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If you're like me and feeling antsy about wanting new Zelda games, things are looking up! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has been remade for the Nintendo Switch and is bound to be one of the best Nintendo Switch games of the year. It was originally released for the Wii in 2011 and is now coming to the new console with a few changes.

HD graphics

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The obvious change in Skyward Sword HD players will be happy to see is the updated graphics from Wii graphics to HD. The processing power of the Switch is much better than the Wii which has allowed for better movement and accuracy within the game. The frame rate has also been improved, adding to the visual betterment.

Save slots

While you will have an auto-save at "regular intervals," you will also have the option to save at the Bird Statue. When selecting a Bird Statue, it will now give you the option to save in one of three save slots. This allows players to have multiple players on one console or to keep an earlier save point in case you want to return to this point in the game and change how you have done something.

Button controls

Originally, one of the big draws of this game was the functionality of using the motion of the unique Wii controller to fight off the enemies. This wasn't well received by everyone and was a point of frustration for some Zelda fans. As a change in Skyward Sword HD, you are able to choose if you'd like to keep motion controls or if you'd rather have dedicated button controls while you fight.

Fast forward dialogue

The character dialogue can be useful when you're receiving instructions, but not if you already know what you're doing. Now you won't be forced to sit through line after line of descriptions when you already know what to do. Simply skip through and move the story forward.

Fi's optional tips

Skyward Sword Hd FiSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

The infamous "Hey! Listen!" Navi attitude returned in Skyward Sword with Fi's tips. But this time around, it's optional! Now instead of being interrupted by her "help," you can choose whether or not to listen when the symbol comes onto the screen.

Skippable cutscenes

Similar to the dialogue, players will also be able to skip cutscenes. Since this is a remake, you may remember the cutscenes and have no desire to see them again. Alternatively, not everyone enjoys following the story and would rather just get into the action. Now you'll have that option!

Item notifications

In the past, any time an item was picked up, you'd get a notification screen with information about that item. It didn't matter how many of them you had already come across, you would always get the notification. Among the others, the change in Skyward Sword HD when it comes to these is that you will only receive notifications for items the first time you pick them up.

amiibo scanning

Skyward Sword Hd Zelda And Loftwing AmiiboSource: iMore

The amiibo feature wasn't available until the Wii U, and when Skyward Sword was later made for this console, a Skyward Sword Link amiibo was also created. But now, with the release of Skyward Sword HD, Nintendo also released a new Zelda & Loftwing amiibo. With this new amiibo Link can go from the sky to the ground and back again in a fast travel fashion. There are some issues with this new feature, though, with one being the fact that this feature is exclusive to those with the amiibo, the amiibo being difficult to find, and the Link Skyward Sword amiibo being incompatible with the new game.

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Rising to new heights

Although we have our hang-ups on the amiibo feature, overall we think these updates will offer a great experience for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD players. We're excited to see this game in new graphics, less interruptions, and the ability to share it with others thanks to more save slots. What change in Skyward Sword HD are you most excited about?