Best HomeKit Video Doorbells iMore 2021

The best HomeKit video doorbells are a security essential with the ability to keep an eye on your precious packages through the Home app. In addition to remote viewing, some HomeKit doorbells include HomeKit Secure Video, which enables iCloud storage, Activity Zones, and Face Recognition, plus through automation, you can use your doorbell with the best HomeKit accessories. Here are our picks for the best HomeKit Video Doorbells that you can buy today.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Secure video: Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Staff Favorite

Logitech's Circle View Doorbell works exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video, making setup a breeze through the Home app. This wired doorbell sports crisp HD video with HDR at a taller 3:4 aspect ratio giving you head-to-toe coverage of your front door area — perfect for keeping an eye on packages. Other highlights include iCloud storage, Activity Zones, and Face Recognition. Plus, you can even use your HomePods as additional chimes.

Neatmo Smart Video Doorbell

Local storage: Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell features a slick modern design that works with existing wiring and chimes. Netatmo's doorbell captures and streams video in 1080p HD resolution, with a 140-degree wide field of view, and includes staples like two-way audio and infrared night vision. This doorbell works with microSD cards up to 32GB for secure local storage, and an update to HomeKit Secure Video is in the works for even more flexibility.

$300 at Netatmo
Arlo Video Doorbell

Familiar view: Arlo Video Doorbell

The Arlo Video Doorbell offers a unique 1:1 square aspect ratio that feels instantly-familiar when viewing your front porch on your iPhone. Arlo's wired doorbell delivers great HD visuals at 1536 x 1536 resolution with HDR, and two-way audio allows you to speak with whoever is at the door. Just keep in mind that HomeKit support requires an Arlo Smart Hub, and it does not support recording through HomeKit Secure Video.

Yobi B3 Video Doorbell

Lightning-fast: Yobi B3 Video Doorbell

Yobi's B3 Video Doorbell features 1080p high-resolution video with a wide-angle, 180-degree Fresnel lens, two-way audio, and pairs directly to the Home app without an account or separate app. In our review, we found it featured fantastic reliability and lightning-fast response times, but it comes with some significant caveats: It does not record video nor does it support HomeKit Secure Video.

$200 at Yobi
Robin Proline Video Doorbell

Ring them in: Robin ProLine Video Doorbell

Available primarily for the European market, the Robin ProLine doorbell features a clean, aluminum industrial design complete with a backlit nameplate. This doorbell has a 130-degree wide field of view and 720p video capabilities, along with two-way audio. Robin's line of doorbells also support HomeKit Secure Video, which adds iCloud storage, Face Recognition, and Activity Zones.

Robin Proline Compact Video Doorbell in Black

The same, but smaller: Robin ProLine Compact Video Doorbell

Robin's ProLine Compact Video Doorbell may be smaller, but it packs many of the same features as the original. 720p video, 130-degree video, two-way audio, and the incredibly cool custom nameplate are all here, plus this version comes in three different finishes. Like the larger doorbell, this option is primarily for European markets. However, it does include HomeKit Secure Video support, so it's a winner if you live across the pond.


Even though options are limited and some are missing some rather significant features, the best HomeKit video doorbells are the perfect solution for those that want everything in the Home app. With convenient notifications, easy family sharing, excellent image quality, and HomeKit Secure Video on specific models, these doorbells are worth looking at if you are all-in on Apple's smart home platform.

With support for HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video, the Logitech Circle View Doorbell makes it easy to keep track of your precious packages with all of the latest iOS features through the Home app. Logitech's doorbell provides instant notifications for motion and doorbell events, and it records video in high definition resolution with HDR directly to iCloud using your existing storage plan.

Are you looking for a HomeKit video doorbell with local storage? Then the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell is the one for you. Netatmo's doorbell can capture events in 1080p HD resolution directly to a microSD card, keeping everything local. Plus, Netatmo plans to bring Apple's HomeKit Secure Video to the doorbell in a future update, which will make it a complete security solution for the porch.

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