Screenflow 10 Promo ArtSource: Telestream

What you need to know

  • ScreenFlow 10 is a big new update to the popular screen recording app.
  • This update can record multiple sources of input at once, something other apps can't do.

Telestream released the new version of its popular screen recording app ScreenFlow yesterday, but even that description doesn't really do the app justice. Having started out as a tool for capturing screens, ScreenFlow now does much more – and ScreenFlow 10 does more-r!

Anyone wanting to know everything that's new in ScreenFlow 10 should pop over to the website because there's too much to list here. But one new feature is something that could change the game for many professionals – the ability to record multiple apps, screens, and cameras at once.

Record virtually anything on or attached to your computer — yes, we mean virtually anything. With ScreenFlow 10 you can record multiple cameras, microphones, and screens simultaneously, plus iPhones and iPads for nearly limitless possibilities.

So you could record two apps on your Mac, one on your iPhone, and a camera that's capturing your reaction. All in great quality and all at once. That's as close to magic as you're ever going to see from a Mac app.

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But that, amazingly, is just the start.

Need a title library? That's been added.

We now have an integrated lower third and full screen title library with animations, so you never have to build these elements yourself. The library is free and customizable, and what's even better is that everything can be done within the ScreenFlow app to save you time and remove the need for additional 3rd party software.

Don't have a green screen and want to remove the background? It's done automatically.

Don't have a green screen? Not a problem. ScreenFlow 10 comes with a state-of-the-art automatic Background Removal filter, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and optimized for Apple's M1 Neural Engine.

And there's much, much more as well.

ScreenFlow starts at $149 but you can tack on things like phone support and a stock media library that takes the price up to $239.

If you're a professional of any kind that needs to capture what's going on on-screen, you need to at least check out ScreenFlow 10. It looks awesome!

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