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Alarm clocks are old hat now. So is using your iPhone apparently, as more and more people adopt devices like an Echo show to get them up in the morning. Imagine it like a really advanced clock radio. There's a speaker on the back to play tunes while you get up, and a screen that tells you the time, the news, or any upcoming events you might have. They are useful little smart home devices - and you can have one for a lot less at the moment at Amazon - there's as much as 53% off some devices.

Echo Show up to 53% off

Amazon Echo Show line | up to 53% off (opens in new tab)

Amazon Echo Show line | up to 53% off (opens in new tab)

There's an Echo Show for everyone here - from the smaller Echo Show 5 to the large, 'perfect for recipes in the kitchen and family calls with Grandma' Echo Show 10. The whole range has been discounted, so no matter what you're looking for you're going to save some money.

Amazon always hopes that the Echo show line will be the center of an Alexa-based smart home setup. The devices hook up to other smart home kit, as long as it connects to Alexa, and can therefore control everything from blinds to robot vacuums and everything in between.

The closest thing in the Apple eco-system is the HomePod mini. It'll control everything around your house with Siri, and it's small and compact enough to go anywhere around the house. It also sounds uncommonly good for something so small. The Echo Show brings a screen to the table, which depending on your needs, could make it a more useful device. None of the Echo Show devices sound anywhere near as good as the HomePod mini, which honestly punches far above its weight class sonically.

If you're already deep into the Echo product line, the Echo Show will be a solid addition to your smart home setup, however - and at the moment, adding one to your room is cheaper than ever. Want more Labor Day deals? We're tracking the best ones live over on our best Labor Day deals blog, so make sure you see if there's anything that takes your fancy.

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