Siri calls 911, helps save man injured by exploding cottage

Siri on iPhone
Siri on iPhone

Something goes wrong. You're in a crash. You're in an fire. The world turns to chaos around you. You can't reach your phone. You can't call for emergency services. But Siri can. And it did just that for Christopher Beaucher when he went to check on his mother's cottage only for it to explode around him.

Somehow he managed to get himself out to his Land Rover and grabbed his cellphone, but he said he couldn't use his fingers to dial 911 due to his burns.Instead, he asked Siri to do it for him."I had the presence of mind to use Siri to at least call 911," Beaucher said.He said the voice command app likely saved his life."I was going into shock, too, so having Siri to dial 911 for me was critical," he said.

Having services like Siri 911 or SOS, which can call for help when you ask — or when you press, if you can't ask — literally save lives.

Next time you see your loved ones, take a moment to show them how to use SIri and SOS to do just that. It can save their lives too.

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