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What you need to know

  • Snapchat is rolling out a new feature designed to make it easier for people to mark places as favorites for later visits.
  • The new My Places feature will have tabs for favorites, popular, and visited locations.

Popular photo and video sharing service Snapchat is adding a new feature that is designed to help people find and remember locations that they might want to visit. It's like Google Maps, but not. And it's rolling out today.

Locations will be part of the new My Places feature, a section of Snapchat that will have three tabs; popular, favorites, and visited. People will be able to mark a place as visited or a favorite and they'll see Snaps from people at those places as they do.

According to a Mashable report, the feature will be part of Snap Map and will work globally. Right now there are plenty of Snaps in Tokyo that are related to the Olympics, making it easy for people to find places to eat and drink.

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When I clicked on the Popular tab under places on the Snap Map while "in" Tokyo, it pulled up a park, a coffee shop, and a shopping mall as suggested places to check out. As more people use the new My Places features, these curated recommendations will be based not only on your past visits and preferences, but on those of your friends and strangers around you.

The feature is rolling out right now and isn't available for everyone yet, but once it is, it could turn out to be a good way to find new places to visit. Snapchat told Mashable that Snap is "evolving Snap Map from a product that helps you stay in touch with friends, to a map that helps you find things to do together."

Don't yet have the Snapchat app installed? You can grab it for free from the App Store now.

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