swearing their lives by them lol. what changed?
  • Oh I never cared about benchmarks like you did. It's just funny how android users always threw benchmarks out there and now there's total silence.
  • swing and a miss. i know there are a lot of words up there to read through, but try to pay attention to the dialogue before making awful assumptions.
  • The equivalent of replaceable batteries for iPhones are battery cases and power packs. Not really an advantage for other phones these days. Sent from the iMore App
  • Bingo!
  • Battery cases and power packs are both clumsy. Either your phone will feel like a brick and look like ****, or you'll have a cord sticking out of your phone whilst talking on the phone. Swapping batteries is simpler (although having to restart the phone is not favorable).
  • Samsung is bigger and bitter. Sent from the iMore App
  • I can't believe the people who thought this was a good ad. Yes funny (maybe). Yes it tried to knock Apple on battery power. But wow... They showed a ton of people loving using their iPhones and like one person in the airport using their Samsung device. For a company like Samsung who focuses on market share this is ironic. Not to mention... Maybe create an ad showing what their devices can do.
  • Exactly!
  • Indeed. The ad did not make me want to get a GS5. It was entertaining, and maybe deserved a laugh or two, but it didn't evoke any feelings of 'I would like that.' My wife said, the Samsung ad made her not want to use her phone, much less buy a Samsung. The iPhone ad made her want to buy the 5s because it was cute and she saw apps she would want. I should mention that she likes Android and currently uses a Moto X.
  • Rene doesn't get it. Anything to attack Samsung.
    Apple was calling ppl stupid with their "I'm a Mac" ads. This Samsung ad was light hearted.
  • "I'm a Mac" was when Apple had less than 5% the PC market share of Windows and couldn't believe people were using Windows instead. Samsung has a huge share of the mobile market and understands to replicative degree why people use iPhones instead. Trying to make that analogy is absolutely understandable, but still fallacious.
  • Wow. You're so authoritative in your assertions lol.
    But we'd have to agree to disagree. You are evaluating the comparison of ad campaigns based on market share while I think some of us were just looking at it as an ad.
    I think you took it too seriously.
    Although I know that anything I say will be declared "fallacious" lol.
    By the way, I don't own an iPhone and just saw the link to the post while on CrackBerry and thought it humorous. If the cross site posting bothers you (like your reply to another commenter seemed to imply) just say the word and won't happen again.
  • Wait, now you're calling me stupid? Phew! Hey, at least that fits. I'm only stating an opinion. I welcome discussion of it. If I say something and then you disagree I absolutely won't start acting like I can't tolerate discussion or threaten to withdrew from it. Fire away! And there's nothing wrong with fallacious!
  • You're great! (and there's nothing fallacious about that statement).
    Enjoyed listening to you on your appearances on TWIT until I started boycotting twit after Leo was a douche to Tom Merritt.
    I hope you make a guest appearance on DTNS with Tom!
  • People have their own opinions, but let me ask you this. When was the last time Samsung made a commercial that focused on more of what it can do other than cutting other companies down in the process? They always take shots at other companies. It's sad really
  • Not sad.
    It's a for-profit company. If consumers didn't reward them for it then they wouldn't do it.
    It's just amusing how people get so judgemental. It's like all people have this weird "Corporations are people" mentality. As if Samsumg was a person and should get criticized as a person other than just a company with business practices with their shareholders in mind. People act as if they have some malicious human emotions towards Apple lol.
  • Wow, an editorial on a Samsung commercial? Really? I just thought this was a lighthearted jab at the iPhone not an indictment on the users themselves. If this commercial is causing this kind of response, maybe Samsung really hit on the insecurities of some iPhone users.
  • Wait, you're not an iPhone user but you're on an iPhone site commenting about an iPhone ad by Samsung?
  • He never said he is not an iPhone user. Are you calling non iPhone users stupid for visiting your site. May be they just love technology and follow all tech blogs. I can imagine if this was an apple ad talking jab at Samsung or apple keynote taking jab at android battery life you will be all over it praising apple for the wonderful jab at competition. Posted via iMore App
  • I was being ironic, internet humor is obviously hard. Maybe some of the new Emoji would help?
  • "Wait, you're not an iPhone user but you're on an iPhone site commenting about an iPhone ad by Samsung?" So iphone users can pop into the forums on Crackberry and AC and lob bombs all day long and thats OK. But the second a non-iphone user pops into one of your threads and comments - thats wrong?
  • I was a iPhone user for a long time (original iPhone to 4s) plus I use an iPad (which I love). I love both platforms and know both have their pros and cons. Used an Galaxy S3 as my daily driver but I'm using an G2 now, which as you know doesn't have a swappable battery and I still love it. So I know the pros and cons of each device. If Samsung came out with an similar ad for the G2, I would chuckle then get on with my life. Not waste my time writing an article like this. I'll crawl back to the AC forums now, thank you.
  • Where the fudge is all the Samsung love coming from.?! I think there are other websites for that if you really need that kind of stroking. I can't speak for Rene, but Samsung's lack of corporate ethics compared to almost anyone else, causes a fair amount of bitterness among many of us, which in turn tends to cause us to dismiss most anything Samsung does out of hand. Many of the Samsung-loving comments made here underscore the reality that Samsung indeed needs to focus on itself, not only in advertising its products, but in original inventiveness with their core products.
  • Here lies the problem. Making it out to be something it is not. It is just a lighthearted commercial. I find nothing wrong with what Samsung is doing here. Disclosure: I own an iMac, LG Phone, and my spare TV is a Samsung. I don't really have brand loyalty. Just use what works for me. ಠ益ಠ
  • Light hearted is when you make fun of yourself. What do they call it when you treat other people that way?
  • Being a dick. ಠ益ಠ
  • Among other things! :)
  • Self-depreciating is when you make fun of yourself! Light-hearted is more adjectivy.
