iPhone vs. Big Media

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Apple announces in January that iTunes will switch from fixed pricing ($0.99) to variable pricing ($1.29, $0.99, $0.69) on music singles in April. Reports follow that show Apple was forced to concede on variable pricing -- something long demanded by the music labels -- in exchange for getting permission to provide over the air (OTA) music downloads via the 3G and EDGE networks on the iPhone. (Whether that concession was ultimately good or bad for consumers we'll argue another day).

April comes, and just as Apple says, variable pricing hits the US iTunes Store. And the interwebs darn near 'splodes in crazy. Apple is the devil. Amazon is cheaper. People will flock to MP3. Here's a great way to switch over to buying from some store that is other!

The sun sets, the furor spreads, a new day dawns and -- Boom! -- we find out Amazon MP3 and Walmart are -- surprise surprise -- also raising prices.

Shocked. Shocked are we to find out gouging is going on by Big Media!