In a move sure to boost Michael Arrington's post count, the "one more thing" at today's Apple's iPhone SDK Roadmap event turned out to be doozie -- 100,000,000 doozies to be exact.

Following the big Enterprise announcements, drool-inducing game demos, and Steve Jobs' SDK razzle-dazzle, venture capitalist and KPCB partner, John Doerr took the stage, lavishing praise on Apple and christening it's dear leader as Supreme Commander, Rebel Forces. Doerr's main business, however, was announcing the iFund: one hundred million incentives to develop the next dozen Amazons, the next few Googles (running exclusively on the Apple Touch platform, of course).

"A revolutionary new platform is a rare and prized opportunity for entrepreneurs, and that's exactly what Apple has created. We think several significant new companies will emerge as this new platform evolves." (AppleInsider)

Doerr will administer the fund along with Matt Murphy, and will focus their efforts on entertainment, e-com, location-based services, social networks, and other trendy (dare we say, awfully Bubble... er... Web 2.0 for a Native App launch?) VC bait.

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