Smaller notch in iPhone 12 seemingly confirmed in leaked images

iPhone 12 with smaller notch design document
iPhone 12 with smaller notch design document (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

What you need to know

  • A new leak seemingly confirms the iPhone 12 will have a smaller notch.
  • A new design document from Jon Prosser shows off the new notch design.
  • This backs up earlier reports from EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach.

The iPhone 12 has been rumored to be a major design shift from the iPhone 11, and one of the most hoped-for design changes has been a smaller notch.

According to a a leaked image of the design of the iPhone 12, it appears that a smaller notch may be exactly what we are getting. Jon Prosser, the host of Front Page Tech, tweeted out a couple of images of the new notch on Sunday night with the words, "here you go, internet."

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The image shows off how the components contained in the iPhone's notch like the front-facing camera, flash, and those that enable Face ID would fit into the new, smaller notch. According to the design, the new notch would still fit the proximity sensor, dot projector, flood illuminator, front camera, infrared camera, and ambient light sensor. The front-facing speaker would be placed above the other components.

Last week, EverythingApple Pro and Max Weinbach leaked a CAD image of the new iPhone 12 with a smaller notch, and this latest leak from Jon Prosser seems to align with the design they reported.

Not only will the new iPhone 12 have a smaller notch, but it will feature smaller bezels and a completely new body similar to that of the iPad Pro or the iPhone 4. It is also expected to feature a four-lens camera system, adding in the LiDAR scanner that is currently reserved to the 2020 iPad Pro.

Joe Wituschek

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  • Sorry Joe buddy, that notch is not TINY. ha ha. Its just smaller.
  • "and one of the most hoped-for design changes has been a smaller notch." [CITATION NEEDED]. What people hoped for was no notch, not a smaller one. Yes I like Face ID but it can still be done with no notch, just make add a bit of space above the screen rather than cutting through it. If it's just going to be smaller I'll skip this phone
  • You will be skipping this phone then buddy. Keep what you have. As I urge all apple users to do, either buy the se or keep what you have. It's the only way. Speaking with sales is the quickest way for change.
  • Yeah I’ll be skipping it, plus they’re really expensive now, especially the Max model, so it really has to be worth all the money I’m paying. I remember paying around £300 for an iPhone years ago, that’s still a lot of money but worth it for significant upgrades. Now they want me to pay more than a grand for a “smaller” notch, 3 years after the notch was introduced. No thanks Apple
  • Glad you are coming around to seeing apples rediculous ways. The se is their best phone as is the older ipad.