Snapchat's new 3D selfie mode is only available to iPhones with Face ID

What you need to know

  • Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called 3D Camera Mode today.
  • The feature will add depth to snaps by capturing spatial detail around the subject.
  • The feature will only be available for the iPhones with Face ID, but any other device can view the new 3D snaps.

Snapchat today announced a new 3D Camera Mode that will give your regular snaps the 3D experience. According to Snap, the new mode adds depth by capturing spatial detail around the subject.

Today we're excited to introduce a 3D Camera Mode that adds depth to your Snaps. Use it to create Snaps that capture spatial detail, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your phone when you view them. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different.

Snapchat confirmed to 9to5Mac the feature will only be available to users with an iPhone X and above as it uses the tech used by the True Depth camera.

3D Camera Mode captures a rich, interactive spatial memory of the world by combining image and depth data through the iPhone X front-facing lens to reconstruct a 3D model that looks and feels like a miniature diorama of what the camera has seen. In Preview, you can rotate and wiggle your handset to change the perspective of the Snap, and so can the people you send it to (any device can view and change the perspective).

To create the 3D effects you'll need a compatible iPhone, but any user with an older iPhone or Android device will be able to view the special 3D snaps. To use the feature, just got into the drop down menu on the right side and click on the 3D button.

The Snapchat update is slowly rolling out to users now.

Danny Zepeda