SCRAP Review: A fun, cute, and predictable iPhone game

I know gaming fans, it's been a few weeks since my last review, but I am back with even more vigor than before! I'm excited to continue playing all the games I can to tell you what's worth your time and what isn't!

This week I took a look at SCRAP, an auto-running platformer that has a very cute robotic protagonist who seems to be having a bad day.

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Story & Setting

SCRAP, like most platformers, wasn't overly complicated with the story. You play as SCRAP a tiny — and rather cute — robot who has booted up early and find himself with the urge to run!

The game promptly tells you upon loading it up for the first time, that the game takes place in a factory on Earth, but aside from a very short cinematic scene at the beginning, this is all the story and background you get in SCRAP.


SCRAP is a minimalist game through and through, and the controls are no different. You can tap anywhere on the screen to force your little robot friend to jump and swipe down on the screen at any time to drop to the lower platform. You can always double jump, by tapping the screen again when SCRAP is already in the air.

On screen controls on iPhone and iPad aren't always the best, but most auto-runners do a pretty good job of utilizing them because the game takes care of the movement for you; however, SCRAP kind of missed the mark.

"Swiping down on the screen is often confused with jumping."

While tapping on the screen works flawlessly every time, Swiping down on the screen to move to the lower platform is often confused with jumping. This caused me to die needlessly several times, and was a source of my frustration throughout the gameplay.

SCRAP starts off slow — as in literally — but each new level your tiny robot friend moves faster, making it harder to dodge obstacles and time your jumps. If you're used to playing auto-runner games, the pace of the game in the first handful of levels will seem slow; however, the game still keeps it challenging enough even with a more mediocre pace.

Each new type of trap you encounter makes it harder to move forward easily regardless of the speed SCRAp is moving. I died so many times in the first several levels due to being unfamiliar with new obstacles and thus didn't have the proper timing down. Plus, in SCRAP timing is everything, if you jump one second too early, or late you'll die, and when each level is getting slightly faster, it really throws your timing out of whack.

Design & Sound

I enjoy that SCRAP has a very minimalist soundscape that almost fades into the background while you're playing. So many auto-runners will have loud and fast-paced music tracks to bring up the feeling of excitement, and it's nice to see SCRAP head in the opposite direction. The music has a calming effect which is good news for the people who hate dying in games.

"The music has a calming effect."

The design is also pretty barebones. A stark yellowish-orange background makes the blacks and grays of the level design pop, so you always know where the platforms are located. Plus, the bright purple and red traps are easily discernable from anything else in the game. The style is very plain, and it works well for what it needs to do, which is allow you to focus on the game.

My Verdict


  • A reasonable challenge level
  • Great minimalist design


  • Sub par controls
  • Nothing new to the table

SCRAP is a fun and colorful auto-runner platformer that provides players with a significant challenge, even when the game starts at a slower pace.

Its minimalist design — both in visuals and sound — will allow you to really focus on the gameplay, which is a must to get the proper timing of all your jumps and swipes down.

At the end of the day, the minor controls issues and the lack of originality could make SCRAP an easy game to forget; however, the complete lack of any ads or in-app purchases and the promise of more content on the way from the creators makes SCRAP's $2.99 price point pretty persuasive.

$2.99 - Download Now

Luke Filipowicz
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