Over the past nine years, Shark Tank has aired over 200 episodes featuring its cast of real-life investors searching for the next invention or product innovation to rock retail stores. In celebration of ABC's recent Season 10 premiere, Amazon is partnering with the Tank to begin offering favorites seen on the show via an exclusive store page.

Amazon LaunchPad is already known for offering innovative products from start-up companies, which makes this Shark Tank collaboration fit with the rest of its selection perfectly. So far, over 70 products which were successful in their funding endeavors on the show are now available for purchase at Amazon in its Shark Tank Collection store.

Tons of products from Shark Tank have already made a name for themselves outside the show, such as the Ring Doorbell — originally featured as DoorBot. Though it didn't secure funding while on the show, the company later received an investment of over $100 million helping to create the extremely useful brand we know of today.

You won't find the Ring doorbell in the Shark Tank Collection as it wasn't funded by one of the Shark Tank investors. However, fans of the show will recognize a bunch of the other available products from across various seasons of the show, such as the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad which was backed by Guest Shark Chris Sacca, and the Stasher reusable silicone bag which Mark Cuban funded.

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