Set up your Chromecast on your iPhone and iPad with new official app

When Google launched the Chromecast, we knew from the outset that it was iOS compatible, but until now we've had to use our computers to set up the $35 dongle. That need not be the only way any more, as Google has now launched an official Chromecast app into the App Store allowing us the same privilege our Android using friends have been afforded, in that we can now set it up from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The app itself is extremely simple, but allows full set up and device management of your Chromecast from your iOS device. So far we're limited as to what we can do with a Chromecast, but YouTube and Netflix mirroring are both possible at present, along with mirroring Chrome tabs on your Mac or Windows PC. For more on the Chromecast, be sure to check out our full set up guide.

Richard Devine

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