Should I buy a Sonos Playbar?

The Sonos Playbar is an incredibly powerful soundbar that connects with your TV to play high quality audio. It works great as a standalone audio unit to enjoy movies, TV shows, or play music in your living room. It also integrates seamlessly with any other Sonos speakers you own to create an incredible home theatre experience.

How does the Sonos Playbar work?


The Playbar connects to your TV through an included optical cable (if you own a flat screen TV it's extremely likely you have an optical audio jack). After plugging in the AC power cable, you can set up your Sonos Playbar through your Wi-Fi, or, if you have other Sonos Products, tap into the existing SonosNet (a wireless network automatically created by Sonos products which allows them to communicate and link together).

Quality audio comes from having the size of a speaker proportionate to the power of an amplifier all in relation to the size of the casing of the speaker. The Playbar was designed so its nine digital amplifiers are perfectly tuned to match the speaker drivers, all of this complementing the natural acoustics of the shape of this Sonos device. The automatic equalization in the Playbar will help tune to the acoustics of your room so whispering sounds of nature in a documentary are just as stirring as the booming explosions in an action movie.

Will the Sonos Playbar work with my existing TV setup?

If there's sound going into your TV, then it will come out of your Sonos Playbar. This means you don't have to worry about reconfiguring your set top box, video game consoles, or blu ray player. None of these devices have to be plugged into your Sonos Playbar. Keep them connected to your TV the way you always have and simply plug in your Playbar to your TV's optical audio output.

Can I add additional speakers to the Sonos Playbar?

Sonos Playbar was designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing Sonos system. If you're starting from scratch and this is your first device, no problem! You can easily start building your home audio system around and Sonos Playbar. Add a sub for a high quality Home Theatre experience, or just add individual Sonos Play One speakers as you need them to gradually fill out your room and eventually your home.

The great thing about your Sonos Playbar is that when you're not using it with your TV, you can stream music using the Sonos Controller app and any of the supported music services to enjoy ambient background tunes while you're going about your daily routine.

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Whether or not you should get a Sonos Playbar depends on your budget and your needs:

  • If you're strapped for cash and improving your TV audio isn't high on your list of things to do, then wait until it is.
  • If you have some money and you want a really great expandable, connected soundbar for your TV, then go for it.

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