  • I agree with Rene. When i first watched the samsung ad, my first reaction was "really? their still doing *that*?" I definitely prefer Apples ads focused on making peoples lives better. Samsungs' ads to me seem to be smug and focused on what's wrong with the other guys
  • I have to say I really hate the new Apple ads, they are so cloy and overbearing. Composers knocking out symphonies in the back of a cab? Come off it. 99% of iPad users won't get up off their hole from the sofa. Totally over the top. I find the whole aspirational/perfect life thing really annoying. Having an iPhone won't make you a successful composer or give you a perfect life. That comes from within. I must point out - not that Samsung or anyones else's ads are any better, they just don't annoy me to the same degree.
  • DAMMMMM!!!!!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Yep!
  • While I don't really care for the commercial an argument could be made as to how many replaceable batteries does a Galaxy phone need to last all day (LOL), ok well I thought it was funny. Anywhew to me this is the kind of commercial that Apple should have made poking fun at itself while sending out an update that would greatly improve battery life (not that its bad now). iPhone user's are more proned to recharging (unless you have a mophie juice pack or Power Bank, check out they were free for a while) their phones because thats what happens when you are constantly using it. An iPhone is a gps, tv, computer,camera, book, notebook, mp3, and much more. So like any thing that runs on battery power the more you use it the more you will have to recharge. I did like the commercial however and found it to be true of all cell phone users some more than others
  • This article sounds like sour grapes to me.
  • +1 Posted via iMore App
  • +2
  • Yet all this may change when the iPhone 6 comes out; rumours are that it's going to be bigger (4.7 and 5.5?) so they can cram more battery into it. And the effeciency of iOS along with about 3000 mAH battery means the phone would last a couple of days.
  • And thinner meaning instead of keeping the thickness and adding more battery life they just said lets keep the amount of battery life have now adding to this ads credibility. For people saying your phone lasts all day then that is great but it doesn't for most and I know Rene has been using battery cases for a while because of this fact. In the end Apple chooses to keep thinning down the phones instead of keeping them at there current thinness each time choosing thinness over battery life. This commercial is BRILLIANT! You can hate on it but it does what it should do. Any normal person who sees that ad and has this issue on the iPhone will say "why do I put up with this?" and the people with Samsung phones will feel good that their phone has a longer battery reinforcing they made the right choice. Either way people are thinking about Samsung the brand. People who are offended have a kind of brand loyalty that is almost impossible to break. Those kind of people will defend Apple almost no matter what.
  • I still don't get the replaceable battery thing and why some think it is better. It ads complexity to the product, takes up space, adds potential failure points. If I am going to carry a spare battery then I just carry my Belkin recharable, at least then I can use it for multiple devices. It is better than carrying multiple spares batteries for each device I may have so I do not see this option being a positive, I see it as a negative.
  • I prefer the replaceable battery simply because I don't like a dongle hanging from my phone when the battery is low. A spare battery is thin and unnoticeable in a pocket where most packs are a bit more substantial.
  • Replaceable battery? What is it, 2005? These Samsung ads are getting desperate.
  • I agree. I've had phones with a replaceable battery in the early 2000's and it was at the detriment of the product. I would never want a device that the back came off of any more. Apple are obviously getting the best battery life it can out of a smaller device like the 5S, mine lasts all day no problem.
  • What about when the battery goes bad? You want to dismantle your entire phone to replace a battery?
  • +1
  • Lighthearted or not there sure was a lot more 'wall-huggers' than they were 'next big thing' folk. I guess these folk prefer OS experience over inconvenience. Sent from the iMore App
  • Of course they do. Just as l do. Oh, and l also do WANT a better battery life on my iPhone! Guys, can anybody just tell me what is wrong with that?
  • Good point on replaceable battery. I always found that a damn inconvenience and not a feature. As for power save mode saw my buddy using it and the phone screen was so dimmed that I asked 'dude can you read that?' Look no one isn't going to disagree that battery life is the smartphone's Achilles heel. A longer lasting battery that I don't have to shut off my phone and replace or plug in to a wall outlet after a few hours is the great quest. Hopefully one that the phone screen doesn't have to be the 'next big big thing' would be sweeter. Here' hoping. Sent from the iMore App
  • It boils down to HOW you use your phone, besides the specs. A light user will always have a longer battery life than any heavy phone abuser. I keep all radios turned off when not in use; cellular when in wifi, both if I am traveling and not expecting to use my phone while I drive. Can only where from 4 hours, to almost a full day, based on my usage. But I also make sure I keep a variety of plugs and portable outlets with me, so I can share the wall outlets with other users! Sent from the iMore App
  • The real problem in all smartphones is the battery life, its really in the top 3 deciding factors.
  • Battery technology in general isn't advancing as fast as other things, so companies have to do all sorts of voodoo to get as much out of LiOn as they can. Bring on graphene! :)
  • Loving iMore more and more....
  • Thanks!
  • And btw this is not the first time Samsung does this and not only to apple... did it to blackberry saying their android based samsung has better security... o.O
  • Looks like the Samsung ad did it's job.. You are in so much hurt. Not a Samsung fan, use Nexus, HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s and almost every other apple device. But man you guys are the biggest apple fanboys who defend everything apple irrespective of right or wrong. Even on macbreak weekly haven't heard a single criticism of apple from you, it's always Leo, Andy for unbiased opinion. Posted via iMore App
  • You missed a lot of MacBreaks then!
  • they can take their battery and ugly design and throw it in the bin....they went down the hills after the was the only attempt to create an original device....iphone will always have the best standby time from all the phones available..dont let me get started abt how the ipad trashes any samsung tablet in battery life...the ad is more of a tribute to loyal iphone users!!!
    by the way i use iphone as a main device, Q10 and Nexus as fun i do like android but not Samsung!
  • Nice article Rene. I totally I agree with you.
    How's the battery life with your iPhone?
  • Pretty great! You?
