Getting a Switch? Save 50% on this Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

Looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch this holiday season? There are a few companion accessories that you should pick up with it. Fortunately, there are plenty of Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals going on right now to help get you set up. One of the best options is the Nintendo Switch Elite Starter Kit, which is currently 50% off at Best Buy.

There are a few things every Switch owner should own to both keep their console safe and make it easier to use. Fortunately, Nintendo's official Starter Kit provides a lot of the protections and conveniences you need. The hard shell case makes it easier to travel with your Switch and also provides protection if you should accidentally drop it or bump it into something. The case also has room for four cartridges and offers a mesh pouch for holding small accessories like earbuds, the included USB cable, and the included microfiber cloth,

Speaking of which, that microfiber rag will allow you to clear your screen of smudges without risking scratching the display. I personally don't find the Joy-Cons that easy to hold for long stretches, but having silicon grips like the ones in this starter kit makes them easier to clutch and also protects them if they should fall to the floor.

Lastly, the USB cable is super helpful for charging your Switch back up when you're out and about or away from your Nintendo Switch charging Dock. It's around 6 feet long, so it's a decent length that'll likely help you continue playing while it charges. Really, the only thing missing from this starter kit is a screen protector. But thankfully, you can pick Nintendo Switch screen protectors up for pretty cheap.

We're keeping our eyes out for the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals. Check back frequently to see what other discounts we find.

Rebecca Spear
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