If you're a serious writer you know that not all word processors are created equal. Whether you write as a hobby or are trying to make it big in Hollywood with your first big movie script, you need the right app to help you get the words on the page.

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Storyist is the ultimate tool for any fiction writers. It's the only do-it-all writing platformed designed to work on Macs. It's a great resource for anyone who needs template help creating manuscripts and screenplays, as you'll be able to take advantage of annotation tools, high-level story viewing, and so many more tools that help make your complex writing project come together with ease.

Storyist is intelligent enough to auto-complete scene introductions, locations, times, character names, and transitions, so you spend more time getting your ideas down and less time formatting. You'll be able to import and export Final Draft FDX and Foundation scripts, too, so you can share and collaborate with other screenwriters, with options to create ePub and Kindle ebooks if you're interested in self-publication.

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