  • Well, I am not getting a good battery life with my iPhone 5. When I use simple apps like FaceBook or Twitter, or talk to a friend using a messenger app like FaceBook Messenger and Whatsapp using the cellular data, it can barely last for 2-3 hours on a full charge. Not significantly better on Wi-Fi too. I've tried turning off every single power-hungry setting, replaced the battery with a new one, and reset the entire phone and started using it from scratch. Nothing has worked. I don't know what's wrong with my iPhone... Certainly this is not the normal kind of battery life, right?
  • That is not right at all. There is something wrong with your iPhone. Posted via iMore App
  • Definitely didn't get the feeling Samsung was calling me (an iPhone owner since day 1) stupid. I'd never seen the ad until you called it to my attention but I thought it was clever.
    What I do find stupid is that, of all the interesting technology topics available to write about, an "Editor-in-Chief" chose to write about a TV ad! It's an ad!! Get over yourself!
  • What's more important than an ad? Ads get presidents elected.
  • I got way off-topic:
    Well, in the U.S. it's more about being the new guy with no experience that says he's against Bush's war on Iraq that gets you elected for 2 terms until 2016. No amount of awesome ads was going to defeat that setup. Lol Btw, consider the DTNS visit.
  • Ads sell smartphones with another company's OS on it that you in turn fork or throw a lot of bloatware on. I think it's pretty incredible what Samsung has managed to do and you have to give credit to their marketing for selling lemons to the largely manipulable ignorant masses. Only ignorant in the sense that they don't care about OS or bloatware. Is the screen large? Can it take pics? A few popular apps? Sold! There's lots to not like about Samsung but marketing isn't one of them. If you're honest, it's Apple's marketing that is falling downhill and has for awhile. Apple continues to do well because they make great products. But I wouldn't attribute much of that success to any recent great marketing efforts. Hopefully Apple does rekindle that marketing flame again. IMO, it should be one of quality, continuity, and ecosystem. Many I know ask why buy an iphone? They shouldn't have to ask that because Apple should be hammering that home. 7 years ago, Apple made it their job to define what a smartphone is to the masses. Indeed, most thought of an iphone as "the" reference smartphone. Many were oblivious to previous ones such as palm or windows mobile. Apple worked religiously to define its features to the masses through a series of ads. Remember the iphone was the star of its commercials featuring nothing else but some actor's hand. And so 7 years later, how should Apple rekindle the magic? It has to redefine the mobile experience. Not only do you want the masses picturing an iphone when someone mentions the word "smartphone", you want them picturing Apple's ecosystem of what a modern mobile experience should entail. iCloud, Apple TV, airplay, carplay, health, connected devices, Macs, ipads, etc all play a huge role. If you're going to release it all at once, then you need to market it all at once. Not just one product but the whole system working in harmony.
  • All of Samsung's commercial's are cultural based - These are not typically American cultural based - So its like night and day difference how I perceive the ad compared to someone from another country.
    I for one would like to see Samsung's commercials actually focus on what their product can do - and not the gimmicky crap - rather then tell me how bad a competitors product is, or how people that use another product *cough* Apple *cough* lack in life. Unfortunately thats not how the Samsung business culture thinks. A culture that believes in putting others down shows how powerful and smart they are and how much you suck - and this is usually done by suppression or fear - The boss makes a better laugh if you want to keep your job
    Samsung = Next big thing = This makes me better than everyone else As for the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" ads - Apple didn't put people down, but rather help them by comparing the ease of setting up and the usefulness of a Mac to a PC - and truthfully, a Mac is easier.
    Mac = laid back/easy going
    PC = suit and tie business and not user friendly
  • I'm an iPhone user and no where in that ad did I feel I was being called stupid. Being a marketing student myself I've seen a fair share of bad ads, but this wasn't it. On the contrary I think it was pretty humorous. Sorry Rene, as people here are pointing out, you completely missed the point of the ad.
    Maybe the post title should be 'Samsung's latest ad shows just how easy it is to get Apple blog editors all riled up' ;)
  • Comment on point! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • What was the point of the ad?
  • To tell people that the battery on the Galaxy S5 is better than an iPhone(it may or may not be but that is what the ad showed). I'm assuming the ad aired in the US, which is iPhone's biggest market. So naturally Samsung will pick iPhone as a competitor in its ad, like Microsoft does, or Nokia, or many other OEMs. All this ad did was portray an everyday situation, which like it or not, is actually kind of accurate. I'm curious, if you think Samsung was calling iPhone people stupid in this ad, what do you think Microsoft was calling them in a Lumia ad where the users of other smartphones got into a big fight?
  • I guess it was to piss you off. Looks like it worked.... Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Samsung is kinda pathetic. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • They took our jobs!
  • South Park bonus points.
  • I had an iPhone 4s and to me, it sucked. I can see how someone easily distracted and not really tech smart would love them though. An iPhone is perfect for my sister, and maybe my grandmother if she was still around, but it took me about 5 seconds to figure out my first android phone, and about 5 seconds to be bored with my iPhone. And the battery sucked. P.S. I hate Samsung phones. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • The ad is funny because its true though i don't see the point where Samsung says apple users are stupid according to the author. Posted via iMore App
  • Previous samsung advt have been mildly funny. This one wasn't. No matter the context - the content was just not funny. Sorry. Sent from the iMore App
  • Don't Samsung spend more on advertising than their competitors? Didn't Apple just get through 18 solid months of "They're doomed..." from bloggers, journalists and analysts? I give the average consumer the credit they deserve. Hyper marketing from Samsung, while the webs piled on Apple for doing "nothing right", and still Apple books record sales, quarter over quarter. I never understand marketing which insults the customers they're attempting to woo.
  • Stupid is a strong word and I do not see where Samsung called us stupid...
  • What word is better used to describe people so dull-witted we use popular phones that are obviously unusable just because they have a piece of fruit on the back?
  • I would say your projecting. They show what people are willing to do to use their technology and that other choices are out there. Don't strap yourself to an outlet. Technology is here. Apple doesn't have it as you currently think. Get it now from Samsung.
