Grab yourself an Apple Pencil for $14 less at Amazon

Right now you can save $14 on the Apple Pencil, dropping the price down to $85.86. This is a relatively rare discount on the extremely powerful iPad Pro accessory that gives you more than just a stylus with which to navigate your iPad's interface. The Pencil is sensitive to both pressure and tilt, so it can adjust brush strokes, shading options and more depending how you are using it. In other words, it's a digital artist's dream.

If you aren't already an Amazon Prime member, you can try the service out for 30 days to take advantage of this discount.

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Jared DiPane

Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.