Should you buy Avira antivirus software for your Mac?

Avira Mac
Avira Mac

Gone are the days where people can profess a Mac doesn't need antivirus software. With phishing and ransomware on the rise, it's never been more important for users to protect their devices. But with so many vendors to choose from how can you know which product is the best for your device?

An answer for many users across the world is Avira. The German security company says that it helps keep "500 million people more secure online" and offers freemium software. Known for its cultural focus on privacy, the company says it doesn't sell data to third parties such as government, Big Tech or advertising networks.

Offering both a free and paid solution for Macs with OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher, Avira protects against spyware, adware and ransomware. It also provides a "light" antivirus solution that doesn't drain battery life and one place that shows blocked threats. If you're forgettable, you can also schedule security scans, which runs silently in the background and updates virus definition databases automatically.

Benefits of owning Avria Prime

The freeinum version of the antivirus software is cross-platform and can work on up to 5 devices or 25 devices, depending on which payment plan you select. Upgrading from the free version offers some additional benefits.

The base package includes:

  • Schedule security scans that run unobtrusively in the background with the free antivirus updating in real-time offering constant protection.
  • The Activity Stream allows users to see security-related activities on your Mac, including blocked threats, at a glance.
  • The Protection Cloud using artificial intelligent (AI) technology to analyse unknown files, with new threats detected and protected within minutes.
  • The System Scanner lets people search for known viruses whenever they wish by, for example, running a scan of the content of your USB drives.
  • Suspicious files are safely quarantined and can be reviewed in the Quarantine Management Manager.
  • The Avira Browser Safety tool blocks annoying banners on websites and also protects users from infected sites and phishing attacks. The tool checks for hidden links in social networks and in emails to stop cybercriminals gaining access to a device.

Once a customer upgrades to Avria Prime, they get the benefits of the free package with some additional features. Shoppers can make the most of the price comparison tool that comes with the premium offering. The tool can help customers find secure and safe discounts and coupons on the web.

Because the Prime offering is cross-platform and can work across up to 25 devices, smartphones can also make the most of the offering. The software can protect against unwanted callers and block phishing websites. Additionally on browsers, Unlimited VPN can secure and anonymize traffic from the Chrome browser. The software will also create and remember "unhackable" passwords, making security even easier for users.

Avira Prime for Mac comes at a cost

Like all things, Avira Prime for Mac OS has some downsides. For starters, for people who have less than five devices they are paying only approximately $30 less for protection for up to five rather than for 25 devices. An annual subscription for Avira Prime for five devices is $99.99 compared to 25 devices priced at $129.99. This also means that if users have six or seven devices, they have to pay for the next plan up to cover all devices.

In terms of features the Mac version and subsequent iOS version of Avira Prime comes with less than its Windows and Android counterparts. For example, the Android version of Prime includes network protection and antivirus protection. Compared to iSO the Android version offers more. iOS only offers Unlimited VPN, password management, security for iOS and QR code scanning.

iOS Features

  • Unlimited VPN
  • Password management
  • Security for iOS
  • QR code Scanning

Android Features

  • Antivirus protection
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Android cleaner
  • Password management
  • Network protection
  • QR code scanning

This also translates to Windows and Mac—the former offers privacy setting optimisation and software and driver updates. This is more of a reflection of the restrictions posed by the Apple operating systems with Avria working within the parameters provided to them.

So, should you buy Avira for Mac?

Regardless of its lack of features and its lack of value for money, Avira Prime is a great antivirus software for Macs. It offers real-time monitoring and protection as well as cross-platform operating for those families that like to mix and match when it comes to mobile vendors.

If the annual plan doesn't sit well, users can try the Avria Prime package (currently 60% off for the full bundle) for $9.99 per month for five devices or $12.99 for 25 devices. Annual plans give users a 15% saving. You can also opt for just the antivirus portion of it at just $9.99 per year.

Sophia Waterfield