  • "Replaceable battery", fancy name for what we've been doing since the dawn of mobile. Sent from the iMore App
  • Don't you ever laugh, take yourself too serious. I thought it was funny, very funny. I own the 5S and iPad mini, I also own the Note 3, I laugh at these adds all the time. Apple might not mention Samsung or Android on their adds but they sure spend allot of time at their latest keynote and newest OS. On the other hand Android or Samsung never mentions IOS at their keynote or when introducing new products. I just laugh at these adds, I don't think they are calling me dumb why do you?
    Happy 4th, you have to lighten up a little.
    Just my dumb opinion.
  • I laugh all the time. I also worked in marketing for a decade, and I'm a big fan of media literacy. I can laugh while I write as well. Cheaper than clown school!
  • Great post Rene.
  • Thank you!
  • Yes, Apple would never attack customers. Oh wait, except for all those anti-PC ads they used to run that the Mac community (me included) found fresh, clever and funny. Jesus, lighten up Francis. Who cares what Samsung, or any other company for that matter, does in their ads? Would you rather they ran that stupid Chicken Fat song in this commercial? Would that make it more appealing? Or how about something a little more narcissistic maybe? You know, like a silly 60-second spot showing how their phone saves lives or makes you a better parent?
  • I addressed those above. Apple had single-digit market share when they made those ads. Samsung have single-digit market share now?
  • Rene, who appointed you to the post of digit counter? Let me tell you that I am the proud owner of a MBP, a MBA, an iPad mini and an iPhone 5. But that does not impede me of stating with a high degree on annoyance that the battery on my iPhone 5 is utter crap! I was told in this very website that the best way of solving it was the switch off all the smart bits of my phone. Great! Life battery on iPhones is awful. Period. And Samsung knows it and went for the jugular. Can Apple sue them? No, because they (Samsung) are right on their claims. And Apple knows it. And, Rene, it is not your annoyance and denial that is going to sort it out. I don't want an "optimistic and inspirational Apple"! I am just asking for better battery life on my iPhone! Hopefully on iPhone 6. Is that really asking for too much!?
  • I have gone back and forth between android and iPhone. I always go back to my iPhone because every android phone I've had the battery life sucked. My wife hates my iPhone but envies how my iPhone will have 75% battery left when hers is at 20%. Then when she finds out I have used my phone twice as much as she has used her galaxy s4 she gets frustrated. Then I follow up by saying why do you think android allows you t swap batteries it's because they know their OS sucks at battery management and instead of fixing it they wanna make more money selling you a bigger battery. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's an ad. Deceiving yes, but it's an ad.
    1st- Power saving mode??? That's the mode that allows you to email and make phone calls, connect to 3G and limited use of the web browser. So basically you're not using the phone. 2nd- Swappable batteries. While yes they are a plus in some situations. Being stuck in an airport isn't one of them. Buying a spare battery and a charger for that battery isn't the best solution in this case. I would much rather spend the $65-$100 on an external battery. They have much more capacity. If rather have it to charge my iPhone to 100% multiple times vs carrying around one battery and swapping it! then having to look for an outlet to charge the one that's dead. If you're going to go to the trouble of carrying something else around in your backpack or carry-on. Why would I the the same size battery as the one you have??? I didn't see it as a cheap shot against Apple users. I saw it as Samsung not understanding how people actually use smartphones.
  • That's a good take too.
  • I agree.... That's my take on this situation.... Always carry powerpack charger.. Sent from the iMore App
  • I wouldn't say always. My 5S last me all day no problems. I wouldn't think about a spare battery for day to day use. Now going out if town or traveling through airports. Yes, there's the chance that I might need to get a charge. For that, I have an external battery from Mophie that I can charge from and it will give me 4 full charges. So basically I'm carrying 4 extra barriers with me. I've also leant it to friends when their iPhone or android goes dead. To me, replaceable batteries aren't all there made out to be. I've been using an iPhone since the 3G and I can't recall when I've ever said "I wish I could swap batteries"
  • A few years ago, when I was using a Blackberry, I used to watch the iPhone and Samsung adverts and laugh. I enjoyed the way Samsung made fun of iPhone users especially, it was a bit like a couple of school children facing up to each other. Samsung trying to bait the accepted boss of the playground, while Apple was the kid that pretended the upstart wasn't there! But that was before I used an Android or iPhone mobile. Now that I've used both and was 'anti' iPhone, I have to say somehow Apple get their phone to 'just work'. I thought the ad was humorous and I can see why Rene looked at it as he did, although to me, it seemed to be stretching it a little to turn the ad on its head to make the iPhone users the winners and Samsung the lonely-loser. From a personal point of view, my iPhone's battery last me all day with moderate use and it's very rare I search for the nearest wall socket - in fact I don't carry a charger with me....
  • The problem is they're pointing out an issue that they have as well. no smart phone lasts 3 days - they're ALL dead after a day - so, saying that you'll give me an extra hour or two isn't reason enough for me to switch.
  • You can never see a samsucks phone in Apple's ads. Just saying.
  • Btw, "LG G3 sales three times higher than the Galaxy S5 in Korea": Samsucks is just too desperate. lmao
  • ..... and they call iPhone users kids! Look at you Samsung.. you are being so kiddish.. Grow up!
  • Wow...what a garbage article. Yes, iPhone users are stupid. Well, Apple users in general are stupid. iPhones are possible one of the most overpriced pieces of garbage in electronic existence. MAC computers are also inflated to 2-3x their actual value. You cannot expand the phones memory. Weak processor. Small screens. Not repairable. Can't easily swap dead batteries. Apple tablets are also the bottom of the heap. Apple is now struggling to keep up with it's competitors, touting a barometer in the new devices as being a revolution. Samsung has had that function since the Galaxy 3. Apple is coming out with a 'smart watch'. Samsung has had one for a couple of years now. Apple has 0 innovation, they just copy everybody else's work. If it wasn't for the free advertizing that sites like this give out, Apple would finally crawl back under the rock it came from.
