After a little bit of a dry spell on the jailbreak scene, those looking to expand the capabilities of their iOS devices can once again explore those options thanks to evasi0n 7. One piece of conversation that always comes up though when there is a working jailbreak is - Should I jailbreak?

Short answer, yes. TreyDaPrince, iMore Forums Member

For many folks, the answer is always going to be "yes" because they just want all the extra goodies that jailbreaking offers. There's a lot of cool themes, apps and just general tweaks to enhance the overall experience when using an iOS device and they enjoy getting deeper into the system so to speak.

I personally don't Jailbreak- not worth the instability. phreddyl, iMore Forums Member

For others though, the answer is always going to be "no" for a lot of various different reasons with the most common one being the instability in the OS that occurs for some folks after jailbreaking. I'm a firm believer that it all depends on what you install but again, it's one of the biggest reasons among users for not jailbreaking along with battery life concerns, whether it be true or not.

I don't find jailbreaking appealing anymore. HAWK, iMore Forums Member

Personally, I don't jailbreak my devices any more because I feel that iOS has reached a point where I'm perfectly fine without all of the tweaks and themes but at the same time, I have jailbroken devices in the past because I think it's something everyone should experience within reason. I'm not going to suggest it for my Mom because the process would just totally scare her.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you're comfortable with the process and have a bit of time to set aside. Things can and do go wrong and that's why we always suggest reading through the guides carefully. If after you've jailbroken and want to go back, that's not really a problem either, provided you made all the suggested backups. If you didn't, then the process can be a little bit trickier.

I know we have plenty of experienced iOS readers out there, have you jailbroken your devices? What do you suggest to those who ask you if they should jailbreak theirs?

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