img_0179Smartphone Experts SidePouch for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $14.95. If you are looking for an attractive side pouch at a very affordable price, check out this case! Let's see how it measure up after the break!


The SPE Side Pouch Case is made of genuine leather and  slips into a protected felt-like pouch. The outer flap closes via a magnetic closure and the case has a single clip to attach to your belt. The clip is metal but it has leather wrapped around it to give a consistent feel, but it is still a solid clip underneath.

Daily Use

img_0175I have used a wide variety of cases, but I still like the hip/side or holster-style cases the most. I like this style because they all have some sort of clip to attach to you belt or hip. Sometimes I have to wear scrubs (they don't have a belt or loops) and this case in particular was comfortable, lightweight and stayed on my hip during a full day's work in scrubs. That may seem like a silly statement, but some clips don't have the same level of resistance in their clip. The SPE side pouch case does! I also found the magnetic closure to work well too.  Some cases have a button here that can make closing the pouch tightly difficult. This case has a full magnetic closure, so it is a simple matter of flipping the cover closed and it is done. Again, opening is just as easy; just flip it open.

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The felt-like interior of the case is soft to the touch and does not scratch the iPhone at all; the parts of the iPhone that touch the case are fully protected. The edges are exposed to give you access to the miscellaneous iPhone ports such as speaker and the headphone jack.

A really nice option for this case is the multiple colors it comes in. I am reviewing the Cocoa Brandy color, but I am also partial to the Cream Brandy color too.


Color casesThe case is fantastic and work well for its purpose. It is secure on the belt, lightweight and attractive. If there was an issue with this case, it would have to be the long-term viability of it . Not that the case is of poor quality, it is that this type of case (with me anyway) seems to get a lot of abuse hitting objects while on my hip such as the corner of a desk, carrying items, etc. However, at the excellent price point of $14.95, you really can't go wrong. Most cases of this caliber are $30 dollars!


  • Attractive with multiple colors
  • Lightweight
  • Solid belt clip
  • Great price!


  • Rigidity over time might be an issue

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