  • There are numerous Apple deficiencies: 1) Galaxy has a faster CPU
    2) Galaxy has expandable memory
    3) Galaxy comes with a bigger screen
    4) Apple phones are priced at 2x their value
    5) Apple uses a proprietary connector, meaning you have to purchase Apple licensed chargers and accessories. This means you have to pay 2 or 3 times the price for the accessories. Galaxy uses an industry standard connection
    6) iTunes. Enough said on that one.
    7) Apple uses a proprietary file system that cannot be browsed via a Windows computer. This makes it 10x harder to save picture files and move music files around.
  • Faster CPU, but thanks to the awesome TouchWiz (I think it's called like that), it makes their phone more laggy than an iPhone.
  • "Samsung has had one for a couple of years now. " -And how has that worked out for them? "Apple has 0 innovation, they just copy everybody else's work" Have you checked legal decisions lately? And while if you want to go tit-for-tat, the smartphone industry at this time is relatively mature and vendors have no choice to "copy" off of each other differentiating and making whatever they copy into the best fit in their respective ecosystem.
  • Wow. Just wow. So you hate Apple. Tell me why you're on iMore again. LMAO.
    It's dumbasses like yourself why I love Android users so much. Seems Apple users aren't the ones with insecurities about their phones. Ahahahahahahahahahaha
  • I don't want an "optimistic and inspirational Apple"! I am just asking for better battery life on my iPhone! Is that asking too much!?
  • I tend to agree this is blatantly trying to make iPhone users look stupid. If it wasn't there would be "other" phones shown also. Interestingly we never see these ads in Australia they have there own ads which are more lifestyle targeted - kids at music festivals and pool parties etc. they still do manage to get a stab at iPhones even when trying to do a lifestyle based ad - Anyway I think samsung are a shocking company, with shitty practices, and I avoid them at any cost now. On the topic of iPhone battery I never have issues it's 11pm and I've had my phone in use since 8am I've still got 25% - emails some music streaming, Bluetooth ? Where's the problem?
  • The Galaxy S5 has nothing on the iPhone. TouchWiz is terrible. What scares me is that people may be swayed by that commercial. I don't even own an iPhone, but I would grab a 5S over the Galaxy S5 any day. Now I am going to go watch some honest trailers on my HTC One M8 with its amazing speakers and laugh about how terrible the Galaxy S5 is. Posted via iMore App
  • +1 Posted via iMore App
  • I think what it has is longer battery life doing the same type of things which the video is pointing out and if you still manage to kill the battery you can put in another. Put you head in the sand if you want but Apple keeps making there phones thinner ever few years causing the battery issue that Apple has.
  • Law2010, Well said. It scares me too! I wouldn't swap my iPhone for anything but if I had to I would certainly pick HTC One or the new Sony phone over anything Samsung makes.
    As for your stereo, front facing speakers....... I can only dream Jonny Ive would take a leaf out of HTC's design book there. I'm very jealous!
  • Honestly Rene, I hate when you write these types of articles. It just sounds like spin. To me, iMore should be above "spin doctoring" and putting on a brave face and all that type of crap. When you write articles like this it doesn't enhance iMore, it detracts from it. Just my two cents.
  • I add my two cents to that.
  • I agree. I wrote a long comment below with view points from other mobile nations sites.
  • Agree 100%. This is just a longer version of the sort of fanboy rubbish John Gruber writes.
  • Wow! It's just a silly commercial (and pretty funny at that.) Competitors have been doing that since television began. You guys are just helping Samsung along by giving it more air time than it deserves. The fact that you're offended by it is even sillier than the commercial itself. Samsung puts out a nice phone, but I still love my iPhone. I find their commercials to be humorous though. I like what I like and am not too concerned with what Samsung or anyone else has to say.
  • Apple has done the same thing. Remember the Mac vs PC ads a few years ago. This isn't any different than those really. Posted via iMore App
  • This whole battery argument is ridiculous. If you are constantly using a device, you use lots of power to do so. It doesn't matter what it is. If it's a phone, samsung s5 or iPhone, and your constantly using it for 5 hours straight, never putting it down, your gonna use a ton of its battery! Your going to have to plug it in at some point throughout your day! As far as the ad goes, I just saw it last night. At first I thought it was an Apple as showing how much and how many people use their iPhones. Then there is one person changing their battery in an S5, and one person using battery saving mode. Who wants to mess with changing a battery? Doesn't a power saving mode degrade your experience by shutting certain things down? Craziness I say!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • You are clearly wrong. Battery run down test will show how much more life you can expect to have on one phone vs another. If a phone lasts an extra 2 hrs doing something than the iPhone it is a fact that the other phone if nothing else will last longer. If it was total BS no one would do the tests. Are they perfect? No but you can get an idea of which phone lasts longer in a general sense.
  • Let us compare that ads to actors and actresses in this globe, if you are a phenomenon or you are a superstar, intrigues comes left, right even in their back, in other words iPhone is phenomenon or phenomenal so that other company intrigues apple or iPhone because they cannot do what does Apple or iPhone did... Sent from the iMore App
  • Maybe Samsung is in trouble so they made this ads for convincing people to buy their product, but for me samsung no way... I have already some experiences with samsung phones, i don't like it for many reasons. For me i found iPhone the best product ever, i have also reason why i love iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am not stuck to the charger unless I'm on roaming in Europe. Just seems to be killing the battery as the bandwidth is so low (restricted by my UK carrier) - it takes ages to pull updates etc. Otherwise I don't remember last time I had my phone die on me. For years! And I use an iPhone 5. The guy that said iPhone 5S will be obsolete in 2 years is a fool. In my opinion A7 is too fast for the iPhone currently. It's ok for iPad but way to fast for the iPhone. My wife uses a 5S and when I take her phone, it's just a little quicker than my 5. Mainly because the iPhone 5 is just so fast as it is... That's my opinion anyway...
