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What you need to know

  • Apple is apparently going to ditch the Lightning port on iPhone next year.
  • An incredibly reliable insider says 2023 could see USB-C come to the iPhone.
  • Ming-Chi Kuo says this would speed up charging and data transfer.

A shocking revelation from a reliable insider claims the iPhone 15 will abandon the Lightning port in favor of USB-C.

Ming-Chi Kuo took to Twitter today stating:

My latest survey indicates that 2H23 new iPhone will abandon Lightning port and switch to USB-C port. USB-C could improve iPhone's transfer and charging speed in hardware designs, but the final spec details still depend on iOS support.

Kuo claims that Apple "will abandon Lightning port and switch to USB-C port" with the iPhone 15, set to be released in its usual window in 2023. Kuo says this would improve data transfer and charging speeds, "but the final spec details still depend on iOS support."

Kuo says that existing USB-C suppliers stand to benefit from the move over the next two years "thanks to vast orders from iPhones and accessories' adoption of USB-C ports."

The USB-C iPhone was thought to be a dream lost to time, with Apple's best iPhone, the iPhone 13, sticking with Lightning despite Apple adopting USB-C across all of its other products including its best iPads.

If Kuo is correct it could be the biggest transformation for iPhone since the adoption of Lightning, and bring an end to the misery of having to hold on to multiple chargers because of the differing standards.

The EU is also planning to mandate USB-C charging across all devices including mobile phones in the near future, however, it was thought that this would prove irrelevant to Apple, with the company choosing a portless iPhone over USB-C.

As noted, Kuo says the 2023 iPhone will adopt this, so iPhone 14 looks set to be the last year of Lightning on the iPhone, if Kuo's prediction comes to pass.

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