Photoshop is amazing, letting you edit and manipulate images in incredible ways. It's a powerful tool, but anyone who's spent some significant time using it knows that it can sometimes be a drag trying to close crop something from an image to be used for a poster or other design project. The tools are there and ever-improving, but there's got to be a faster way!

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iMore Digital Offers has a potential solution with Fluid Mask 3, the fastest way to remove backgrounds from an image and create awesome cutouts fast.

This software is used by major companies including Disney, NBC, ESPN and more and has received rave reviews for its effectiveness at isolating the foreground from the background — even for tricky photos with ultra fine detail like hair or fur.

Software like this isn't cheap, and you'd usually pay around $100 for Fluid Mask 3. But thanks to this great offer from iMore Digital Offers, you can get it for just $24.99 — that's a savings of around 75%!

Get Fluid Mask 3 for just $24.99!

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If your work or hobbies require you to spend a lot of time digitally editing photos or creating brilliant works of digital design, but you struggle with getting those crisp cutout edges, Fluid Mask 3 is exactly what you need. Get it today because this deal won't last forever!