  • My favorite Samsung commercials were the ones where they would show parents as aloof and un-hip for having an iPhone and show younger kids with the Galaxy S phones - and yet, they seemed to imply that if you older person switch to a Samsung, you will be hip again. On a separate note, many of my friends and extended family have Samsung phones, but at any large event, I see just as many of them hugging the wall outlets as those with iPhones. Yes, they could buy another battery, but most of them have a case on their plastic backed Galaxy phone (go figure) and would rather plug it in.
  • It's amazing how people can spin this based on their biases. Rene might say he has none but he totally spun this to say "users and who value their iPhones so much they can't stop using them, even if they have to stay plugged in, hugging the walls, just to keep on using them. That's a pretty spectacular endorsement for a competitor." Then on the reaction is "Battery life and calling iPhone users wallhuggers is the same thing as making fun of them waiting in line. Different avenue, same concept. The end result is the emotion invoked by means of insulting iPhone users. People will remember the insult, the mention of battery life is just an additional bonus that will linger in minds as well. 'Remember that Samsung commercial? You know the one where the insulted iPhone users and battery life.. that ish was funny'" I use Android and read all the forums. Android has some phones with horrible battery life and some with class leading battery life. If you trying to say that this commercial makes Apple look good then you need to change out those rose colored glasses. Apple keeps making their phone thinner and thinner while only maintaining or losing battery life. This is a problem that APPLE HAS CAUSED. They should own it and fix it.
  • Samsung is scratching at walls because their flagship phone that was gonna be an iPhone killer again is a flop. They're scrambling cause they know the 6 is right around the corner, and with a screen just as big as theirs they are gonna lose a lot of customers. On the face of iPhone taking the lead in the US once again, possibly another record breaking quarter for the iPhone, Samsung is gonna be hurting. Not only that, but rumors of a metal body galaxy coming in September, a lot of S5 owners who were wishing for a metal S5 will be very upset. Sent from the iMore App
  • You buy what you buy and what is released later is life. If you get mad that a new phone has come out buy it and sell yours. If you can't afford that then be happy you have what you have. As far as Samsung scratching at the walls it's no such think. Even if they were selling like hot cakes they'd do this ad. Their job is to make their investors as much as possible. Samsung ads have been some of the best most memorable. If Apple would have made them about another company you would have loved them.
  • Hi, try again. Samsung has more phone sales than it's next for competitors:
    They may not all be Galaxies, but Samsung blows Apple away for sales.
  • But their S5 sales are not even close to their expectations.
  • This is not the first ad campaign from Samsung to insult people it hopes to persuade to buy their products. The one where they show a huge line of people waiting to buy an iPhone, then across the street exactly no people trying to buy the latest Samsung. The message I got was that everyone wants the iPhone, nobody wants the Samsung. Their implication was that we're all sheep. Samsung simply don't get Apple or their customers. Why don't they focus on what's good about what they're offering, instead of repeatedly showing anyone watching how popular the iPhone is? With regard to battery life, I'm fortunate enough not to have any experience with Samsung smartphones, I'm also not an expert on battery technology. That said I think it's safe to say that the battery in a device that gets used won't last as long as the battery in a device on standby. My iPhone 5s lasts from 6am until 10-11pm every day. Sent from the iMore App
  • The Note 3 is the best Android device made to date, just think about the S-Pen. That makes it a work horse, you can do so much with it, no other hand held conputer can touch it. The Note 3 has a huge battery that lasts two days with allot of use. Saying that the Note 4 which is right around the corner should be even better. I will never give up my Note device, will go with the Note 4 if I like what they do with it. Everyone talks about the SGS4 & 5, those are nothing compared to the Note. As I stated before I also have the 5S and ipad mini, love them also but the Note is capable of things that no other device can do simply because of that S-Pen, once you utilize the S-Pen as it should you will never go without it. I run my construction business ooon that beast and it goes all day every day without a hiccup. I am just a tech nut that doesn't like the pissing that goes on, it is fu----- ridiculous. Happy 4th, go grill a burger and have a beer or two or three, I lost count.
  • I think Rene may has problem accepted the truth. Isn't it better if iPhone has better battery life and can swap for battery? All my friends using iPhone laugh for this ad and said it is TRUE!! May be your ego make you eyes blind sometimes. This ad is fun to watch and no one say stupid to anyone. May be, again, it is only you to think it that way. I recommend you to open your mind and think positive..
  • Samsung wouldn't even have the current form of Galaxies if they hadn't BLATANTLY copied the iPhone originally.
  • You do realize everything was copied at some point and imporved again. Otherwise there would be 1 car company, 2 watch companies (circle and square), 1 tv company. Everyone copies even Apple. The point here is Apple should fix there battery problem by making their phone thicker.
  • You do realize that no company has ever copied like Samsung copied Apple, even down to the connector?
  • Yes, and the Mac wouldn't exist had Steve Jobs not visited Xerox. Everyone copies, that's life, move on.
  • "Those who reject the path to enlightenment must be destroyed."
