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What you need to know

  • Shipping estimates for the new iMac have slipped into June.
  • The delays seem to only be impacting the mid and high-level configurations.

Shipping estimates for the new iMac are already slipping into July.

As reported by 9to5Mac, shipping for some configurations of the new iMac are now slipping into the month of June. While the base model configuration is still showing that it will ship by May 21, other configurations are starting to see delays.

Say Hello To The New ImacSource: Apple

Mid and high-end iMac models in yellow, orange, and purple are now showing shipping estimates between June 8 and 22. Even some customers who order the blue color will have to wait until June 1 for their new Mac to get delivered.

The earliest deliveries for pre-orders of the new iMac are set to arrive by May 21 but after availability being open for just about five hours, a number of colors now have shipping times going into mid-June.

At the time of writing, the base $1,299 M1 iMac is still shipping by May 21 in all four colors – even for build-to-order options.

But the mid and high-end iMac models, particularly in yellow, orange, and purple have slipped to June 8-22. Blue and green have slipped just a few days to May 24 – June 1, with silver being the one option of the mid and high-end machines still arriving by May 21.

Preorders for the new iMac launched today along with the iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K. The new iMac features an all-new colorful design, Apple's new M1 processor, an upgraded camera and microphone, a new 24-inch display, and more. You can preorder the new iMac on the Apple Store website, Apple Store app, and at select third-party retailers.