Best answer: It wouldn't hurt. You probably don't need to add a doorbell cam to your Smart Lock but if you're willing to spend a couple hundred bucks, it's a very solid addition to your smart home security system.

Keep an eye out

The August Doorbell Cam has several useful features to help with your home security. Like most doorbell cameras, when someone rings the doorbell, it will show you a live video feed of who is at the door. This is very helpful if you have a lot of visitors over, if you get packages delivered, and especially for making sure the kiddos get home safely after school.

The August Doorbell Cam has several useful features to help with your home security.

The August Doorbell Cam also adds some great additional features like 24-hour video storage. This means that through the connected app you can view any video recorded in the last 24 hours so you can absolutely make sure that your latest Amazon package got delivered, or that your neighbor didn't swipe it.

Sometimes, however, you might want to know what happened in the moments right before an event occurred. Having the entire story can be extremely helpful in those situations. Thankfully, August has a HindSight feature in the doorbell cam that constantly monitors your doorway and will capture video in the moments leading up to a motion alert, giving you the chance to see what happened just before a motion alert is triggered. When motion is detected, the built-in floodlight will also trigger which can be a natural deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Works great with the Smart Lock

If you already have an August Smart Lock Pro, then the doorbell cam will be even more useful. When they're linked up, you can remotely unlock the door after a guest rings your doorbell. You can check who's at your door and let them in. You don't even have to be in the house or in range of your home Wi-Fi, you can remotely unlock the door from anywhere.

While the added features of a doorbell cam aren't necessarily a must-have for most people, the remote access functionality and the added peace of mind might be worth it. If you already have an August Smart Lock Pro, go for it. If you don't, it's a hefty investment for both devices.

Our pick

August Doorbell Cam Pro

A worthy addition

Much like good whiskey and a Cuban cigar, the August Doorbell Cam Pro and Smart Lock Pro make a great pairing. While not the cheapest option, the added functionality is worth the price.

Pairs great with

August Smart Lock Pro

Keep it in the family

As is to be expected, the best companion for the doorbell cam is its cousin, the August Smart Lock Pro. The smart lock enables the remote access functionality which is a very useful addition.

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