    —The Doci
  • While I agree with Rene that Samsung should probably spend less time bashing Apple and more time just showing what their own products have to offer, I have to say, I found this ad to have more than just a little grain of truth to it, because I've been one of those wall-hugging people before, sitting on the floor in the airport against the wall in the airport (or wherever) charging my iPhone 4 when I had it. I can laugh at it because I've been there and done that. And it bears mentioning that it wasn't just with my iPhone 4, either; on my Nexus 4 it was an even bigger problem because it had a built-in battery AND poor battery life. That's when I decided that I'd never buy a phone with a built-in battery again, unless it has exceptionally long battery life. And this is why I still say there's no real downside to having a replaceable battery, especially on a phone with water resistance like the S5 (and that's another thing Samsung should have mentioned). You just swap batteries and you press on. Personally I'd rather have the ability to swap my own battery and keep my phone the same overall size, than to have to use an external power pack or bulky battery case, especially if my phone were already big to begin with. Fortunately I haven't had this problem with my 5S, because it's been giving me excellent battery life thus far, but if my phone's battery were to start having issues and not hold a charge anymore or whatever, I'd rather be able to just swap out my battery right then and there than have to wait til I can take it to the Apple Store and pay to have it replaced. I did this back in the day with my ancient BlackBerry and a couple of my previous Android phones, and it was a real lifesaver on those occasions when I needed it. I would carry at least one spare battery with me just in case. Even tho it was admittedly rare that I needed to use it, the bottom line is that I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  • People get to worked up over nothing !! It's your choice what you buy and what you think of it!! I have a iPhone 5s and I have a galaxy tab 3 7.0, so I have both experiences and I prefer iOS. But I'm not going to get all worked up if someone likes android !! Sent from the iMore App
  • Lol Rene, you know what I see? Epic butthurt...its ok, i love apple products but you shouldnt take everything a competitor does so personally, chill dude
  • Same could be said for all the "butthurt" responses to his article.
  • Rene, you take this stuff too seriously, and way too personally. Try even for one day to be less apologetic and rise above this stuff. We all know you are the web's biggest Apple fan and the most one-sided commentator there is, but still... And seriously:
    "But you can also make something truly "better". You can keep it thin and light and power efficient, and still shock the world by leaping to 64-bit before anyone else even realizes it's possible. That's what Apple did." What they did is they crippled the battery life by making the device too thin for the processor and the modems they have. No-one needed the 64 bits. Everyone needed more battery life. But battery life is less sexy on ads than bits are -- bits sell. And marketing drives Apple's R&D in the post-Jobs era, not user experience. They also packed the product with maps that do not work -- something no-one else even thought possible, yet Apple proved it was and remains achievable. LOL.
  • Terrible article btw, I havent seen a so sad article in all my time reading Mobile Nations. The author was on drugs when doing it?
  • Yes, terrible article. I agree with you. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wife has an iPhone. I have a Samsung S4 Google Play Edition. We are at a city fair. Her phone is dead and I'm at 50% with a battery in my pocket. ☺ Posted via iMore App
  • Seems like your taking it personally, it's just an ad. If Samsung does a ad showing the negatives of a apple product, it's bad ad. If Samsung does a family orientated ad and how it changes your life, people say they copying apple. Seems like no matter what they do you will find a way to write a negative article towards Samsung. Was there really any need for this article. Is there going to be an article everytime someone mentions a apple product in there ad. I see this no difference to apple making fun of Android or making nonsense comments like Android is a toxic health spew etc. Also not sure what ad you were watching but you obviously saw something else, seems like everyone got this ad which was about battery life etc but apparently you saw how people were fetish over an iPhone. Okay. You try come off that you not biased towards any company and your a fan of all but you always come to the defense of apple, whether they bring features late or come. To the bug screen size later than others or adding extensibility much later than others, you always find away to defend apple. I enjoy listening to your shows but that's what comes across, maybe you do like all tech and try to stay unbiased but whenever someone days negative about apple you always jump to there defence.
    Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Why don't you make a test comparing battery life of the Iphone vs. Samsung S5, HTC One and Sony Z2 insted of this stupid article on a Samsung ad. Isn't that what this site should be doing. Give us facts! That is what we need to take educated decisions. But wait. You will not do this as you already know the Iphone will loose. As always on Imore comparisons are only done when the IPhone wins. Pathetic!
  • When I go on business meetings where we are out and about as a group all day, this is exactly what I see. Most iphone users seemed to be tethered to an outlet or asking each other if they brought a portable charging device with them. It is kind of comical.
  • How is changing your battery better than recharging it??? lol to infinity!
    Another sign of desperation from samsung and their ugly phones!
  • Sorry! Charging takes a lot of time. Changing a battery gives you a full charge within seconds. Is it really so difficult to understand the difference? Besides that many battery consumption comparisons have been made. The S5 has around a 40% longer battery life doing the same tasks.
    Posted via iMore App
  • But it is easier to carry a charger and it's there when you need it as opposed to a second battery which you may forget or you may forget to recharge it??
    Plus, with a second battery you end up charging more often anyway...
  • An extra battery is an option when you travel. People with an S5 also have chargers and can choose not to carry an extra battery.
  • So carrying a spare battery that's about the size of a few credit cards stacked together is more of a burden that charging your phone for over an hour? Especially when you travel, just slip the spare in your backpack and it's there when you need it. I carry a spare battery for my Note 3 and barely even need it, but its great knowing it's there for times when my usage is high. Posted via my Galaxy Note 3 on the Android iMore App
  • The spin put on this story is truly mind boggling. Of course people are glued to their phones, and that phone could be an iPhone, an Android phone, or even a Windows Phone. Samsung's point, is that it's better to be ignorant of everyone around you while you stare mindlessly at a tiny screen from the comfort of a seat, running on a working battery. Not a difficult concept.
  • +1 Spot on.
  • I thought it was a good commercial, it made me laugh. I didn't take it personal, but I happen to have both the iphone 5s and Note3 and the Samsung battery is MUCH better.
  • I have a 5S with a Mophie Air Juice case on it and use the hell out of my phone all day, including 18 holes of golf with GolfShotGPS (that runs wide open GPS for hours) and still normally only have to charge at night... But after using my friends Samsung for an hour, I wouldn't give up iOS if I had to stay plugged in ALL day... I would just get a longer charger cable...!
    I've also noticed that my friends that use iPhones just talk about how they love their iPhones, and people that use Samsungs talk about how they are better than iPhones... We've developed a whole new type of person, and hence, we need a nickname for them... Anyone...? Sent from the iMore App
  • I second that... Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm not sure what you saw, but I saw Samsung making a valid point about batteries. They did completely disregard the fact that iOS is like twice as battery efficient as TouchWiz though. With Apple's ad, I never in a million years would have expected to see Julie Doiron. As an ad, it didn't do much at all for me though. Posted via iMore App
  • I've tried both, and not being an Apple user before my purchase of the iPhone 5S, Samsung really didn't do it for me. Samsung's thought pattern of adding a plethora of features and not doing any of them well just seems to cheapen the experience.
