Transform your stereo system with this Big Deal Days WiiM Pro music streamer deal – $40 off

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The WiiM Pro is designed to upgrade the way you listen to music. With it, you can play tracks from a range of streaming apps and services – it works with Spotify Connect, Works with Alexa, Google Voice and Siri, AirPlay 2, Chromecast Audio, TIDAL Connect – on a range of audio devices, whether that’s a smart home speaker or an old, legacy speaker. 

Essentially, the WiiM Pro brings all of your music services and all of your audio devices together to create a multi-room sound system that delivers unaltered audio up to 192kHz, 24-bit quality – that’s more than good enough to keep audiophiles happy. 

The problem? It’s hardly an essential piece of kit. That’s why we’re happy to share a $40 Amazon discount is now available on the WiiM Pro music streamer, bringing it down to the more wallet-friendly price of $119.

Why would you need a separate music streamer?

Wiim Pro |$168$119 at

Wiim Pro | $168 $119 at

Pro audio streaming

This device will turn your home speaker system into a smart, multi-room speaker system. It works with digital and analog sources and a huge range of streaming services, with high-quality audio to boot.

Sure, plenty of people might be getting back into vinyl with a record player, but for most streaming services are still the most popular choice for listening to your favorite music. But alongside a monthly subscription, most of us can’t afford to upgrade all of our older music systems – that’s where a music streamer like the WiiM Pro comes in.

In our WiiM Pro review, we wrote that the device is "just wonderful" and easy to use everyday:

"It stays on all the time and lets me play music from my devices with a word to my nearby HomePod or a tap on my iPhone screen. The Wiim Pro has excellent audio support, and I have absolutely no gripes with the quality of sound that it pumps into my HiFi. It’s better than the Bluetooth dongle I’d used for years, anyway."

The WiiM Pro supports every streaming standard you can think of with a range of digital and analog connectivity options that’ll connect to any stereo systems, soundbars, and speakers you might own. 

Of course, you could buy into the Sonos ecosystem, but that’ll cost you a lot more – especially now the WiiM Pro is discounted ahead of Amazon’s Big Deals Day.

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