Scanner Pro Magic Eraser ScreenshotsSource: Readdle

What you need to know

  • Scanner Pro now supports Magic Eraser, a feature that can remove fingers and more from scans.
  • Magic Eraser is AI-powered and available to all Scanner Pro users for free.

Scanner Pro, one of the more popular scanner apps in the App Store, has been updated to add a feature that helps remove unwanted objects from scanned pages. Dubbed Magic Eraser, the feature can remove fingers, holes in pages, and more.

The new feature was announced via blog post and tries to remove unwanted areas of scans without also making the resulting page appear "manipulated."

We've all been there – searching for an app to clean up scans. The issue is that the final result often looks "manipulated", bringing the scan's authenticity into question. So most of the time we settle for the original scan with marks, stains, and other undesired objects.

This is the problem we tackled with Scanner Pro. Our customers love the amazing scan quality they achieve with the app, and today we're bringing it to the next level.

Meet the Magic Eraser – an AI-powered tool that lets you get rid of stains, marks, and even those pesky fingers on your scans. Think of it as a magic wand that can enhance any scan.

Importantly, the new Magic Eraser feature is available as a free addition for all Scanner Pro users. Existing users can get their hands on this update via the App Store now, while everyone else can download Scanner Pro from the App Store now. It really is one of the best iPhone apps for scanning documents, photos, and pretty much anything else.

Those keen to learn more about the new feature can read all about it in the Readdle blog post.

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