This HomeKit smart lock is basically Touch ID for your house

Ultion smart lock
(Image credit: Ultion)

UK maker of all things HomeKit security Ultion has this week announced a brand new Wireless Fingerprint Keypad to accompany its Nuki smart lock, doubling down on its security. 

The Nuki smart lock is a HomeKit-compatible door lock that can be controlled using an iPhone. It offers an auto-unlock on approach when it senses your iPhone, and you can send electronic keys to your guests, so it is perfect for Airbnb or having your neighbor switch off those hair straighteners. 

It can be fitted to most UK doors in just a few minutes without drilling or wiring and comes with a no-quibble £2000 burglary guarantee that pays out if someone gains entry by snapping the lock, something the company says it has never had to pay out. 

Now even stronger

Now, Ultion offers a companion Wireless fingerprint keypad that can grant access via a 6-digit entry code and, of course, up to 20 different fingerprints. 

That means you can access your home using your voice, the app, an Apple Watch, a keyfob, and of course a traditional key, as well as your fingerprint and a numeric code. 

The keypad is an easy DIY addition and uses Bluetooth to connect to the smart lock, meaning it can be placed anywhere within 10 meters of your door, including out of sight. 

The Ultion Nuki lock costs £390, and the new Wireless Fingerprint Keypad can be bought as part of a bundle or separately for existing owners for £145 from either Amazon or Nuki

Using a smart door lock compatible with HomeKit means Apple users can say goodbye to endlessly losing their keys, and opens up a world of automation to help take complete control of their home. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you can lock your door from anywhere in the world or unlock it should the need arise. 

Stephen Warwick
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