With John Giannandrea continuing to roll through Apple, turning AI into an organization as important to the company's future as silicon was over the last decade, that organization continues to form around him. And that means changes.

From The Information:

The Apple executive responsible for overseeing Siri for the past seven years recently left that role, said five people with knowledge of the change.

Bill Stasior, who was recruited from Amazon in 2012 to lead Siri after two of the technology's creators left Apple, is no longer heading the voice assistant group, though he remains at Apple, the people said. The change appears to be part of an effort by John Giannandrea, Apple's senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy, to put more of his own stamp on the group responsible for Apple's voice assistant.

There's been a lot of heartbreak within the Siri org over the years, at least for those of us who love the technology and think it's an essential part of the Future of Apple. The people who've left over the years are gone, but Giannandrea is building a new team for the future, and that's beyond encouraging.

Best of luck to all in their new endeavors.