My smart doorbell is $30 off over Cyber Monday — here's why you should get one too

Aqara G4 smart doorbell
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I didn't think I would need a smart doorbell — until I strapped one to the front of my house. There's something extremely helpful about getting a notification when the doorbell goes, or having my HomePods ping whenever I'm somewhere that I can't hear the sound unit.

This is my smart doorbell — the Aqara smart doorbell G4. It looks cool, has a solid camera, and works seamlessly with HomeKit without the need for an extra hub. I even wrote about why it's so good — and now you can get one with $30 off in the Cyber Monday sale.

Where to find Cyber Monday Doorbell deals

Aqara smart doorbell G4 | $119$89 at Amazon

Aqara smart doorbell G4 | $119 $89 at Amazon

With AI facial recognition and other cool features, the Aqara smart doorbell G4 is one of the best doorbells for a very good price. Easy to fit, easy to connect, and most of all, easy to use. I love my smart doorbell — and with $30 off, I reckon you will too. Not mine, obviously. That's staying attached to my door frame. You'll get a new one.

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This doorbell is my favorite off our best video doorbells list, and there are a multitude of reasons why. I liked how easy it was to fit on my house, how easy it was to connect to my HomeKit setup. My HomePods ring when I get someone at the door, and, best of all, I can answer the door when I'm not even in the house.

Not missed a parcel since fitting it to my house, and never had one placed in an annoying place. I can talk to the delivery person when they're at the door, and let them know where I want my parcel to go. Nice.

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