Should you get Tile Premium?

Should you get Tile Premium?

Best answer: If you want the most peace-of-mind when it comes to getting the most out of your Tile products and ensuring you never lose important items again, then yes, the service is worth it.Track it: Tile Mate ($25 at The Tile App)

What does Tile Premium include anyway?

There are quite a few reasons to get Tile Premium if you're already using Tile products, including Smart Alerts, free battery replacements, location history, extended warranty, unlimited sharing, and premium customer support.

The Smart Alerts are super useful to have. With this enabled, you'll be notified every time you leave home without your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices.

Never lose anything again and get premium customer support when you need it.

The Tile Mate and Tile Pro have replaceable batteries. Previous versions required buying an entirely new unit once the battery ran out since they were not replaceable. If you subscribe to Tile Premium, you'll get free yearly battery replacements for all applicable Tile Mate and Tile Pro units that you own.

Location History tells users exactly where their Tiles or Tile-enabled devices have been for the last 30 days. That's a pretty long history and helps when you need to track down where an item's been.

With the Extended Warranty, users get another three years of warranty coverage. This covers any defects or other issues with how the Tile works with your smartphone app.

Unlimited Sharing lets users share their Tile with trusted friends and family members who can help you find your stuff. With Tile Premium, the number of people you share with has no limit.

That sounds handy! But how much will this cost me?

First, you'll need to have a Tile Mate or Tile Pro. The Tile Mate starts at $25 for one, or you can buy a 4-pack for $70. Tile Pro starts at $35 per unit; you can get a 2-pack for $60, or go big with the 4-pack for $100.

Previous versions required buying an entirely new unit once the battery ran out, but Tile Premium now offers battery replacements.

Then you need to sign up for Tile Premium, which starts at $2.99 a month or $29.99 for a year. You'll end up saving some money by going for the annual subscription, but you'll need to commit to using your Tile trackers.

Not sure if it's for you yet? Luckily, there's also a free trial so you can test the service out and see if it works for you.

I have multiple Tiles. Would I need to sign each one up individually?

Once you sign up for Tile Premium, all of your Tiles and devices become part of the subscription. However, if someone who isn't a Premium subscriber is sharing a Tile with you, you won't be able to use Tile Premium specific features with this Tile, just the ones you specifically own.

What happens when I buy a new Tile after I activate a subscription?

Since Tile Premium is account-based, your subscription covers any existing and future Tiles. Just add a new Tile to your account, and the Premium-only features get applied.

I'm convinced. What device can I access Tile Premium on?

Tile Premium is available for your iPhone or Android phone.

I just bought a Tile, but I don't want another subscription. Can I still use my Tile tracker?

Of course! Tile does not require a Premium subscription to use their trackers. They work as standalone units, and users can access all of the core features without paying extra. Tile trackers work with the free Tile app, so you can see where they last were, and you're able to ring your Tile as long as it's within Bluetooth range. If you lose something, you can utilize the large Tile community to help locate the missing item.

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