SanDisk introduces new iXpand Base for all your iPhone backup needs

If you're like me, you care passionately about the photos and videos saved to your iPhone but often forget to take the time to back them up (no matter how many times the Geniuses at your local Apple Store scold you). Enter SanDisk's iXpand Base, here to save your treasured family snapshots, friends' phone numbers, and that video of your cat doing that weird side-flop it does. You just plug your phone into the base to charge it as you would normally, and the base does all the work for you. In tandem with the iXpand Base app, the device stores up to 256 GB of content. If you require less storage, there are also 128 GB, 64 GB and 32 GB models.

Once your files are safely tucked away, restoring them to your current phone or even a new iPhone is fairly foolproof: you just plug the cable into your phone as you would to charge it and tap "Restore" within the iXpand Base app.

What's more, the iXpand Base doesn't need to sacrifice any charging power in favor of storage capacity. It delivers 15W of power - five more watts than a standard Apple iPhone charger.

Top view of SanDisk's black iXpand charging base sitting against a white background

Design-wise, the iXpand is pretty sleek and convenient. It's a good size and shape to sit tidily at the corner of a desk, and it has a rubberized top to keep your phone safely in place while charging. It also features a little groove around its edge to keep cables neatly separated and organized.

You can pre-order the iXpand Base on Amazon. Prices range from $99.99 to $199.99.

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Tory Foulk

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