If you've ever tried to scan a document into a computer, you know that it's not quite as easy as it looks. In order to get a high-quality image from a scanner, you need the proper software that can make the right adjustments that way your scan turns out perfectly every time.

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Getting the right software for the job is tough. There are a ton of options out there and a lot of them are expensive or don't offer the kind of control you're looking for to edit your scanned images. Lucky for you, iMore Digital Offers has the perfect solution.

Primzo 3 is the ultimate scanning software for your Mac! You don't even need a proper scanner to use it, you can use your smartphone or even your digital camera to take photos of any document, image, book, poster, etc. Plus, with Primzo 3 you get access to robust editing tools and even Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ensure your scans always turn out the way you want.

Just check out these other great features of Primzo 3!

  • Use the powerful image editor to enhance pictures.
  • Scan several pages and export as a single file.
  • Use the OCR engine to move or reshape a portion of a page.
  • Process OCR specifically for text, business cards, and images.
  • Use OCR to edit and update text in 40 languages.
  • Store in-progress documents in the iCloud to access on any device.
  • Optimize extraction options to get the best scans

Normally, Primzo would cost you almost $75, but right now through iMore Digital Offers, you can get Primzo 3 for as low as $29.99!

Stop wasting your time scanning documents with crappy software and start using Primzo 3!

The ultimate scanning software is just a click away!

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