  • Same here. I was actually seriously considering getting a Galaxy S5 recently because it has some features that I'd like to have in a device (such as the removable battery, the SD card slot, and the water resistance), but after playing around with it for about half an hour in my local T-Mobile store, I just couldn't do it. Samsung just didn't do it for me either. The main problem I had with it is TouchWiz. I found out quickly that I really hate TouchWiz and I just can't be bothered with having to root it, put a custom ROM on it, and essentially hack my phone just to get rid of all that bloat and make it a more pleasant and efficient user experience. I'm a pretty basic smartphone user and I just want things to work the way I want them to without having to resort to any of that. Maybe if they make a Google Play version of the S5 running stock Android, I might consider it because I prefer stock Android and I like having timely software updates unimpeded by carriers or OEMs (like with the iPhone).
  • You can always just get a different launcher, like Nova Launcher, from the Play Store. Then you don't have to deal with TouchWiz. It's really that easy. You don't have to root your phone to do that. If TouchWiz is the only reason not to get the phone, there are plenty of ways around that without having to root your device.
  • Fair enough, but I'd still be left with the problem of having a locked, carrier-branded phone that might or might not get software updates and has all kinds of bloatware in it, some of which can't be removed without resorting to rooting and custom ROMs (or can it?). In the end I just decided to wait for the next iPhone (iPhone 6?). That way I can basically have my cake and eat it too (iOS 8 plus a bigger screen and a swipeable keyboard).
  • I like your take on it. Samsung does a good job getting across to those still debating on getting a smart phone or leaving their crappy knockoff Android. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think what Samsung is showing, is that "Apple people" have bought into the false reality that Apple has sold them. They are happy to be tethered to a wall plug, because they don't know there is another option. Apple says this way is OK, so it must be so. Oh, and if you are laughing at people being happy about how long their stand-by time is, then you are laughing at your own website. Read this post about how to "fix" battery life problems. The first "fix" is:
    1. Test battery life on standby (put your device down)
    Really, if I don't use my phone, the battery will last longer?? Next, you'll tell me if I don't use my car, the gas will last longer! #SmellTheSarcasm Don't worry, Apple people will love your skewed sense of reality, and laugh along with you. Everyone else will continue to laugh AT you...
  • iPhones have terrible batteries. I own a 5S. Samsung didn't even implied that iPhone users are stupid but suffer from terrible batteries. Your article was 100% supportive for Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • You won't find objective articles on iMore. To find a good balance you're better off reading a tiny bit of iMore and a lot more of the other sister sites. If you follow Rene Ritchie enough you'll find he's an Apple evangelist. He'll spin everything, and I mean literally EVERYTHING in ways that makes gullible people think everything Apple makes is magic. After a while you'll hear him make the same mundane arguments. "Quality over quantity", "Apple is empowering people", or one of the most notorious, "Apple just does it better." I like following Rene on here and on Macbreak Weekly. To me, he's the poster child of someone so ingrained in the Apple ecosystem that he's clueless on how much better the others are. It’s also comical; especially his responses when he gets antsy on Macbreak Weekly defending everything Apple does.
  • The thing that makes this so annoying is that it is not true
    Thats how simple it is.
    We are getting mad because samsung is lying.
    Apple since 2008 never had a problem with battery. Other than when i grab the phone and play for 4 hours straight.
    I do have to say apple made my head explode with the 5s
    It is unlike any other phone as far as battery goes.
    If i played angry birds for 4 hours on my iPhone 4s or even 5 it would turn off.
    My 5s lasts about 6 hours. (Not being precise on time just basically trying to say that with apps and games it doubled.
    I have location services on on some apps and everything on except bluetooth(which i turn on every time i drive).
    And it is amazing my phone will be at 1%(because i forgot to charge it) at 2pm and when i get out at 7 it is still on, i even get to turn bluetooth on for my 10 minute drive, get home and check my email and texts and then charge it. To be quiet honest this phone has never turned off on me. I do not care what people thing my phone just freakin works! Can not explain it, it just does that is the magic apple has.
    And please stop using specs that is not what wins. In real life it is everyday life that will show who the boss is, just look at some benchmarks.
    Please stop with expandable memory no one needs it anymore,
    The only feature i envy samsung phones for is the infrared tbh. Sent from the iMore App
  • As a consumer, when I see another competing product in a companies advertising, I feel that the company is losing. If your product is good or better then why do you need to make fun of the other product. Apple's commercials are about their product and what it does.
  • There is another solution if you can't find place to charge it, use your iphone for as much as you can and have a back up phone for when the battery will die, but seriously it is not nice from Samsung to show off another company like that, it should have been illegal.... Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't watch TV, and don't have to watch this stupid bullshit, ever.
  • I'm an iPhone user, not lover and I'll tell you why. When Samsung came out with their Galaxy line I gladly switched over due to the fact screens were larger and more importantly we can expand memory. I've got vision issues, the current iPhone screen impresses me less than the older versions. I've had Galaxy S3, S4 and switched BACK to the damn iPhone only because the Samsung Galaxy phones still have a big issue with short battery life. My iPhone 5C I can use the apps, browse the web and still have half battery life by the end of my day. If Samsung can give their products a decent size battery I'd switch back. For now, I have Samsung phones gathering dust.
  • You know there's a secret that no one's told Samsung and I am apple family loyalist.. Buh lemme let Samsung on a bit of secret .. "When you learn how to be your self you'll never be worried about anybody or specifically competitors in this world and that's whats makes apple stand out.. Got a 5s and and ipad 4 and I'm an extreme gamer especially with the RR3 and fifa 14. And my devices last me a whole day.. Samsung boys need to understand that when they always attack apple they just show their weakness and vulnerability..