iOS 16.2 Home upgrade issue sees major improvement pulled

A white HomePod mini on a wooden surface with the touch panel illuminated
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Apple added a brand new upgraded smart home architecture to its smart home with iOS 16.2. The new network update was designed to improve the performance and reliability of smart home devices like its HomePod and Apple TV, as well as HomeKit and Matter devices like smart bulbs. 

However, it appears that following a mixture of reports of upgrading issues noted by users that Apple has now removed the upgrade option. 

As reported by MacRumors, problems include "HomeKit‌ devices stuck in an 'updating' or 'configuring' status, devices going missing entirely, invitations to share the Home with other users failing, HomeKit Secure Video recording not working, and more." If your HomeKit ceiling fan has suddenly stopped working, this may be the culprit.

Teething problems 

An extensive thread on Reddit emerged following the update last week, with one user noting that the new architecture was "really making a difference," with lights working seamlessly via the Home app. 

Another said "I’ve noticed my lights respond so much faster after the update, very happy so far," while others noted that loading times for cameras had decreased and preview images were loading much faster. 

However, other users noted they still had "not responding" issues. It seems, however, that most of the issues pertain to actually getting the architecture upgraded, with users stuck in updating or configuring loops.

We've reached out to Apple to confirm if and why the new Home architecture update has been pulled. 

Released last week, iOS 16.2 also included new Lock Screen widgets and Always-On display tweaks for the iPhone 14 Pro. It also includes new Advanced Data Protection features which will give end-to-end encryption to iCloud Data. Apple also rolled out its Freeform collaborative note-taking app across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as Apple Music Sing. The latter is a new karaoke feature that lets you isolate and control the volume of vocals in your Apple Music library so that you can sing along to the lyrics in real-time.

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