Score a $100 App Store & iTunes gift card for just $80 at Best Buy

Getting a chance to save on an Apple App Store & iTunes gift card (opens in new tab) isn't an opportunity you should let go to waste. Saving on one of these gift cards is like saving on your next app or mobile game purchase, on your Apple Music subscription, or on a digital 4K film.

Right now, Best Buy is offering $100 Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Cards (opens in new tab) for just $80 at its website so you can save even more on all of the Black Friday app and media deals over the weekend. You can opt for either the digital code or physical card with this deal, meaning you can start saving instantly yourself or check someone off your gift list this holiday season with a gift card to present to them on Christmas Day.

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App Store & iTunes Gift Card (opens in new tab)

The deal applies to both physical and digital gift cards right now so you can take your pick. A 20% discount is rare and you can put those savings to good use on purchases on games, digital movies and music, apps, subscriptions, and more.

It's never a bad idea to have your Apple ID filled with credit for any new apps, games, and other content you might want to purchase. Your funds on the App Store and iTunes can even be used towards digital subscriptions, not just Apple Music but any other which is billed through iTunes. That includes Apple TV+ which just debuted this month!

Another great way to use these savings is during iTunes' weekly digital HD and 4K film sales, which offer prices as low as $5 (opens in new tab) on classics, recent releases, and everything in between. Our best iPhone games in 2019 guide can help you find a way to spend your new funds, too.

It's rare that iTunes gift card deals come around that are this worthwhile. For every other day, this list of best credit cards for savings can help you earn the most cashback when shopping for gift cards.

Adam Oram

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